Who or What altered our DNA?

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If we examine our religions, entertainment such as movies, television, magazines, video games, books, our politics, etc. We see anger, hate, violence, sex, vanity. We are territorial and ritualistic.

So, are we creating this because we are projecting our nature onto the external, artificial world? Because we are influenced by “video games” and “movies”, something that still has to be “made-up.”. You can be influenced by a television show to act violently, but you are ultimately in control of your actions. That violent television show was also written by someone, who may be projecting their inherent genetic code, for violence, into their writing.

We project hate and anger and emotion onto our “god.” Our politics leads to division, territorial actions, sex scandals and war. Magazines, movies, television, etc., are not only representations of sex and violence, but vanity. They subconsciously program us (television program) to believe that, for a woman, or, for a man, a certain behavior is ideal. We seem to have an inherent primal need to murder, kill, engage in promiscuity, insecure, deceive, divide ourselves, argue, hate, perform our own rituals that are part of the reptilian brain and we search for “god” outside of ourselves, rather than finding peace and love within ourselves and the acceptance of others as the same.

Some people may say, not all people are like this, and you are right. Not all people are like this, and those whom are not, are usual murdered by people who are violent, emotionally unstable and insecure. Even those who do not partake consciously of these primitive desires and actions have a breaking point, it seems. It is only how spiritually and genetically advanced you are that determines your breaking point.

Outside Intervention

We have made remarkable progress in the field of genetic engineering, but just because we have been able to ‘map’ the genome, does not mean we know everything about it. The more we learn about the genome, the more we marvel at its complexity. We seem to understand the basic principal of the double helix, but we are far from understanding all its functions. What we are especially perplexed by, are the large sections that seem to be ‘switched off.’

It is odd that such an amazing part of our anatomy, a molecular structure so refined, should have been created incomplete. The genome was created in abundance, with far more DNA in our cells than we need for our primitive form.

Just 500 years ago we burn men at the stake for suggesting the Earth was not the center of the universe; the human body was an odd specimen that was studied and dissected by scientists risking their lives; that we only discovered the last three planets in our solar system in the past 200 years and that many of these same planets were known to the ancients far before our time, is a clear indication that we are not a superior race.

It is possible to link various people of the world to a half a dozen original individuals in southern Africa. From this we get more evidence from female mitochondrial DNA that the first human was born around 250,000 years ago.

The Sumerian tablets suggest that ‘Adamu’ was created here on Earth in the image of his ‘maker’. But who created Adam and when, will reveal that he was created by an advanced species of deities fro a specific purpose on Earth some 200,000 to 250,000 years ago. We also learn, from the tablets, that Adam was created from the genetic pool of the advanced species of humans on Earth and a lesser evolved hominoid that roamed Southern Africa.


Our brain can only perform the functions that have been programmed into the genetic software.

One thing that many scientists agree on is that around 200,000 years ago, the human brain underwent a dramatic evolutionary change. Around the same time as the first Adam and first Eve were created.

The brain has many functions, some of them are still not considered to be fully “understood.” The involuntary activities of the brain control your heart beat, breathing and coughing, or better described as all the th9ings that you need to continue functioning while you sleep. The voluntary activities are all the things you do consciously, like writing, talking, smiling, or walking. Though sleepwalking can be an exception in some cases.

Because the brain is so active and never stops, it consumes about 20-30% of the body’s energy. To achieve such a high consumption of blood, it is serviced by about 400 miles of capillaries delivering a constant supply of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients. So, theoretically if you want to lose weight, you could simply try thinking harder. There are about 100 billion neurons or nerve cells in the brain and this is what alcohol and drugs destroy when you consume large amounts. However, they do grow back, just not always as fast as you may need or hope. Each neuron or nerve cell is connected to other nerve cells in the brain, by hundreds or even thousands of connections, called dendrites.

Most of us still measure our ‘intelligence’ based on ‘brain size’. But this is not always true, and if it is, there are other creatures on the Earth right now who may be, and probably are smarter than us in there own right. An adult human has a brain size of a bout 1,300 – 1,400 grams. While a sperm whale and an Elephant’s brains weigh in at 7,800 and 6,000 grams.

Technology in the sense that we define it, does not mean overall superiority. An extra or inner terrestrial species may have had the technology to create us, but they also may use their technological advancement to better the whole of their race, rather than waging war and causing destruction. Many of these being may have simply evolved, from needing any sort of technology, and transcended to a higher level of consciousness.

