We thank Dane Wigington for joining us on The Secret Teachings

The Secret Teachings 8/25/13 – Crop Circles & Paranormal Experiences (Click here to DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

The Secret Teachings thanks, Chemtrail and Geoengineering researcher, Dane Wigington. We discussed the issues of Geoengineering the environment, the HAARP facilities, UVB radiation, the unhealthy effects on the human body and what you can do to help reverse these dangerous programs.

Visit Dane’s site here – Dane Wigington

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 9.59.45 PM                     Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.02.30 PM

Sunday, August 25th, is also the Global March to stop Geoengineering and Chemtrails. Click below for more details.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 9.54.04 PM

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