A More Accurate Genesis


A depiction of Solar Cross/the Planet of the Crossing & Giants

Radio Show 6/30/13 – Genesis Revisited – Week 1

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Voyager’s encounter with Neptune

Voyager 2 — August 1989 — Neptune –- Voyager found a Blue Green, Aquamarine, atmosphere of helium, hydrogen, and methane gases, with high velocity winds.

Zacharia Sitchen wrote articles for U.S., European, and South American publications two months prior to the August encounter, claiming Neptune would be blue-green, watery and have the colors of “swamp-like vegetation.”

Neptune has at least 8 satellites

Largest moon is Triton

  • Orbits Neptune in a direction opposite of the rest of the known planets in our Solar System, clockwise, as opposed to anticlockwise.
  • Has a pinkish gray surface with rugged, mountainous features on one side and smooth, almost craterless features on the other side.
  • Volcanically active – no molten lava, but shoots out jets of slushy ice

Voyager’s encounter with Uranus

Voyager 2 – January 1986 – Uranus – Voyager found a greenish blue gaseous atmosphere that enshrouds the planet. Below this is a 6,000 miles thick ocean of super heated water with temperatures as high as 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Sumerians described Uranus as MASH.SIG – meaning “bright greenish.”

  • The winds blow in a retrograde direction, contrary to what is normal in the Solar System
  • Its temperature on the side facing the sun is the same as the side hidden from the Sun
  • Uranus lies on its side
  • The moons of Uranus are made of up rock and ordinary water ice

Uranus and Neptune are Similar

The Sumerians called Uranus Kakkab Shanamma, meaning “Planet which is the double.” 

Uranus and Neptune are similar in size, color, watery content both are encircle by rings and share close to the same lengths in days, sixteen to seventeen hours. 

The magnetic fields of both planets share an unusually inclination relative to the planets’ axes of rotation –- of 58 degrees for Uranus and 50 degrees on Neptune. This means that Neptune is nearly a magnetic twin of Uranus.

JPL reported, “Neptune’s temperatures are similar to those of Uranus, which s more than a billion miles closer to the Sun. (Neptune is generating its own internal heat)

The Sumerians are the first known civilization responsible for

Boats for rivers

Ships for seas

Writing, Schools, and Scribes

Laws, Judges, and Juries

Music, Dance, and Art

Medicine and Chemistry

Weaving and Textiles

Religion and Priesthoods

Kingship and Citizens’ Councils

Mathematics and Astronomy

Celestial Sphere

The Circle’s division into 360 degrees

The planets orbit the Sun

Grouping stars into constellation and giving them pictorial images that we call the zodiac

Applying the number 12 to the zodiac and to the divisions of time

The Sumerians recorded their history on clay tablets and drew illustration on cylindrical seals.

The depictions were even carved in reverse, so that they acted like a negative when

rolled onto wet clay.

4,500 year old depiction of the Solar System –- kept in State Museum in East Berlin

  • Pluto has an orbit in which it finds itself closer to the Sun than Neptune, which is why some have theorized that Pluto was originally a satellite of another planet.
  • The differences in this depiction, from modern interpretation, are that Pluto is placed between Saturn and Uranus.
  • The Sumerians also show that Pluto was a satellite of Saturn that was let loose and later attained its own “destiny”, or independent orbit, around the Sun.


The 12th Planet

Today we count 9 planets (minus Pluto)



Earth (3rd rock from Sun) (7th Planet from outside)







The Sumerians counted 10 planets (including Pluto), plus the Sun and Moon for a total of 12

10th or 12th Planet NIBIRU –  “Planet of the Crossing”, which has an orbit of roughly 3600 years

It is referred to as having a halo or wings, which represent its “gift of flight”


The Annunaki Gold Mining Operations

This is were the ANNUNAKI came from about 445,000 years ago

ANNUNAKI – “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came”

Genisis calls them the Nefilim, which means in Hebrew – “Those who have come down, from the Heavens to the Earth.”

The Bible also refers to them as the Anakim

From the Annunaki, the Sumerians state is where they learned all that they knew.

The Annunaki were facing an ecological deterioration on their planet and they needed something to protect their dwindling atmosphere. Their solution was to suspend gold particles above it, as a shield. (Windows of American spacecraft are coated with a thin layer of gold, which acts as a shield against radiation)

The Annunaki discovered this metal on the Seventh Planet – Earth. They then launched a mission to retrieve this gold.

Gold is the metal of the “gods”

They first tried mining in the Persian Gulf, but after failing, shifted operations to SE Africa

After much turmoil and hard labor, the Annunaki’s chief scientist and medical officer used genetic manipulation and in-vitro fertilization to create “primitive workers” – the first Homo Sapiens to take over the gold mines.

Anglo-American Corporation

  • South Africa’s leading mining corporation began searching for these mines in the 1970s.
  • They discovered Swaziland, and other sites, with shafts at depths of 50 feet, which date from 35,000, 46,000, 60,000, up to 100,000 B.C.