So, when we examine brain size we first see the Homo Habilis. The Homo Habilis was the first genus Homo, who lived between 2.2 and 1.6 million years ago, with an average brain size of about 500-750ml. The next in line was the Homo Erectus, around 2 million to 400,000 years ago, with a brain capacity of 800-900ml. Then suddenly, around 200,000 years ago, a new species appeared out of nowhere with a brain capacity 55% larger. Again, this was also when the Annunaki, of the Sumerian tablets, created ‘Adamu’.

But with all of this talk about evolution, we have to be careful how we tread. Charles Darwin even claimed that evolution ‘does not happen in jumps’. So, by this admission, in itself, we have a contradiction to what many scientists believe today. However, we are constantly evolving. If you are in a cold room, your body slowly adapts to the temperature, or if you put on a jacket. This is a simplistic example. Another would be that humans use to be born with tails. This still happens today, though rare, but is a perfect example of something that humans have ‘evolved’ from; whether ‘naturally’ or by some outside intervention. With that in mind, talking about an outside deity creating man in their image, does not directly associate this discussion with that of religion. Religion may be based very loosely from this concept, but overall it is too isolated and dogmatic to even begin to grasp the true concept of what is being uncovered.

Perhaps we are not are not evolved in terms of Darwinism, or created in terms of Creationism and the one god, but from many gods, who we only define as such because of their anatomy and superiority. These two sides distract us from what is really concealed in our past. It is odd how both of these sides claim to hold the ‘truth’ and the evidence, yet they both become highly hostile to anyone who has a difference in opinion or definition. I always felt that if you have the proof, you have no reason to become upset or distraught, just show it too me. The issue is that when you challenge these ideas, you’re not challenging a theory based on hard facts; you are challenging the very core of who these individuals are and what they base their entire existence upon.

This same argumentative distraction used today in the debate of gay marriage. While two sides are fighting over weather it is legal or illegal according to ‘god given rights’ of a nation, or by moral interpretation of the bible, we don’t see that the genes have been isolated in determining these traits, and some factor somewhere can switch them on or off. We also forget that dolphins, one of the smartest creatures on the planet, engage in same sex relations.


The chemicals found along the length of the DNA molecule are referred to as letters A, T, C and G. They have three billion variations along our 23 chromosomes, forming a unique sequence that hold the encoded program for the growth of a specific person. The message in that code controls everything about us. Specific genes control the color of your eyes, hair, your height, your skin, your sex, and it has been discovered that there may even be a gene that dictates whether you will be ‘straight’ or ‘gay’. This gene can be ‘switched on’ or ‘switched off’. In a study of identical and non-identical twins, a medical team in London has even shown that acne is 80% genetic. Environmental factors, such as eating the wrong foods or wearing greasy make-up, are relatively unimportant.

It is often said that less intelligent people seem to be happy with their lot. They don’t question why, they just accept their lot and get on with life without asking too many questions. They place their lives in the hands of a god and believe that one day their souls will be saved from the devil. It is a great escape fro many and a good enough reason to go on regardless.


For the most part all humans, plants, bacteria and animals are water and carbon based cellular forms with inherited genetic information.

These Genes are a set of instructions from your mom & dad and are in almost every cell of every living thing.

The instructions are stored on long strands of chemicals called DNA – DeoxyRiboNucleic Acid.

The long strands are called Chromosomes.

Chromosomes are made up of many genes.

Each Gene is a sequence of DNA on a Chromosome with cellular information.

The DNA is shaped like a ladder, but twisted into what is called a Double Helix

  Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 1.52.49 AM<—- Double Helix

DNA is made up of 4 chemicals called Bases 






The order of these chemicals, ACTG, determains whether you are a human a vegitable or whether your skin is white, black or green.

The sides of DNA are made of alternating Sugars & Phosphate molecules.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 1.51.00 AM

The entire sequence of DNA is called a Genome & there are over 3.2 billon base pairs.

TIMEOUT: You are 99.9% similar to the person next to you. Only .1% is different.

TIMEOUT: Only 2-3% of our DNA is coded and recognizable to create proteins, which means that 97-98% of our DNA has yet to be “officially” understood. That is why it is refereed to as “junk.”


We need two molecules for life on Earth, proteins & Nucleic Acids

Proteins: perform complex metabolic functions of living cells

Nucleic Acids: carry genetic codes & issue instructions for cell process

In order to become a protein, amino acids have to form long & complex chains. Then, in the cell, they perform a task according to the instructions stored in one nucleic acid (DNA) and transmitted by another nucleic Acid (RNA). Was it somewhat random that these proteins formed on a primordial Earth? Or did RNA & DNA precede Amino Acids on Earth?


