NEW RADIO – Week 4 – Khazars, Jews, Rothschilds, Israel, Zionism (Jewish Holocaust)


(Valentines Day/Lupercalia Notes)

(Jewish Holocaust Notes)

On this weeks 4 hour edition of The D Show, host HD & Co-host Nick Carioti, discussed the Meteor explosion over Russia, Chris Dorner and the story that makes little sense, the Pope Prophecies, the Obama families lavash tax payer funded vacations, Raytheon spy software, Biometric/Facial/Thumb analysis smart phones, Cruise ships and expanding Law into International Water, the Red-Light camera repeal, Black Boxes in cars mandatory and installed since the 1990’s, Religion, and Drone Sites within the United States.

The main topics this week were: The Occult Origins of Valentines Day or Lupercalia, and Week 4 of coverage of the Khazar Empire, the true history of the Jewish people, the Rothschilds, Israel, Zionism, and an overview of the Jewish Holocaust during WWII and how many Jews really died?

Listen to The D Show weeklong at WBTR Big Talk Radio

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