The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception



In his monumental first book host of The Secret Teachings radio show, Ryan Gable, ties together the nature of reality with several complex areas of research into a three part, 739 page guide to our experience as humans on Earth that will always leave you wanting more.

The Grand Illusion is unlike most books on the occult, symbols, the paranormal, etc. It is an examination of language and how it has been used to imprison us in a fake reality, not understandingour true purpose.

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“In this book Ryan Daniel has done extraordinary work on behalf of the forces of light. I am astonished by the colossal amount of lore he has gathered from different traditions around the world as well as by his penetrating analysis, much of which is quite cutting edge. I don’t agree with all of it, but nor would I want to, because this is a book which intends to push the boundaries. It reminds me of the great baggy monsters of monsters of books that Victorian scholars used to write – except that much the fascination lies in the way he traces ancient esoteric lore in modern culture, from the grave of Diana, Princes of Wales to the complex symbolism of the opening ceremony of 2012 Olympics.”

– Mark Booth, author of The Secret History of the World, The Secret History of Dante and The Sacred History.

“‪Only a very few people have the guts to present the truth and to let people with unusual success spread their message. I cured my own mother from Hepatitis C, Liver cirrhosis and terminal liver cancer with 6 month to live over 40 years ago; my mom is still alive today 78 years old and healthy. I cured my sister from cervical cancer and over 35 000 cancer patients; my 19 best selling books have proven that my Instinct Based Medicine System is the most effective self help education and coaching system of all times. After having over 4 million live seminar attendees, and having been on over one thousand radio and TV shows, and having one of the most successful radio shows (Dr Coldwell Opinion) myself, I finally meet my dear new friend Ryan Daniel who saves lives daily with his great radio show and the information he delivers. I am so glad to have a fellow health and freedom fighter like Ryan fighting the education war with me. Keep up the great work brother.”

– Dr Leonard Coldwell, author of The Only Answer to Cancer

NMD DNM PHD D.HUM CNHP, Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Syndicated Radio Host (GCN – Dr Coldwell Opinion), Award Winning Best Selling Author

“As the author of the Esoteric Series of books, I thought I was reading my own research when I started to get into The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception by Ryan Gable, and found there was much additional information in this fantastic book! Mr. Gable has connected many dots to arrive at the startling conclusion that the true nature of people has been hidden from us, as well as many of our innate human abilities. This book shows how we can apply new information into our own lives to assist us in becoming a more complete person. Mr. Gable leaves no stone unturned as he weaves a compelling narrative into how it is our perception of the world that has been altered, and gives us a roadmap to change the dead-end course we find ourselves on. This book is a true tour-de-force of esoteric subjects which I find so utterly fascinating.”

— Brad Olsen, author of Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses and Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms

 “In his riveting book, The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception, author Ryan Gable takes us on an eye-opening journey through time, traditions, theories and institutions by examining commonly accepted belief systems and mindfully stepping outside of the proverbial box of spoon-fed assumptions about history and life. Crucial within this incredible compilation of research and commentary is his steadfast and challenging reminder to employ our abilities of critical thinking by not accepting concepts at face value. The Grand Illusion is a must read book that reminds us to open our minds to the myriad of limitless possibilities so that we may come to discover our truths, thus own our freedom.”

-Karen A. Dahlman, author of The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion and The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

“I have been a guest twice on Ryan’s show, “The Secret Teachings” with my ghost buster partner Ronnie Foster, and I have to say the interviews were some of the best we have done to date.  It was refreshing to be able to express some of the more “out there” information, and not be censored or ridiculed.  I have done many interviews and by the time they get done editing some of them, they were exactly the opposite of what I was presenting!

Ryan has a way of getting in step with his guests and riding the wave to the next level.  He is a man that is exceptional in his craft as a show host/journalist, and gets to the point.  I expect to see Ryan rise to the top of his field and expose the unpopular truth in a world that is filled with lies and deceptions.”

Laura Lee Mistyca – The Ghost Buster Gals

“We applaud activists like Ryan Gable who seek to expose the mounting scientific evidence which clearly indicates that the destruction of the third skyscraper on September 11th, World Trade Center Building 7, was not adequately explained by the official theories outlined in the 2008 NIST report. We are dismayed about the problems with, and the implications of, these engineering reports.

