The Secret Teachings 7/5/14 – The Fourth of Ju-Lie / Linguistic Social Control

Join The Secret Teachings as we discuss the Fourth of Ju-Lie and what it truly means to be ‘independent’ and ‘free’ when language, linguistics, and symbols, are used to suppress concepts that could truly ‘free’ humanity from a dark force that is always lurking in the shadows.

The Secret Teachings 7/5/14 – The Fourth of Ju-Lie / Linguistic Social Control                (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

The signers of the Declaration of Independence didn’t actually sign the document until August 2nd, 1776.

The Declaration of Independance from the British Empire was made by congress on July 2nd, 1776.


The original declaration was only adopted on July 4, 1776, by all the colonies except New York, who didn’t vote until July 11th, 1776. Some beleive that John Hancock and Charles Thomson were the only signers on the fourth while others like Thomas McKean said in 1796: “No person signed it on that day nor for many days after.”

The Declaration was read for the first time, to the people, July 8th, 1776.

The copy in the national archives wasn’t written until July 19th, 1776 and is only a copy of thr origional. That of which over 150 were made and 26 exist today.

A declaration of independence only gives the illsuion of freedom.

We celebrate perpetual genocide against an entire people, an establishment of a fake religious dogma and a patriotism that boils the blood of those who don’t understand their true origins and, furthermore, don’t care about true equality of human beings, as they are more focused on their “exceptionalism,” which is based upon a completely biased view of the world.

A patriotism which births the idea that freedom is given to you by war and death, a governing body that was established with the church and yet claims to be separate at the same time, this separation being abolished by the man-made concept that the rights are god given.

Instead of celebrating separatism and nationality, perhaps we should celebrate our incredible soulful, physical, human experience on this plain of existence


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