We use 8-10% of the active brain

Only 2-3% of our DNA is coded for

Out of 64 possible Codon combinations in DNA, only 20-22 Condons are switched on. These Codons are triple sets of nucleotides, which consult the genetic code (RNA) and determine the insertion of a specific Amino Acid.


So, we have DNA, which is transcribed into RNA, which is decoded into triplets of Amino Acids, called Codons.

DNA transcribed –> RNA decoded –> CODONS set of three Amino Acids


Every cell in the body has a nucleus. In this nucleus lies a long double-stranded molecule shaped like a twisted ladder, called DNA; deoxyribonucleic acid. This ladder is broken up into 46 chromosomes, which pair up into 23 pairs; one side derived from the mother and the other side from the father. Each side of the twisted DNA ladder chromosome is made up of only three components. A sugar known as deoxyribose, phosphate, and any one of the four bases, which are adenine, thymine, guanine, or cytosine.

The bases making up the rungs of the DNA ladder can only join in a specific sequence. A joins with T, and G joins with C. It is this specific combination of A-T and G-C, which contains the codes for life. A short stretch of this chromosome, with a unique sequence of A, T G, C is referred to as a gene. This gene is specifically coded to control a specific function in the body.  All of this genetic material in the cells of a human is called the genome.

Theses genes contain stretches of DNA, called exons, each of which cods for part of a protein, and introns, which are stretches of non-coding DNA. Genes consist of alternating introns and exons, and the programmed genetic codes are contained in several scattered exons, rather than a continuous stretch of DNA.

However, between each gene there are long stretches of DNA, which do not appear to code for anything. In humans, 97% of DNA consists of non-coding genes while our active genes only make up about 3% of the total DNA in our chromosomes. It seems as if 97% of our DNA is inactive, and 99.9% of the sequence is the same in every single human on Earth. One argument for this is that it was genetically manipulated or tampered with during the early days of our existence as a species. Our genome could have been created or copied from an existing genome or another species, or even tampered with to allow only a small portion of it to function.

This means that fruit flies with DNA that contains only 17% non-coding genes and yeast with only 4% non-coding genes are more evolved than humans, within their own DNA structures.

There is an interesting gene type called 17 CREB and it plays a vital mechanism in learning and memory. If one of these genes is not working, no long-term memory can be formed. They are switched on in real time, when the brain lays down a new memory. This means that the act of learning actually turns on these genes. This kind of interaction between stimulus and response, which may unlock the introns and junk genes under specific conditions, causes the release of previously unused genes, resulting in further evolution and activation of the genome. A perfect genome will have no need for violence, greed, vanity and all the other characteristics, which have caused human suffering for so long.

Life & Panspermia

To examine the arrival of life on this planet, on purpose, or by some cosmic “accident”, we need to examine the idea that it, in some form, came from comets. The latest estimates state that all the comets in our solar system actually outweigh the total mass of the planets. These comets are thought to be leftover matter form the creation of solar systems: where as asteroids are thought to be leftover pieces of planets or moons due to cosmic collisions. One difference between the two is that comets have a tail, which consists of gas and dust, which is discharged from the coma (nucleus head) and will contain many microscopic living particles. So, when these comets come within close proximity to Earth, the sun will melt some of this ice, which will release these particles in a mist (the tail of the comet), and this will leave behind billions of miles of living space debris. As much as one million tons of gas and living dust can be released into space everyday from this close passage to a sun. These comets cross the paths of many planets and when these planets, in their orbit of the sun, cross these same paths, they travel though the living debris, which get trapped by the gravitational pull of the planet. Comets, because they are made up mainly of ice, organic compounds trapped inside, such as bacteria, viruses and even larvae, can remain in suspended animation for thousands of years.

TIMEOUT: In the 60s when space activity increased around the Apollo moon landings, US intelligence photographed many explosions in the outer limits of the atmosphere, while on the lookout for enemy missiles. These explosions were comets and other space objects between 30-50 meters diameter, which were exploding when entering the upper atmosphere. This information was even kept classified until 1994.

After the fall of the USSR, on May 28th, 1997, NASA announced that thousands of comets “as large as houses” enter Earth’s atmosphere every day. They are then broken up and destroyed about 1000 and 20000 kilometers above Earth.

However, while some comets and asteroids explode in the atmosphere, others explode just before impact as a result of tremendous air pressure, which builds up ahead of it.

