The Moon is a Lie

Simply because you believe the official story to be untrue, does not mean that any other explanation is correct.

These photographs were taken by NASA, during the Apollo missions.

Officially, they aren’t addressed as anything except for moving rocks. “Moving rocks”… Some of them moving up the side of a crater, down the inside and back up the other side.



If we are not dealing with an advanced species observing us from the moon, something from the concept of alternative 3, where humans are living on the moon now, or simply rolling rocks with no real explanation. Then what are these photographs of?

Similarly enough, this exact phenomenon has been observed on Earth; Racetrack Playa in California’s Death Valley. The stones are supposed to move because of “Rain, Ice and strong winds” And their movement is suppose to be more evident after “stormy winters”.



My point is that the moon indeed has an atmosphere far beyond what he have been told, And maybe some vegetation, in the picture below. It’s funny how we have all of the technology to “go to the moon”, and take thousands of photos, but then, what? Run out of color ink?.


So we are either being examined by higher intelligences, our civilization is far more advanced than we are led to believe, humans are living on the moon now, or everything we’ve been told about the moon is a lie. It is also possible that we are led down this path so that another truth may be concealed, within deceit, for whatever purpose. Probably a combination of all the above. Decide for yourself. Don’t forget that it’s hallow too…..oh….and so are Mars’ moons. A natural satellite cannot be hallow. And if it is possible, the chances of there being two or more hallow planetoids within such a close distance, suggests artificial intervention.


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