Forgotten History of the Ages


Anything that may explain our history as a species better, which refers to magic or the occult studies, is seen as pseudo-science. The accounts are dismissed as mythical, except when similar exploits are attributed to deity of an accepted religious belief, when they are deemed to be absolute gospel, with such events ultimately classified as “sacred history.”

Machine and polished steel cubes, Gold wire, and cone shaped metal shields have been recovered from the Miocene stratum dating to between 12 and 26 million years ago.

A Nevada Cole vein contain a distinct fossilized human footprint that dated to at least 2.5 million years ago. A similar hominoid footprint the dated 3.6 million years ago was found in northern Tanzania Paleoanthropologist Mary leaky.

In Glenn Rose Texas dinosaur prints were found within the same strata that also contained human footprints.

A joint Chinese Soviet expedition in the Gobi Desert found a very distinct ribbed-sole grid pattern shoe sole imprint that was fossilized in sandstone. Another shoe-print, complete with distinct shoe sole stitching, was discovered in a Nevada Coal seam. Both impressed prints were dated to periods more than 12.5 million years old.

Another discovery consisting of a complete humanoid skeleton dated 10 million years ago was found in Italian: this was at a time when man supposedly did not exist

According to Hindu beliefs Earth’s first civilization began in the far north, which was then known as the land of the gods or the Imperishable Isles; supposedly long before the Arctic became a frozen waste

Vast archaeological sites under the ice of Antarctica point to a civilization that might have existed sometime before 3 million years ago, a time when the great region possessed a subtropical climate. Further indications suggest the demise of such a culture by 2.5 million BC with no trace of any subsequent reemergence. Deteriorating climatic conditions that emerged with the fifth and last glacial ice age around 2.2 million years ago.

According to Hindu beliefs, Earth’s first civilization began in the far north, which was then known as the Land of the Gods or the Imperishable Isles; supposedly before the Arctic became a frozen wasteland. 

Vents at the North and South Poles form an access to a buried civilization known as Agharta. Specific legends also refer to an underground hollow Earth culture, similar to the belief held by some Rosicrucian followers that believed in a race of Lemurians that lived below Mount Shasta, an area that certain modern day cults associated with UFO activity. 

Ancient records claim that long before the Biblical Adam, a vast inland sea known as the Gobi Sea was situated north of the Himalayas. Sometime before 70,000 BC, a great land known as White Island was located near the shoreline of he great sea, hidden by mountain peaks. That land was originally inhabited by a divine race called the Lords of the Flame, a race of beings that could reportedly live in the water, the air, or within fire. Ancient traditions claimed that race was comprised of the greatest Masters or Divine Beings within our physical domain, a race able to control all natural forces. They were thought to be the true “Elohim of heaven”, those divine beings that came to Earth to expose sublime wisdom and civilization. According to certain extant ancient records, they were also known as the Sana Kumara, the beings that descended to Earth in what was described as a great flaming ship. 

Lost Gobi Desert civilizations existed in East-Central Asia, including the Land of the Immortals, apparently a later empire reportedly centered in that same border area between Northern Tibet and the Gobi Desert. That civilization was reportedly destroyed. The Gobi Desert surface has certain scattered areas of opaque glassy sand indicating vitrification from intense heat exposure. Geological test have detected radiation traces as well.

In 1987, a pyramid about 64ft tall was found in 80ft of water off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan, a small island of the coast of Okinawa. A stepped pyramid, thought to be connected with the Jomon culture. It is estimated that the structure dates to a period of 8,000 to 6,000 BC or 12,000 to 10,000 BC. 

Other submerged ruins are known to exit off the coast of Cuba, deep in the Gulf waters separating the Mexican Yucatan from that island. During he search for sunken treasure ships off the extreme northwestern tip of Cuba, a sunken city was reportedly located in 1998 at a debt of 2,200 feet. The city supposedly covered an estimated 7.7 square miles, situated on a sandy ledge. The sunken city is believed to have been part of an island chin or archipelago from an ancient land bridge that once connected Cuba with the Yucatan peninsula or Mexico. It is estimated that the city complex sunk around 12,000 years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions, as evidenced by the volcanic ash covering the ruins. These ruins also consist of megalithic rectangular pyramid structures constructed from polished granite blocks.  

Another sunken site of ruins was found off the East Coast of India at a depth of about 70-75ft. These ruins have been dated to 9,500 BC, and believed to have sun in 9,000 BC. This area is also near Bruma, modern day Myanmar, which is thought to be an early colony of the lost continent of Mu. 

Lands of Legend


Mayan ideoglyphs contained in the Troana Codex explain an ancient island civilization that had previously been destroyed by a series of disasters, including floods, earthquakes, and fires. The lost island empire was thought to have been symbolized by certain ideoglyphs contained in that record, which resembled the letters M and U, according to Diego de Landa, the Spanish Bishop who preserved the codex. 