Zulu Legend in Southern Zimbabwe

  • The mines of Monotapa were worked by “artificially produced flesh and blood slaves, created by the First People.”
  • These Slaves went to battle with the Ape-Man when the

Great War star appeared in the sky

The Celestial Battle

The Sumerians referred to the cataclysmic events, which shaped our Solar System,

as the Celestial Battle.

  • Described on seven tablets
  • Most of the text has been found in fragments
  • The best complete text is found in the Akkadian language of the Assyrians and Babylonians   who followed the Sumerians in Mesopotamia

The First members of the Solar System

  • Sun (APSU) “One who exists from the beginning”
  • Mercury (MUM.MU) “One who was born” — (Companion of Apsu)
  • Asteroid Belt (TI.AMAT) – “Maiden of life”

The “Three” Planetary Pairs

  • Venus (LAHAMU) & Mars (LAHMU) — (between MUM.MU & TI.AMAT)
  • Jupiter (KI.SHAR) “Foremost of the firm Lands” & Saturn (AN.SHAR) “Foremost of the Heavens”
  • Uranus (ANU) & Neptune (E.A) “He whose house is water”

Planet X

– X means that the planet is unknown

– X is the Roman numeral for 10, as in 10th planet

– Tyche, a hypothetical gas giant in the Oort Cloud proposed in 1999 (Roman goddess of fortune & luck)

– The Sumerians called Planet X _ NIBIRU

– The Babylonians called Planet X _ MARDUK

– The Assyrians called Planet X _ ASHUR

  • Sumerians said that this planet came from “the Deep”
  • Entered our Solar System in a retrograde/clockwise orbit, different from the other planets
  • Had its own satellites or acquired some on its journey

NIBIRU passed by ANU/Uranus and “Anu brought forth and begot the four winds” or four major moons that were formed.

  • This encounter also titled Uranus on its side.
  • NIBIRU gained three satellites as a result of this encounter.

NIBIRU was drawn into the midst of AN.SHAR/Saturn and KI.SHAR/Jupiter

  • It ”approached and stood as though in combat” near AN.SHAR/Saturn.
  • At this moment the two planets “kissed their lips” and

the destiny (orbital path) of NIBIRU was changed.

The Creation of Pluto

The chief of satellite of AN.SHAR/Saturn, GA.GA, was pulled off into the direction

of LAHAMU/Venus & LAHMU/Mars.

  • GA.GA then made a vast elliptical orbit and arrived at the outermost reaches
  • of the Solar System.
  • Here it “addressed” E.A/Neptune & ANU/Uranus. GA.GA eventually settled

into an orbit around the Sun, which sometimes takes it between E.A/Neptune & ANU/Uranus — became known as our Pluto.


NIBIRU now set its site on the olden planet TIAMAT, which was being pulled toward the two giants beyond her and the two smaller planets between her and the Sun.

  • She had a “host” of satellites “furious with rate” that surrounded her.
  • They were “clothed with terror” and “crowned with halos.”
  • The “leader of the host” was a large satellite, almost able to achieve its
  • own destiny around the Sun.
  • The Sumerians say that TIAMAT “cast a spell for him, to sit among

the celestial gods she exalted him.”

  • The Sumerians called him KIN.GU – “Great Emissary”

NIBIURU, with seven satellites/winds, orbiting clockwise & TIAMAT, with eleven satellites/winds,

headed by KIN.GU and orbiting counterclockwise did battle.

  • They two planets did not hit each other directly.
  • The Satellites/winds – “those that are by the side” – of NIBIRU smashed into TIAMAT and collided with her satellites/winds.

NIBIRU proceeded to “scan the inside of TIAMAT” and attacked with his “net” (magnetic field)

  • Wide gaps opened in the crust of TIAMAT
  • NIBIRU thrust one of its main satellites “Evil Wind” into TIAMAT and this tore her belly, cut through her insides, splitting her heart.”
  • This first encounter “extinguished her life” and sealed the fate
  • of the moonlets orbiting her, except for KIN.GU, who caught in the magnetic field of NIBIRU was thrown off of its course to achieve its own destiny.
  • NIBIRU turned KIN.GU into a DUG.GA.E “ a mass of life-less clay,” devoid of atmosphere, waters, radioactive matter, and shrunken in size to orbit around the battered TIAMAT.

NIBIRU has its orbit changed

The Sumerian text then describes that NIBIRU orbited around APSU/Sun

          He crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions,

          and apsu’s quarter he measured;

          The Lord the dimensions of the APSU measured.

Revisiting the Celestial Battle

Caught in a solar orbit, NIBIRU “turned back to TIAMAT whom he had bound.” (Celestial Battle)

The Lord paused to view her lifeless body.

To divide the monster he then artfully planned.

Then, as a mussel, he split her into two parts.

