Mystery School Initiations & Precessions

Priestly Wisdom & Mystery Schools – Stories, allegories, and metaphors mean one thing to the general people and another to the higher echelons of society.

Average person believed many of these interpretations as literal

Initiated individuals believed the same stories to have many layers of meaning

Some imitated are led a stray in their interpretations, but whatever the point of the story or symbolism is, everyone is supposed to understand the meaning different.

Bringing the dead to life – TheAverage person might believe this to be literal, as in the 5-sense physical reality.

Our bodies are vessels for the soul to inhabit and experience this world

Initiated might see this as a symbolic death so the form of the spirit may be reborn

Some initiated members experienced a near death experience in initiation

Before physical death, you have to shed the animal desire of the physical body.

This animal desire must “die” before you can achieve peace and reincarnation after death to be “reborn” again.

Examples of symbolically or literally bringing the dead to life
3rd degree of Masonry

What is the Afterlife? – Before you die, you must confess your sins – regrets – anything that ties you to the physical world, so that you can travel easily through the underworld and be “reborn”.

Physical items in tombs helped to reincarnate the king back into existence quicker

Reincarnation doesn’t mean that you are born as a human or animal, it simply means that you are placed back into the cosmic ocean.

The Underworld – In ancient Central America and ancient Egypt, it was believed that the deceased’s voyage through the underworld was made in a boat, accompanied by paddler gods who tarried them from stage to stage.

The tomb of Double Comb, an eighth century ruler of the Mayan city of Tikal, was found to contain a representation of this voyage.
The tomb of Thutmose III, an eighteenth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, in the Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt contains these same images. In both cases is included a dog or dog-headed deity, a bird or bird-headed deity, and an ape or ape-headed deity.

The Egyptians would throw the brain out and save the heart

The seventh stratum of the ancient Mexican underworld is called the Teocoyolcualloya, the place where beasts devour men’s hearts.

Another stage of the Egyptian underworld, the Hall of Judgement, involved weighing the deceased’s heart against a feather. If the heart was considered heavy with sin it would tip the balance. the god Thoth would then note the judgment on his palette and the heart would immediately be devoured by a fearsome beast, part crocodile, hippopotamus, and lion called the eater of the dead.

There were supposedly 7 trials of the afterlife

Opening of the mouth ceremony – Both the Egyptians and Mayans believed in the ability for some to circumvent the trials of the underworld and reborn as a star. Ritual incarnations were also part of this process.

The opening of the mouth ceremony is always conducted after the death of the pharaoh. The high priest and four assistants participated, wielding a ceremonial cutting tool called a Peshenkhef, which was used to open the deceased’s mouth. The mummified corpse was then struck a hard physical blow, to the head, with this Peshenkhef.

There are Four cardinal points, elements, seasons, pentagram + man = 5 pointed star, Venus, Lucifer, the bearer of light and wisdom, the necessary evil, symbolized by an apple.

In Mexico the sacrificial location was a pyramid and the ceremony was conduced by a high priest and four assistants. A sacrificial knife was then used to strike a hard physical blow to the body of the victim and the soul was then believed to ascend directly to the heavens, sidestepping the perils of the underworld. The term for sacrifice throughout ancient Central America is P’achi, meaning to “open the mouth”.

Located on the top of your head is the crown chakra, the place where the energy within your body allows your soul to connect with cosmic consciousness.

The Death and Resurrection of Osiris – The world was at war, ravaged by roaming monsters and wild animals. The great hunter, great warrior, or beast master was Osiris – the last god on Earth. Known as Orion the Hunter in Greek and Herne the Hunter in Norse.The name Osiris is connected with insemination – Ourien’ – means sperm. As the year progressed in ancient times it was said that the penis became erect.

Returning from a great military campaign, Osiris was welcomed back by cheering crowds and an invitation from his brother Seth/Set to a gala dinner to celebrate his victory. After dinner Seth/Set then announced a game. He had made a beautiful chest, like a coffin, out of cedar and inlaid it with gold, silver, ivory and lapis lazuli. Whoever fitted most neatly into the chest, he said, could take it away. One by one the guests tried, but were to fat, thin, tall, or short. Finally Osiris stepped in and lay down. ‘It fits!’ he said ‘Fits me like the skin I was born in!’ Seth/Set then slammed down the lid and hammered in nails and filled every crack with molten lead – the metal of Satan. Seth/Set and his followers carried the chest down to the banks of the Nile and cast it on the waters.

