The Ghost Buster Gals on The Secret Teachings – Special 3 hour Edition

The Ghost Buster Gals!

The Secret Teachings 2/22/14 – 3 hour edition – The Ghost Buster Gals (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

The Secret Teachings welcomes the Ghost Buster Gals – Laura Lee Mistycah (Witchy Woman) and Ronnie Rennae Foster (Angel Girl) to the show for a three hour episode on Ghosts, Demons, Spirits, Otherworldly(dimensional) Entities, Pet Communications, The Green Castle Ghost, the Incubus and Succubus, discussion on the Gal’s book Got Ghosts???, and much more, including segments from Ryan G. and Mike D. about the increasing Police State, Weaponized Video Games, New DNA tests on the Elongated Peruvian Skulls, Ryan’s new book The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception….and….even more!

Dark Matter Radio Network

 LL2-small GBG-cover

Laura Lee Mistycah (Witchy Woman)

 Laura Lee Mistycah, AKA Witchy Woman has been in the holistic healing field for over 30 years and has taught cutting edge healing labs to help practitioners learn new and innovative skills.  She is a professional Ghost Buster and has been working with Ronnie Foster for over a decade busting ghosts on site and remotely throughout the world.

Laura Lee is also a solitary practitioner in Wicca, as well as other magickal and spiritual practices, but has recently morphed into more of a futuristic sorceress in her efforts to outwit the Dark Lords who have hijacked this planet.  She uses the Aulmauracite/Aurauralite magical mystical Stone of Truth & Justice to protect and assist her and her clients in managing the seen and unseen worlds.  Laura Lee is a support system for First Wave Indigos (FW-Indigos) who walked into Earth Bodies and are here on a service mission to clear the corruption and bring all life forms back into balance.  She teaches Knights Training Courses to help FW-Indigos activate their X-Men abilities and sharpen the skills they already have.

Laura Lee is the author and publisher of three books and several websites

Angel Girl and book GBG-cover

Ronnie Rennae Foster  – (Angel Girl)
Ronnie has her B.A. in Psychology.  Since 1998, she has been the President of the Spokane Chapter of The Twilight Brigade/Compassion In Action, Dannion Brinkley’s volunteer organization that serves the dying.  As a National Trainer, Ronnie teaches volunteers how to provide a loving presence at the bedside of those making their transition.

Receiving her inspiration and insight from the Angelic Realm, Ronnie uses telepathic communication to bring through information to assist people on their spiritual path. She is an editor, teacher, empath, intuitive counselor, medium, ordained minister, and is of course a professional Ghost Buster.
Ronnie now lives in the Pacific Northwest on 7 acres out in the woods, sharing this land with her husband, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse,2 baby goats and 22 chickens. This is “heaven on Earth” for Angel Girl.


Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets Of Human Alchemy (second edition released Jan 1st 2014)

Living In An Indigo House, The Heartaches & Victories Of First Wave Indigos

Got Ghosts??? The Bizarre But True Tales Of The Ghost Buster Gals (Ronnie Foster, Co-Author)

Web Sites:

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