Lemuria is credited as the creation of German biologist Ernst Heinrich Kaeckel, who named such a sunken continent after the Lemurs of Madagascar. 

According to author Eklal Kueshana, Lemuria was an island continent that comprised Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Oceania, western North America, and all else enclosed in that region It reportedly became a civilization about 76,000 BC, although the empire sank around 24,000 BC due to earthquakes. Its religion and government was established under The Law of One. (The Universal Law)

After its mainland sank, the empire continued to exist through its main colonies in India, along with other settlements, including one on Easter Island. Some natives of Easter Island believe they were part of a larger continent known as Hiva, the Motherland, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean in a planetary cataclysm.

Eden was reportedly the last colony of Lemuria, existing from 13,500 to 10,500 BC. It was located somewhat northwest of the present Hawaiian Islands, thus connecting Lemuria or Mu with an early Hawaiian culture, possibly.

Tamil text of the Indian Scripture Silappadikaran refers to a lost continent called Kumari Nadu or Kamari Kandam, the Dragon Land of the Immortal Serpents.

Chinese legend refers to an island-continent called Maurigosima, which sunk to the bottom of the Pacific, but not before the King Peru-Un managed to escape to China and help populate the country.

During its long existence, Mu’s culture was spread around the world by its white, blond-hair, blue-eyed colonists, the people that became the gods of ancient legend.

Some of this research comes from the Naacal Tablets, which were written in glyphic symbols and characters of the Naga script, a dead language that supposedly predated Sanskrit. The Naacals were a priestly brotherhood also known as the Holy Brothers, a missionary group sent to civilize and teach the native inhabitants at those colonies. Their records were reportedly divided among the seven sacred cities of India, where they were kept hidden by the temple Rishis, and guarded by its monks.

Inhabitants of Lumuria

Also known as the Els or Elder Race, the Cyclopeans arrived at the beginning of the 104,000-year cycle and served on MU as teachers and priest kings. They had serpent like bodies and some had an eyeball in the middle of their head, which was used for inter-dimensional communications. Polynesian mythology says these beings were gods with golden skin who came long ago in flying machines and built pyramids throughout the pacific.

The Kumara supposedly came to Earth from Venus, as a brotherhood of immortal sons of the gods, to assist in the spiritual awakening of humans.

KU – (K) represents the serpents of wisdom & the (HU) represents the creators breath.

MA – The female principal of matter

RA – The male principal of spirit

It is believed that meditation and repetition of this word can awaken dormant love within ones heart chakra.


Plato tells, in his Critias, of a civilization that was brought to men by the gods, one that was later destroyed during a war dating back to about 9,000 BC. 

Aristotle claimed that the Carthaginians had landed on an Atlantic island called Antilla.

Greek historian of the fourth century BC, Theopompus of Chios tells a story before the times of Plato by Midas of Phrygia that ‘besides the well-known portions of the world – Europe, Asia, Libya – there is another which is unknown, of incredible immensity where vast blooming meadows and pastures feed herds of various huge and might beasts and where the men are twice the height and live to twice the age of men’.

The Mahabharata of India talks of Atala, the White Island of great splendor in the North Atlantic that became “black” with sin. 

The Toltecs of Mexico claim to be from Atlan or Aztlan. The Aztecs also recorded that they came from ‘Aztlan…the land in the middle of the water’. This land was also called ‘Aztlan of the seven caves’.

The Native Americans referred to this landmass as Itzamana, the Dragon Land or Old Red Land, the home of the red colored fire God/Serpent.

The Algonquins refer to this land as Pan, which is the Greek goat God.

Greek legend says this motherland was Hespera a paradise “Garden of Eden” at the western end of the world where the “Serpents on the Tree” guarded golden apples of wisdom. The Greeks also called this land Poseid or Poseidon, which is another name for Neptune. Neptune was born out of the cosmic sea and possessed triune powers of spirit symbolized by his three-pronged trident. 

Legends also talk about cities being built on a White Island for habitation by humans. The Lords of the Flame reportedly supplied them with brilliant wisdom and wondrous magical knowledge.

The emigrants of Atlantis founded Shambala, a spiritual fortress in the region of Tibet. Some say the Tibetan population is directly descended of the people of Atlantis. Some also say that Shambala can only be reached via and underground tunnel and others say that it exists in another dimension into which a secret portal opens somewhere in the region. The grand sacred city of Shamballah was surrounded by seven magnificent gates that guarded their seven districts. 

Inhabitants of Atlantis

According to the Cherokees, the Sacred Seven, the beings from this land, traveled here from the constellation Taurus – The Pleiades. Greek historians also know this constellation as the Seven Sisters.