“The 2,000 Architects & Engineers that I represent at AE911Truth are verified and vetted and have signed a petition calling for a new, fully funded, truly independent and unimpeachable investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers.

“We document the forensic evidence on our website at and have presented it in 300 live multimedia presentations throughout the US and in 28 countries. Most architects, engineers, and others who take the time to review the evidence in the presentation agree with our conclusions and join us in calling for a new investigation.”

 -Richard Gage, founder A&E 911 Truth

Chip Reichenthal July, 2014
Review: “The Grand Illusion” by Ryan Gable
“Even someone like me who seems gratuitous to many books I review and throws words like ‘masterpiece’ around often enough will insist ‘masterpiece’ may be an understatement when trying to find the words to accurately describe this book and how imperative the advantages to owning or reading “The Grand Illusion” by Ryan Gable truly is. For anyone that has interest in the more esoteric topics of our world should find “The Grand Illusion” to be dictionary, encyclopedia, Bible and thesaurus all in one, for a one-stop-shop of all the wonders of the world, will find over 700 pages and not a single page wasted or cheapened by wordiness. I always had a curiosity in ALL subjects covered here…and you take away from reading this book the feeling that practically everything we know is misinformation, lies, or based on inadequate research. The feeling that if we knew our own strengths, both as individuals and in societal means, we would be stronger and incredibly powerful certainly rings true from ALL the information in this masterful read. For in “The Grand Illusion” Ryan Gable gives us inner teachings that may only come from ‘secret societies’ or ‘hidden history’, covering who we are as a species, how we got here and how our perceptions are much more tangible than we could possibly realize, and perhaps we are held down by collective fears that keep us from even asking the real questions that are answered here. Granted, there have been Documentaries that get close to what’s found here, such as “Zeitgeist” or “Endgame”, and some advanced scientific hypotheses about alternate dimensions or quantum physics speculations…some people’s rants about conspiracy theory or UFOlogy may be included. But this book grants you everything you could think of asking before realizing you could ask it. Gable speculates we are ‘slaves to perception’, and makes an astoundingly apt reasoning throughout this massive missive, where every single page paints a picture, an answer, and new questions to ask that are ALSO answered. Rather than go through all the different topics covered in this wonderfully painted portrait of our true ability, I’ll leave you to seek out this book to see all that’s within its pages, otherwise this review would be considerably larger. To take the whole read in context is best described from a Native American fable spelled out in the book’s intro, where the great Creator says “I want to hide something from the Humans until they are ready for it…to which a wise Grandmother mole suggests the Creator puts it within us…as it’s ‘the one place we’d never look’, to which the Creator instantly agrees. Time to take a distinct look inside ourselves, to look at alternate history and everything from the ancients to progressive theorists today, and see for yourselves if you have ANY idea of what’s really real, from our own species and planet, what we ‘think’ is ‘reality’, and what we’ve come to believe in order to maintain some sort of civility may have been a manipulation from the very beginning until now. For most of my adult life I have looked for answers to many of our greatest mysteries, and while I have tried to make some of the most mystical and magical things as normal as a slice of bread, Ryan Gable has taken that and everything else, and added layers, dimensions and alternate explanations. “The Grand Illusion” from Ryan Gable should be a household staple, and anyone who likes to think and wants to be challenged needs to have this book in their realm. 5 Stars out of 5 easily.”

-Chip Reichenthal, host of ‘Beyond the Norm’, author of ‘Even the Dead won’t tell you the Truth’.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.56.15 PM

Part I attempts to answer the Big Questions of What is the Nature of Reality, Who are we, Where did we come from, and What did we forget?

Part II tackles several Unexplainable Phenomena, Government cover-ups, Extraterrestrials, Black Operation Projects, Health, Secret Societies, History, Media Control, Royal Bloodlines, and more.

In Part III, Ryan goes deep into the world of Sychronicities from the News, 9/11, Mass Shootings, Symbols, Social Engineering, and dozens of other riveting topics.  


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