Seth/Set knew he couldn’t kill Osiris so he thought that he could at least get rid of him for good. Some say Osiris was sleeping with Nepthys – the wife of Seth/Set and sister of his wife IsisSeth/Set is really an envoy of Satan.

The chest floated down the Nile for several days and nights, finally washing ashore on the coast of modern day Syria. A young tamarisk tree growing there wrapped its branches and grew around it, closing it within its trunk. The king of Syria had it chopped down and fashioned into a pillar that stood in the center of his palace.

Separated from Osiris, Isis deposed her throne and wandered the Earth searching for her husband. She took a job as a servant girl at the court of a foreign king. Isis never gave up finding her husband and one day her magic powers let her see Osiris clairvoyantly in the chest inside the tree in the place where she was working, the palace of the Syrian King. She revealed her true identity as Queen and persuaded the king to chop down the pillar and let her take the chest away. She left by boat and landed on the island of Chemmis in the Nile delta.

She intended to use her magic arts to revive her husband. But, while she lay sleeping one night, Seth/Set was hunting by moonlight with his cohorts, and had a vision of Isis cradling Osiris. He swooped down upon the couple and hacked Osiris into fourteen pieces that he hid in secret in difference corners of the land.

Isis again set out on her travels disguised in seven veils from Seth/Set’s minions. Isis was aided by Nepthys; who also loved Osiris. They retrieved all of the parts except for the penis, which was eaten by the fish of the Nile. They then arrived at an island in Abydos in southern Egypt. At night Isis and Nepthys bandaged all the remaining parts together using a long, winding piece of white linen – the first mummy. Isis fashioned a penis out of gold and attached it – not bringing Osiris back to life, but reviving him sexually – so that she was able hover, touching him gently and delicately, while she enveloped his penis in the form of a bird until he ejaculated. In this way Isis impregnated herself on him, and in this same way Horus, Master of the Universe, was conceived.

Horus grew up to avenge his father’s death by killing his Uncle Seth/Set. Osiris meanwhile lived in the Underworld as its king and lord of the Dead. In this role e is depicted with a green face, heavily swathed and apparently immobile, but emanating a power that was symbolized by his royal regalia, the crook and flail.

The king is fatally wounded, usually in the genitals, and while he lies suffering, the land stays barren. Ten in the spring a magical operation is performed and he rises again, both sexually an in a way that fertilized the whole world. This is why Osiris was worshipped in Egypt as the god of crops and summer fertility. The yearly appearance in the east of Orion/Osiris and Sirius/Isis brought the inundation of the Nile that revived both the vegetable and the human and plant worlds.

The story of death and regeneration into a higher plain of consciousness is thus the point of life and death. We must all die – but only to be reborn. The point is that Osiris was reborn, but not into ordinary life, into a higher state of consciousness. In the Book of the Dead he proclaims ‘I shall not decay…I shall not rot, I shall not putrefy, I shall not turn into worms, I shall have my being, I shall live, I shall live’ Osiris thus, died and was born again.
Precession of the Equinoxes – As the Earth spins on its axis it has a slight wobble. Because of this the Sun seems to fall backwards against he backdrop of the stars. Over the period of 2160 years the Sun rises in the same constellation and then proceeds onto the next one. In this larger cycle the constellations of the Zodiac, as appears at the spring equinox, don’t move forward according the months of the year, they move backwards in what is called the precession of the Equinoxes.

The first Age was ruled by Jupiter and marked by the constellation Pisces. This was when the Sun began to rise in Pisces and the first form of embryonic fish condensed out of the semi liquid substance of Earth’s surface.

The Age of Aquarius evolved amphibians, and giant floating creatures like dolphins. They would have had webbed limbs and lantern-like foreheads. This lantern was the expanded Pineal Gland and a proto-human creature’ main organ of perception. These creatures were idealized as unicorns. At this time humans could also speak to plants, but not in our modern language. Everything at this time was more universally connected and humans were not what we are today.

