A Theory of Modification, Evolution & Creation

1) Primitive life developed on Earth through a process of pan-spermia, whether by accident or on purpose by another civilization, trying to colonize other worlds, without traveling the vast distances of space.

2) Advanced beings discovered these primal forms on Earth, thousands of years in our past. Realizing how strong and versatile we were as pre-human animals, they enslaved us.

Being made in the image of our “modifier/creator” we have also implemented slavery of the strong. And even the weak to this day.

3) Later, these beings, playing with their technology, as we are continuing to unlock genetics and cloning, etc, ourselves, they decided to modify the primal beings and make them a more powerful, efficient, advanced slave.

This would explain the large evolutionary gap in our history. Both within our genetic development and the size of our brain and functions of the body, which simply developed, almost overnight.

4) However more advanced we now were, which simply was an advancement of “slave like” qualities because our creators shut down certain pieces of our genetic code, we began to see our overlords as gods and idolized them as such. Here we have the advent of Religion.

Even undiscovered tribes, or tribes that still live like their ancestors did, act in this way today. If a plane of missionaries drops medical supplies on this village, the villagers begin to idolize the plane as a silver bird. They say the gods had wings, they were reflective bird men who came from the sky, the heavens. When these “gods” didn’t return, the villagers build monuments to them and perform rituals in hopes the “gods” will return one day. They would create stories and a mythology to be passed down to future generations of the “gods” who came down from heaven to help them.

5) Being consumed with sexual desire, as we are, these “modifiers” saw their modification, their creation, and had sex with them. The babies born would have advanced the genetic code by thousands of years. Perhaps an even shorter period of time for advancement than what was done int he lab by combining a primitive woman’s egg with the sperm of a healthy “advanced being.” The first woman to give birth would have been the mother of the Earth. The mother of the human race. The goddess, created by the “gods.” She would have been the biblical Eve.

6) As time went on, we began to fight, engage in prostitution, murder, gambling, etc., and the defiance of our overlords, who decided to use their technology, a form of weather modification, something we have today, to cause a great flood to wipe out a portion of the population. Being born, raised, working, living, and growing old on the same piece of land, without traveling more than a few miles in your life, it may be throughout that this great flood destroyed the world. By creating this destructive force, the “gods” essentially hit the backspace key and restarted their experiment.

7) Maybe these beings also tried to give us a set of laws, like the 10 commandments, to guide us. As most of us are power hungry and wish to exercise control over others, the story of these gods, their rules, power and promise of return, was held over the unknowing population, by a handful of people, for control, once these “gods” finally left. Again, the part of the creation of religion. All of the variations in religion are different lenses to view the story from.

8) Perhaps, these beings left their “creation”, promising to return, when we grew up. Perhaps, we are monitored and helped along in our development still. This may explain why “ufo’s”, which does not mean “alien” in terms of definition, contrary to what Hollywood says, appear over sensitive military installation and disable Nuclear weapons. Many, so-called alien encounters, even speak of these beings relaying to us that we need to get control of our planet, our climate, our wars, or we will destroy ourselves. This could be our subconscious projecting onto these beings, as we know what we are doing is harming our living Earth. This projection, however, is almost a new version of the ancient stories of speaking to “god.” But, these “gods” may be the same God.

9) We may even be confined to this planet, for another reason. Even on Earth, when someone doesn’t follow the rules and laws, they are sent to jail. Locked away. Maybe we  are imprisoned on this planet. And to prevent rebellion of the slaves, these “gods” traded overt, open control to overt, hidden control and essentially disappeared in our history. There is more than one side of this story. It is not as black and white as it may seem.

10) If we examine why these beings cam here, the stories state that they destroyed their atmosphere and blew it away from perpetual warfare. Maybe they came to warn us, or to take our planet. Either way, this concept should not be viewed as doom and gloom, as it should be seen as enlightenment to our possible true history.

When we examine the two scientists, from the Sumerian tale, responsible for our genetic manipulation, they even argued over the morals of whether or not they should modify and enslave a less intelligent species. One side, and his followers, were referred to as “good” and the other side, and his followers, were referred to as “evil.” What is interesting is that the entity which chose to keep humans in the dark and to keep them from realizing their true potential is now seen as the all mighty “God.” Whereas the entity whom chose to free humanity from the chains of their existence and to help free their mind and enlighten them, is now considered to be the father of lies, the deceptive “Devil.” This being, who chose to free humanity, wore an insignia which is our modern day caduceus, the medical symbol. This is appropriate, as the being who wore this insignia was the lead scientist and medical expert of his race. This symbol shows the two serpents entwining up the staff or tree “of life.” This entanglement is that of the Double Helix of DNA, the building block of our life.


To overview this scenario, we have two beings, one enslaving humanity and the other trying to free humanity. The one enslaving humanity, brainwashed his followers and kept them from their true origins and ability. The other chose to enlighten humanity and show them the possibilities of their existance. His insignia was that of the serpent, or serpents entangling to create a Double Helix, our DNA. In religion today, we see the serpent, the being freeing humanity from the confines of ignorance, as the evil entity who deceived humanity. As opposed to the hateful god who sacrifices, deceives through withholding of knowledge, and punishes humanity violently for what he programed into them. As a whole, we are brainwashed to view the latter as the “good guy.” Either way, we need to examine this scenario in more detail and open our minds to the possible enlightenment it may bring.

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