Plato’s Atlantis also refers to the people of this land mummifying their leaders and sacrificing bulls

The Sirians came from the Dog Star, Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major or Orion’s dog. This constellation was also identified with Osiris, the great hunter. They were guardians of the secrets of uniting opposite polarities and alchemists whom sought to teach their wisdom and are thus believed to be the biblical sons of Lamech. Their symbol was three straight lines, which formed a triangle that sometimes included an eye in the center. The two corners represent opposing polarities, emanating from a base, and joining at the apex. This was also seen as a representation of the three stars of Sirius, shown as three circles called the ‘Chintamani’ (Stone brought from Sirius, cut into a heart)

Atlantis was a generic name for the centers or Gardens located around the planet. Atlantis most likely describes many locations, rather than one specific place.

Rulers of Atlantis

The “divine court” from Heliopolisis also known as the Lineage of Horus and the Memphite Theology. This Pantheon consisted of nine gods that included Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nepthys,and Horus. 

The islands of Atlantis were ruled over by ten kings each with his own kingdom, the nine others being subservient to the ruler of the largest island. 

The word for seven in French is Sept or Set & the Egyptian word for Serpent was Set. The brother of Osiris was also known as Set. This should show you that stories of old are not as necessarily literal as they are symbolic of possible physical occurrences within the machinery of the heavens.

Races and Serpents

According to The Secret Doctrine of Madame Blavatsky, certain ancient Sanskrit texts record three prior root races of humankind. The last previous race, the third root race was the race that occupied Atlantis. That third root race underwent four ages or phases of culture that were ended by a cataclysmic event. The first occurred 800,000 years ago with a second one merely splitting the continent of Atlantis into two parts about 200,000 years ago. Its third period involved a very great catastrophe around 80,000 BC. A fourth and final catastrophe reportedly sank Atlantis beneath the ocean in the year 9564 BC.

The First and Second Races occupied then-tropical areas that are now the ice-covered North and South poles. The second Race later spread to the “Land of Spring”, and area believed to be in the Northwestern region of Europe. Believed by may legends to be the home of the gods. 

The Third Race reportedly inhabited lands located in the Pacific and Indian Oceans about 18 millions years ago, which included the continent of Australia. 

The Book of Dzyan states that the first men on Earth were the progeny of the Celestial Men, the Lunar Pitris from the moon. The Boo of Dzyan further describes five phases or races of beings down to the time of the death of Krishna, the eighth incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. According to Indian records, the first and second races occupied then-tropical areas that are now the ice-covered North and South Poles.

The ancient Greeks believed the Earth was inhabited by a race called the Hyperboreans, who lived near ocean streams and lofty mountains in the Northern regions of the planet. Their lands included Greenland and also a colony in California.

Yet another place was called the Elysian Plain, located along the western edge of the Earth, believed to be at the edge of the Mediterranean or within the Atlantic Ocean. It’s said that chosen humans favored by the gods were transported to that fabled land, where they lived in bliss without death. Such a region was also called the Fortunate Fields, the Isles of the Blessed, and Saturnia. According to Egyptian belief, Sekhet-Aaru was a region where the dead went to “live” in a manner quite similar to which they had existed on Earth.

The Egyptians believed in an island paradise, a Garden of the Gods, which was called Ta-Neteru, a land later destroyed by natural cataclysm.

Other names by which the lands of the gods were known included Adamlanda, Adalandis, Atlan, Aztlan, Alampis, Asgard, Antillia, Shamballa, Nirvana, Mesomphalos, and the Garden of Alcinous; all known as the Gardens. The guardians over these Gardens were known as the People of the Serpent, with the “Serpent” representing the ancient symbol of wisdom. The worker gods, were also referred to as the Serpent or Dragon People.

Fish People & Dog Stars

The early inhabitants of Mesopotamia, before Babylon, were visited by an animal from the sea called Oannes. That creature was described as having a human head under a fish’s head, and human feet under the tail of a fish. Oannes, with six other half-human half-fish beings, arrived by the river from the Persian Gulf bringing civilization to early Mesopotamians. They then taught these natives great knowledge and secrets. They later departed back into the sea. 

The Dogon of Mali claims that their early ancestors were visited by beings of an amphibious race. The Dogon called them the Nommo – the Masters of the Water – and describe these beings as amphibious and serpent-featured.

These Dogon people also told French researchers in 1931 about all of the planets in the solar system out to Pluto, and of the moons that have recently been confirmed. They said a star orbited Sirius A and it was so heavy all the people of the world could not lift it.

This star was found to be Sirius B, the Digitaria, an extremely small & heavy dwarf star.

Sirius A has two times the mass & is 35 ½ times brighter than our sun.

They also said there was another star orbiting Sirius A, just discovered in 1995 known as Sirius C. They called this star Sorghum, the (Female Star)(Star of women),

The heat in the summer was thought to have been caused by Sirius and thus was born the “dog days” of summer.

