The Secret Teachings 8/23/14 – Explorer Mike Libecki’s investigation of the ‘Yeti’ & Dyatlov Pass / Dr. Michael Nuccitelli & Dark Psychology‏

The Secret Teachings 8/23/14 – Mike Libecki investigates the ‘Yeti’ & Dyatlov Pass / Dr. Michael Nuccitelli & Dark Psychology (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Jmike-libecki-greenland_71139_600x450oin The Secret Teachings this Saturday August 23rd, 2014, as we welcome explorer, climber, wilderness athlete, author, etc., Mike Libecki to the show to discuss his world travels and his investigations in connection with the Discovery Channel of the Dyatlov Pass incident in the Ural Mountains in 1959 and of the ‘Yeti’ or ‘Menk’.

Mike speaks for the first time since the documentary aired on Discovery of what information was really found about the ‘Yeti’ and how several pieces of evidence were fabricated in order to make a ‘reality tv’ style show in support of the ‘Russian Yeti‘.

We will be12662_libecki-2-1330101147 discussing Mike’s theories of what he thinks happened to the 9 hikers; a photograph (below) that is still yet undetermined as to whether it depicts a hiker, Russian soldier, or Menk (yeti); and what he really thinks about the existence of a creature known as the ‘Yeti’, as well as a little on his background, and the exhibitions he’s been on around the world.



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