(MP3s) Two weeks of Symbols, Serpents, Mass Shooter Numerology, & Awakened by Stephanie

The Secret Teachings 9/14/13 – Symbols & Serpents                                                          (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

The Secret Teachings 9/21/13 – Shooting Numerology & Awakened by Stephanie                                                    (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

9/14/13 – On this episode of The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable and Mike D. we discussed Serpent symbolism, the biblical Garden of Eden, Lucifer the light bearer, Satan the adversary, Genetic Slavery, Esoteric Planets and Mythology, ReThink 9/11 campaign and international politics.

9/21/13 – On this episode of The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable and Mike D. we discussed a list of expected scenarios to watch for when we hear about a mass shooting or act of terrorism. We talk about how loan gun man from Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald to Adam Lanza, James Holmes, the Columbine shooters, and Aaron Alexis all follow a particular pattern. They are all on pharmaceuticals and the numerology, from their birthdays to the dates of the shootings and number of people killed or injured are very similar and follow a pattern

From the Boston Marathon to threats towards the Federal Reserve, all of these incidents call for a banning of legal guns, and more security.

The Secret Teachings would like to thank Stephanie for joining us on the 9/21/13 program. Ryan Gable, Mike D., & Stephanie discussed auras, the seven chakras – their associated gifts, spiritual cleansing, and angelic guardians.

For listeners of The Secret Teachings, Stephanie will be offering a FREE 15 minute energy scan that will show you what is most holding you back in your life at this time.

You can email Stephanie at Steph@AwakenedbySteaphanie.com

Website: http://www.AwakenedbyStephanie.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AwakenedByStephanie



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