The Food/Chemical Deception

Ryan Gable – Coastal Healthy Living Magazine – June 14th, 2013

The intent of this article is not to induce fear or panic, but to inform. Information is not negative or positive. It is how you use the information that will determine how it can be viewed. We will now examine a few food additives, their effects, and the deception that is used to sell them to you.

Aspartame – If you heat Aspartame to more that 86 degrees Fahrenheit – human body temperature is 96 degrees Fahrenheit – it releases Free Methanol and Formic Acid, which is the venom of ant stings. From this combination the substance breaks down to the neurotoxin and nerve poison, Formaldehyde.

Aspartame, has also been linked with numerous health risks, and is present in more than 6,000 products, including diet sodas. Headaches, Changes in Vision, Convulsions, Seizures, Nausea, Joint Pain, and Hallucinations are just a few of the minor effects of Aspartame. Others are more severe, such as neurological damage.

Aspartame is found in chewing gum, cereal, soda, diet foods, sweeteners, and other sweet products. It is now being added to milk because companies claim they cannot compete with soda manufacturers. Additional additives to milk include IGF-1, R-BGH or Bovine Growth Hormone, which can all cause abnormal hormone production and cancer.

One company that manufactures aspartame is the Japanese company, Ajinomoto. In 2000, they purchased part of the companies, NutraSweet and Equal, from none other than Monsanto, who could then distance itself from the legal burden of artificial sweeteners.

It is always important to be a label reader and to be aware of tricks companies use to deceive you. For example, aspartame is also sold as NutraSweet, Canderel, and AminoSweet.

Tartrazine – Aluminum Lake food coloring is used to coat liquid medicines for children. It contains dangerous amounts of aluminum and harmful synthetic petrochemicals that are carcinogens containing petroleum, antifreeze, and ammonia.

Aluminum poisoning can lead to short and long term central nervous system damage, such as memory impairments, autism, epilepsy, mental retardation and dementia. Research shows that just 4ppm of aluminum can cause the blood to coagulate. This is what causes Alzheimer’s disease and inhibits learning.

Also known as Tartrazine, FD & C Yellow Aluminum Lake is a chemical concoction derived from tar. Many of these colors contain carcinogens, which are substances or agents that tend to produce a cancer.

Blue #1 – Kidney tumors in mice. Blue #2 – Tumors, especially gliomas tumors that start in your brain or spine. Red #2 – Toxic to rodents and causes tumors of the bladder. Red #3 – A 1983 FDA study showed that Red 3 caused thyroid tumors in rats; however, it is still found in cherries and baked goods. It has been banned in cosmetics, but still allowed in food and medicine. Red #40 – Debilitates the immune system in mice. Allergic reactions are common. Green #3 – Causes bladder and testes tumors. Yellow #5 – Affects behavior and induces severe hypersensitivity reactions. Yellow #6 – Causes adrenal tumors in animals.

Several companies, including Kraft, Walmart and Coca-Cola have removed food dye from products they send overseas. However, the products sold on the shelves of America haven’t changed.

Polysorbate 80 Polyoxyethylene (80) sorbitan monooleate is a golden-colored, gelatinous substance that is used as an emulsifier, to bind ingredients and to prevent them from separating. It is most commonly used in Ice Cream, Vitamins, Cosmetics, Whipped Cream, Dessert Toppings, Chewing Gum, Gelatin Desserts, Shortening, and in yeast and cottage cheese as a de-foamer.

By contrast, it is used in products not intended for consumption such as herbicides. Reactions to Polysorbate 80 include Sneezing, coughing, swelling, wheezing, shortness of breath, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythm, heart attack, stroke and infertility in women, especially those who have taken vaccines containing polysorbate 80, such as the HPV vaccine and Gardasil. Currently, the U.S. Government and the CDC rely solely on the manufacturers of vaccines to report problems, injuries and deaths.

This is the same vaccine industry today, which protected and employed Nazi war criminals and wish to vaccinate us to “keep us healthy.”

These, Nazi convicted mass murders and slave masters, even became executives of these companies. Fritz ter Meer became Chairman of the Board of Bayer in 1956. The same Bayer that purchased the industry that produced the Nazi gas chambers. Carl Krauch, an executive at IG Farben and head of military economics for Hitler, became Chairman of the Board for BASF in 1952.

Hitler invested heavily in Merck and other pharmaceutical companies. Even during the close of WWII, the chemical company IG Farben was protected from allied bombings.

IG Farben, the chemical company, in part, responsible for Zyklon B, was the FDA/CDC pharmaceutical arm of the third Reich and there was an American interest in controlling this pharmaceutical giant, which would later be catapulted onto U.S. soil.


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