The Age of Capricorn saw the marshy surface of the Earth harden into something like dry land and proto-humans developed calves and limbs to crawl on the land to pursue their animal desires. This led to the arrival of Mars, which led to the evolution of war-blooded animals. Mars arrived at the transition of the lizard-like amphibians of Capricorn to the land animals of the age of Sagittarius. The iron of Mars yielded for red blood and created egotism. As the Earth hardened and became denser and direr it shrank, resulting in the concept that one being could only prosper at the expense of another. Mars provides the cruel part of human nature that rejoices in exulting force over others and having them submit. It was the influence of Mercury that the thorax evolved. Mercury was the messenger and scribe of the gods. Mercury also fashioned leaner and fitter limbs.

The influence of the dark side of the Moon formed snakes, spiders, beetles and parasitic creatures. Then came insect and bat mean with tails. Some humans had thighs of goats, horns upon their heads, feet of horses behind and men in front, man-headed bulls, four-headed dogs, and dragon-like beings.

A race of antediluvian giants evolved. Called the Danavas and Daityas in India and the Miaotse to the Chinese. It was said, during the time of Alexander the Great, that men grew to double the size of men at that time and lived to twice the age.
The mathematical machinery of the stars is steady

Day  – Earth rotates from west to east once every 24hrs

Earth orbits the sun in an elliptical orbit rotating from west to east

This gives the impression that the sun is rising in the east and setting in the west

Thoth saw the sun rise and set in both the west and east

Month – Every 30 days the earth completes an elliptical orbit around the sun

Each of the 30 days in a month represents one of the 12 signs of the zodiac

Every 12 months equals a total of 360 days or one full year in this cycle

This is referred to as the “Great Year” or  “Great Return” the time it takes the sun to appear to pass through all of the houses of the zodiac due to the wobble of the earth on its axis.

There are larger cycles within the universal clockwork

Through these larger cycles the sun seems to slightly move backward through each house of the zodiac wheel. (Sanskrit for animal wheel) The sun rests in each one of these houses for about 2,200 years.

Extra 5 days within our 360-day calendar – The goddess Nut, wife of the sun god Ra, was beloved by the god Geb. When Ra discovered the intrigue he cursed his wife and declared that she should not be delivered of a child in any month of any year. Then the god Thoth, who also loved Nut, played at tables with the moon and won from her five whole days. These he joined to the 360 days of which the year then consisted [emphasis added]. On the first of these five days Osiris was brought forth; and at the moment of his birth a voice was heard to proclaim that the lord of creation was born.

Set had 72 conspirators

12 = Number of constellations in the zodiac and months of the year

30 = The number of days allocated along for each sign of the zodiac during one elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun

72 = Years for the sun to complete a shift of one degree along the larger precessional cycle; essentially a day in the larger cycle.

30 x 72 = 2160 years, the time for the sun to pass entirely through any constellation of the zodiac

2160 x 12 = 25,920 years, the time for the sun to complete a full zodiacal cycle

360 x 72 = 25,930 years

4320 = Years for the sun to pass through two houses of the zodiac in its precessional cycle

Calculating the precession
Central America & Mayan long count calendar
Legends state that the Fourth Age of the world ended very badly. A catastrophic deluge was followed bay long period during which the light of the sun vanished from the sky and the air was filled with tremendous darkness. The fifth sun is also believed to be nearly burned out.

The Mayans believed that the current Great Cycle started on August 13th, 3114BC and would end around December 23rd, 2012. – 5,125 years

Tun 360 days
2 Tuns 720 days
20 tuns = Katun 7200 days

2 Katuns 14,400 days
3 Katuns 21,600
5 Katuns 36,000 days
6 Katuns 43,200 days
10 Katuns 72,000 days
20 Katuns = Baktun 144,000 days

5 Baktuns 720,000 days
10 Baktuns 1,440,000
15 Baktuns 2,160,00 days

India Puranas scripture explain the four ages of earth, called Yugas

Each age is set in divine (godly) years

One year for humans is one day for the gods
One year for the gods is 360 human years

Krita Yuga 4800 years
Tetra Yuga 3600 years
Davpara Yuga 2400 years
Kali Yuga 1200 years – 432,000 human years

Mahayuga – Great Age – four lesser Yugas = 12,000 divine years, which is 4,320,000 human years.

71 systems of four Yugas elapse during one Manvantaras We are in the Kali Yuga and Indian text says that our age will “decay flourish, until the human race reaches annihilation.”

Babylonian kings ruled for 432,000 years before the flood

Keep in mind
Moon time
13th Zodiac
13 Month
Demotion of Pluto
Gregorian calendar

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