Viruses & Bateria

Dust that exists throughout space is left over matter from the creation of stellar systems and contains microscopic organisms like bacteria. This dust got there as the result of cosmic collisions of space bodies like planets and even supernovas, which occur when a star explodes and spreads its contents over vast distances of space. There may also be viruses and other organic material present in this so-called dust.

Besides being able to survive UV radiation levels 3000 times higher than humans can, many bacteria actually thrive at temperature higher than boiling.

Bacteria have built-in cellular equipment that can help them survive sudden heating in space. They are called ‘heat-shock” proteins which respond in seconds to external stimuli in bacteria.

These viruses reproduce b invading ot hem living cells. The healthy human body reacts by producing an antiviral protein called interferon, which tries to prevent the infection from spreading to adjacent cells. Viruses mutate very quickly to prevent the host from developing permanent resistance. Viruses can actually mutate so quickly, it is impossible to keep up with the development of new vaccines.

Bacteria, on the other hand, are microscopic organisms, each one consisting of a single cell, which has no nucleus. Bacteria can be found virtually everywhere on Earth. Even in the most inhospitable places with high acidity, high temperatures and low temperatures. Some bacteria are parasites that can be very harmful because they produce toxins. Others can be beneficial to humans, like digestive bacteria in our stomachs. (Bacteria is not absolutely “bad” and neither is the “truth”)

TIMEOUT: Bacteria can be vital in the form of probiotics. By giving young babies various probiotics, like Lactobaccillus, will reduce conditions like eczema and allergies later in life.

Bacteria have the ability to reproduce in as little as 20 minutes. They normally divide into two new equal cells though a process called binary fission. This bacterium, in many ways, essentially makes life, as we know it, possible on Earth. 

TIMEOUT: A single bacteria cell in favorable conditions, the average time for it to duplicate its left is about two hours. One makes tow, two makes four, four makes eight and so on. This means that by the end of the first day you will have a colony to small to be seen by the “naked” eye. But in tow days the colony of 1,000 will become 1,000,000,000 which, suddenly becomes just visible with the naked eye and is about a tenth the size of a pinhead. After four days you will have 1,000,000,000,000 bacteria. In five days the colony will weigh about 1 kilogram and in six days you will have a ton of bacteria. Every day the weight will grow by 3 zeros, which should give you a pile of bacteria the size of Mount Everest in just 11 days. It will only take 13 days to produce the weight of Earth in bacteria, our galaxy in 19 days and the estimated visible universe in 22 days.

TIMEOUT: Pharaohs may have used their knowledge of viruses and bacteria to cast “spells” on their tombs. By including an ancient strand of bacteria or viruses in their tombs, this organism simply went into ‘suspended animation’ while trapped inside the tomb, only to be reactivated when the tome raiders opened the tomb a few thousand years later. Since it has been locked up for so long, the strand probably doesn’t exist on Earth in its original form any more. This means that our bodies are not used to the bacterium and cannot develop antibodies quickly enough.

Bacteria have survived for 4800 years in the brickwork of Peruvian pyramids and over 300 million years in coal.

The main residences and palaces of the Annunaki were in the Middle East when they first arrived. This is where they settled and ruled from. This is also where they made certain crucial decisions that were then implemented. Like the decision to create a human-like clone to perform all the hard labor on Earth. If the first humans were created in this part of the world, using a mixture of Annunaki DNA and Homo erectus DNA to create a new species, it means that there must have been a period when the Middle East had a growing population of the new human species, evolving as they performed menial tasks for their masters and gods. It is also likely, given the human nature of promiscuity, that the “sons of the Nefilim saw the daughters of man” and they had sex with them, creating a whole new genetic pool which was more advanced than the Homo sapiens “ slave species” Is it therefore possible that there is a genetically more advanced group of people in the Middle East who have a more advanced genome in certain respects.


1) Primitive life developed on Earth through a process of pan-spermia, whether by accident or on purpose by another civilization, trying to colonize other worlds, without traveling the vast distances of space.

2) Advanced beings discovered these primal forms on Earth, thousands of years in our past. Realizing how strong and versatile we were as pre-human animals, they enslaved us.

Being made in the image of our “modifier/creator” we have also implemented slavery of the strong. And even the weak to this day.

3) Later, these beings, playing with their technology, as we are continuing to unlock genetics and cloning, etc, ourselves, they decided to modify the primal beings and make them a more powerful, efficient, advanced slave.

This would explain the large evolutionary gap in our history. Both within our genetic development and the size of our brain and functions of the body, which simply developed, almost overnight.