References to amphibious beings link the constellation Pisces, the Fish, with the Messiah. 

The Egyptian’s calendar was regulated by the movement of Sirius  (Sothis in Greek). The Sothic calendar was founded on the rising of Sirius one minute before the sun, the heliacal rising in the summer.

The heliacal rising takes place on July 23rd when Sirius, Earth, and the sun are in a straight line. It is said that the eyes of the sphinx line up with the exact period on the horizon where Sirius rises.

This is also the time every year when elite members gather at Bohemian Grove

Sirius, which is part of Orion, was represented by Anubis (Anpu) portrayed by the dog or jackal-headed god associated with Osiris (An).

The leader of the Anunnaki was An (Anu), whom was also represented by a jackal or dog.

The Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius was an obelisk & five-pointed star & triangle ~ the three points represented the three stars of Sirius.

Sirius is also known as “Eastern Star” & its symbol is the inverted pentagram. The inverted pentagram within a circle is used in satanic rituals to draw other dimensional demonic entities into this world or to draw down the kingdom of Satan onto the Earth.

The pentagram is symbolized by the goat head – the “Goat of Mendes” or  “Baphomet.

Different Ages

According to Holy Scriptures, the Buddhists believe that the Earth has experienced seven prior suns, with each destroyed by water, fire, or wind. The eighth sun is the present, which is foretold to be destroyed by fire.

The Mayans knew of four prior Ages of Man, all of which were either destroyed or replaced with a new Age. The present age in which we now live is the fifth sun, which started on August 13, 3113 BC and is destined to end on December 21 or 23rd, 2012 A.D. from a movement of the Earth. 

The Nahuatl tribe of Central Mexico known as the Toltecs possessed an oral tradition that claimed their ancestral migration had encompassed four Ages or Suns. Their migration was calculated to have commenced sometime around 15,600 BC, coming from Aztlan, the Place of Whiteness. Their First Age was the Water Sun that was destroyed by water, which concluded with the Great Flood of 10,500 BC. Their Second Age was the Earth Sun that was destroyed by earthquakes. Their Third Age, the Wind Sun, was destroyed by cosmic winds. The Fourth and present Age is our Fire Sun, which is due to end in someway involving fire. 

*Each symbolic house of the zodiac takes about 2,160 years for the Sun to pass through.

* It takes 25, 920 to 26,000 years for the sun to move backwards through all 12 signs of the zodiac, or complete a full precession of the equinoxes. (12 x 2,160)

*Each of the four ages represents a full processional cycle.

*This creates a 104,000-year cycle or four ages comprised of 4 cycles of 26,000 years.

Each 104,000-year cycle begins with the birth of the Serpent Goddess followed by the division into Dragon Twins (Male & Female / Positive & Negative)

Which ensures the preservation of the universe. The Wisdom brought to Earth by the heavenly beings was supposed to assist in the development of mankind through the entire 104,000-year cycle and during the paradigm shift at its conclusion.

The Number Four

Corners of the Earth

Corners of the Cross

Cardinal Points

Elements – Fire, Water, Air, Earth

Evolution and Creation

Charles Darwin, originator of the Natural Evolution theory in which a new species is derived from other earlier species, claimed that any sudden appearance of different spices in certain formations would present a fatal objection to his belief in transmutation He explicitly state that if numerous species belonging to the same genera would originate into existence at the same time, then such an occurrence would be a fatal flaw to his theory of evolution.

The development of speech is typically attributed to the Cro-Magnons, but it might have occurred even earlier. Some preliminary studies of the human genome have suggested that speech was the result of a specific new gene, thought to have been introduced around 200,000 BC. That would have occurred during the reign of the Proto-Sapiens, long before the later Neanderthals. However, such a speech gene, or the product it would have produced, evidently remained dormant within those later Neanderthals, if common evolutionary theories are to be embraced. There is no indication that the Neanderthal species ever displayed any form of hight communication. Such a fact may further support the belief that humans do not share a true DNA lineage with Neanderthals. The very nature of such a sudden introduction of a modified genome into the human species suggests outside intervention, rather than some natural act of evolution, since evolution is thought to only occur very slowly, over extensive periods of time. 

The basic process of evolution is mutation. The human genome is minutely modified through random changes in genes, perhaps as a result of environmental conditions or exposure to various radiation sources. The Human Genome Project has determined that such differences or changes occur merely from a little more than 3,000 chemical code pairings of the total 3.1 billion base pairs; indicating only minimal raw material variations are necessary to produce profound evolutionary changes. It thus becomes apparent that mutation alone is insufficient to induce evolution. The survival of the fittest concept, where a survivor advantage exists, must occur in order to initiate only very minimal evolutionary changes, apparently through their eventual elimination of some less dominate genes possessed by their contemporary competition. 



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