Jim Marrs on The Secret Teachings 1/18/14

The Secret Teachings 1/18/14 – Author: Jim Marrs (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Researcher Jim Marrs joins us on The Secret Teachings on January 18th, 2014, at 12 midnight to discuss his new book Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? 

We will also be discussing with Jim and getting his take on aliens, the Bush family, John F. Kennedy, international bankers, technology, and much more.

Jim Marrs is an award-winning journalist and the author of several books including Crossfire, Rise of the Fourth Reich, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, The Terror Conspiracy, Rule by Secrecy and Alien Agenda. 


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Dark Matter Radio Network inspired by Art Bell



Special thanks to Co-Host Mike D. for setting the interview up

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