The Secret Teachings 4/26/14 – M. Don Schorn & The Elder Gods theory

The Secret Teachings 4/26/14 – Author: M. Don  Schorn & The Elder Gods Theory      (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Join The Secret Teachings on Saturday April 26th at 12Midnight on Dark Matter Radio when we speak to M. Don Schorn, the author of the Journals of the ANCIENT Ones book series, which introduces the theory of the Elder Gods.

His books include:

  Elder Gods of Antiquity   –   Legacy of the Elder Gods   –   Gardens of the Elder Gods

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M. Don Schorn started his professional career in 1968 with a thermoplastics molding company. As a graduate mechanical engineer,he combined his interests inplastics and cars working for several manufacturers supplying component parts to the automotive industry. Mr. Schorn continued his postgraduate education with a curriculum in Plastics Technology and individual course study in various technical and managerial programs. His extensive manufacturing and design experience led to the development of a number of new processing techniques and numerous patentable innovations. Utilizing his extensive plastics and manufacturing background, Mr. Schorn later joined a Detroit manufacturers’ representative firm as a product development specialist. Working with various OEM automotive divisions, he assisted in finalizing product specifications and part designs, ISO quality criterion and certifications, along with direct marketing and sales efforts. After a successful professional career spanning more than 27 years, he retired early at the beginning of 1995 to pursue a second career in writing. Since then, M. Don Schorn has studied cosmology, paleoanthropology, geology, and archaeology, along with extensive analysis of ancient records and sacred texts. Those studies provided both comprehension and factual data necessary to complete five manuscripts as of this date. Four of those books are non-fiction works, including the trilogy collectively known as the Journals of the Ancient Ones, which introduces the Elder Gods theory that reveals Earth’s primordial development and the emergence of humankind. The author’s other non-fiction work, Reincarnation-Stepping Stones of Life, is an enlightening examination of the reincarnation concept and its implementation as a way-of-life. Mr. Schorn’s first fictional work is his Emerging Dawn novel, which details a near-future global search for ancient artifacts that are connected with the Mayan End-Time prophecy anticipated to occur on December 21, 2012. – See more at:


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