The creation of “the heaven” reached its final stage as the Earth, Moon, & Asteroid Belt formed

These new impacts broke TIAMAT into two halves

  • Upper part: Her “skull,” was struck by NIBIRU’s satellite called the North Wind.
  • This blow carried it, and KIN.GU “to places that have been unknown”
  • A new orbit where there had not been a planet before
  • Earth (KI) and its Moon (KING.GU) were formed from half of TIAMAT

The hammered canopy He stretched out

In the place of Tehom

The Earth suspended in the void;

He penned waters in its denseness,

Without any cloud bursting….

  • Lower part: Her “tail,” was “hammered together” to become a “bracelet” in the heavens.

Locking the pieces together,

As watchmen he stationed them….

He bent TIAMAT’s tail to form the Great Band

As a bracelet


The other half of her

he set up as a screen for the skies;

Locking them together

As watchmen he stationed them…

He bent Tiamat’s tail

To form the great Band as a bracelet.


(Genesis 1:6) And god said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. (7) And God made the firmament, and divided the waters, which were under the firmament from the waters, which were above the firmament: and it was so.

NIBIUR, the “God of heaven” divided the heavens above and below the firmament, which is known as the asteroid belt.

The Raki’a or “Firmament” which literally means, “Hammered-out bracelet, separated the waters

The Elohim called the Firmament, SHAMA’IM “the Heaven”

  • SHAM & MA’IM “where the waters were.”
  • In Genesis, heaven is a celestial location, where Tiamat and her waters had been, where the asteroid belt was hammered out.

The asteroid belt divided the planets into two groups.

Below: Terrestrial or Inner Planets

Above: Gaseous or Outer Planets


(Genesis 1:9) And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (10) And god called the dry land Earth: and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas; and god saw that it was good.

  • Earth was covered by water when it was formed from part of TIAMAT, which was also a water world.


The first Genesis

When in the heights Heaven had not been named

And below earth had not been called,

Naught but primordial Apsu, their Begetter,

Mummu, and Tiamat, she who bore them all

Their waters were mingled together.

No reed had yet been formed,

No marshland had appeared

Genesis (1) And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the DEEP.

(2) The SPIRIT OF GOD moved upon the face of the waters.

The “deep” or “abyss” – Hebrew word Tehom — directly related Tiamat

The “Spirit of God” – the Hebrew “ru’ach” – was substituted for “Wind”

(1) And the Earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of TIAMAT.

(2) The WIND moved upon the face of the waters.

(Tiamat was covered in water and attacked by a wind/satellite)

The Sumerians referred to the satellites of Nibiru as the winds.

  • We could translate the first few lines of Genesis as
  • “A satellite of Nibiru, the Lord, moved upon the face of Tiamat, who was covered in water”


Pluto gets a new name and destiny

NIBIRU then “crossed the heavens and surveyed the regions” as he focused on the “dwelling of E.A/Neptune and ANU/Uranus, giving them their final makeup.

After this NIBIRU gave GA.GA/Pluto its final “destiny” by assigning it to a “hidden place.”

  • GA.GA/Pluto was then given the name US.MI “he who shows the way,” the first planet encountered upon entry into our Solar System.

NIBIRU then made two “adobes” for itself

  • “Firmament” – the name for the asteroid belt in the ancient texts
  • “Great/Distant Adobe” far out “in the deep”

E.SHARRA “Adobe/Home of the Ruler/Prince”

The final Planetary Pairs

Sun & Mercury

Venus & Mars

Jupiter & Saturn

Uranus & Neptune

Earth & Moon (the remains of Tiamat)



The Renaming of Nibiru

Biblical texts are abbreviated from the Mesopotamian texts, which in turn are

abbreviated versions of the Sumerian texts.

National Gods

The Sumerians called Planet X _ NIBIRU

The Babylonians called NIBIRU_ MARDUK

The Assyrians called MARDUK _ ASHUR

The Babylonians attributed Marduk with the title “God of Heaven and Earth.”

This version is the most intact text found so far – Enuma Elish “When in the heights”

Marduk was a “Celestial Deity” who assumed the attributes and credits that were given to NIBIRU in the Sumerian texts.

Marduk was physically worshiped as Ilu “God” or “the Lofty One”

Hebrew equivalent of Ilu is El (singular entity) – the Elohim (plural entity)

The original Genesis

Library of the Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal in Nineveh, texts were found that explain a

tale of creation that matches in some parts, word for word, the story of Genesis.

  • Preceded the bible by at least a thousand years
  • Written in the Old Babylonian dialect
  • George Smith of the British Museum published these tablets in 1876, The Chaldean Genesis

In 1902, L. W. King put show that the elements of the story at up The Seven Tablets of Creation.

  • 1-6 – Creation process
  • 7th – Exaltation of the Lord
  • Psalms 90:4 – “…a thousand years are like yesterday”

God in the winged disc

Planet of the crossing was represented with a halo and a winged disc – gift of flight

Physical god was assigned the position to assume attributes of the god of heaven




Notes by Ryan Gable – from Geneisis Resited 

Written by: Zecharian Sitchen Gable 


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