4) However more advanced we now were, which simply was an advancement of “slave like” qualities because our creators shut down certain pieces of our genetic code, we began to see our overlords as gods and idolized them as such. Here we have the advent of Religion.

Even undiscovered tribes, or tribes that still live like their ancestors did, act in this way today. If a plane of missionaries drops medical supplies on this village, the villagers begin to idolize the plane as a silver bird. They say the gods had wings, they were reflective bird men who came from the sky, the heavens. When these “gods” didn’t return, the villagers build monuments to them and perform rituals in hopes the “gods” will return one day. They would create stories and a mythology to be passed down to future generations of the “gods” who came down from heaven to help them.

5) Being consumed with sexual desire, as we are, these “modifiers” saw their modification, their creation, and had sex with them. The babies born would have advanced the genetic code by thousands of years. Perhaps an even shorter period of time for advancement than what was done int he lab by combining a primitive woman’s egg with the sperm of a healthy “advanced being.” The first woman to give birth would have been the mother of the Earth. The mother of the human race. The goddess, created by the “gods.” She would have been the biblical Eve.

6) As time went on, we began to fight, engage in prostitution, murder, gambling, etc., and the defiance of our overlords, who decided to use their technology, a form of weather modification, something we have today, to cause a great flood to wipe out a portion of the population. Being born, raised, working, living, and growing old on the same piece of land, without traveling more than a few miles in your life, it may be throughout that this great flood destroyed the world. By creating this destructive force, the “gods” essentially hit the backspace key and restarted their experiment.

7) Maybe these beings also tried to give us a set of laws, like the 10 commandments, to guide us. As most of us are power hungry and wish to exercise control over others, the story of these gods, their rules, power and promise of return, was held over the unknowing population, by a handful of people, for control, once these “gods” finally left. Again, the part of the creation of religion. All of the variations in religion are different lenses to view the story from.

8) Perhaps, these beings left their “creation”, promising to return, when we grew up. Perhaps, we are monitored and helped along in our development still. This may explain why “ufo’s”, which does not mean “alien” in terms of definition, contrary to what Hollywood says, appear over sensitive military installation and disable Nuclear weapons. Many, so-called alien encounters, even speak of these beings relaying to us that we need to get control of our planet, our climate, our wars, or we will destroy ourselves. This could be our subconscious projecting onto these beings, as we know what we are doing is harming our living Earth. This projection, however, is almost a new version of the ancient stories of speaking to “god.” But, these “gods” may be the same God.

9) We may even be confined to this planet, for another reason. Even on Earth, when someone doesn’t follow the rules and laws, they are sent to jail. Locked away. Maybe we  are imprisoned on this planet. And to prevent rebellion of the slaves, these “gods” traded overt, open control to overt, hidden control and essentially disappeared in our history. There is more than one side of this story. It is not as black and white as it may seem.

10) If we examine why these beings cam here, the stories state that they destroyed their atmosphere and blew it away from perpetual warfare. Maybe they came to warn us, or to take our planet. Either way, this concept should not be viewed as doom and gloom, as it should be seen as enlightenment to our possible true history.

When we examine the two scientists, from the Sumerian tale, responsible for our genetic manipulation, they even argued over the morals of whether or not they should modify and enslave a less intelligent species. One side, and his followers, were referred to as “good” and the other side, and his followers, were referred to as “evil.” What is interesting is that the entity which chose to keep humans in the dark and to keep them from realizing their true potential is now seen as the all mighty “God.” Whereas the entity whom chose to free humanity from the chains of their existence and to help free their mind and enlighten them, is now considered to be the father of lies, the deceptive “Devil.” This being, who chose to free humanity, wore an insignia which is our modern day caduceus, the medical symbol. This is appropriate, as the being who wore this insignia was the lead scientist and medical expert of his race. This symbol shows the two serpents entwining up the staff or tree “of life.” This entanglement is that of the Double Helix of DNA, the building block of our life.


To overview this scenario, we have two beings, one enslaving humanity and the other trying to free humanity. The one enslaving humanity, brainwashed his followers and kept them from their true origins and ability. The other chose to enlighten humanity and show them the possibilities of their existance. His insignia was that of the serpent, or serpents entangling to create a Double Helix, our DNA. In religion today, we see the serpent, the being freeing humanity from the confines of ignorance, as the evil entity who deceived humanity. As opposed to the hateful god who sacrifices, deceives through withholding of knowledge, and punishes humanity violently for what he programed into them. As a whole, we are brainwashed to view the latter as the “good guy.” Either way, we need to examine this scenario in more detail and open our minds to the possible enlightenment it may bring.

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