The Secret Teachings 1/11/15 – Scott Wolter & Brad Olsen (The Waubansee Stone & Re-Writing History)

The Secret Teachings 1/11/15 – Scott Wolter & Brad Olsen (The Waubansee Stone & Re-Writing History) – (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Join The Secret Teachings Saturday January 10th at 10PM EST/7pm PST on Dark Matter Radio (LISTEN HERE) and Sunday January 11th at 9pm EST/6pm PST (LISTEN HERE) as host Ryan Gable welcomes host of ‘America Unearthed‘, and author of ‘The Hooked X‘, Scott Wolter (bio), back to the program to discuss the Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.36.38 PMWaubansee Stone – the Blood Stone – which was covered in a recent episode (watch here) of America Unearthed on H2.

The 3000-pound boulder is hidden inside the Chicago History Museum’s secret storage location. The Waubansee Stone is known as the city’s oldest piece of art featuring the face of a man. Some think it was an homage to a local Native American chief, but others believe the stone may have had a more sinister purpose hundred of years earlier; perhaps used by the Mayans or even the Phoenicians.

10690085_10153023648242922_3330987147526885075_nWe will also be joined by friend of The Secret Teachings and author of ‘Sacred Places North America‘ and the Esoteric Book Series, Brad Olsen, who guested on the America Unearthed – the Blood Stone episode – with his theories on what the stone was used for and by whom. Ryan, Brad and Scott, will also be discussing the bloodline of Christ, the Templars, Cistercians, archeoastronomy, astrotheology, the correct scientific method and the suppression of knowledge for ‘service to self’ reasons.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.47.58 PM

Ryan will also cover current events; the Paris terror attacks; operation 1033 and the militarization of the police in America,  paranormal paranoia, technology and loneliness, and much more with host of Late Night in the Midlands, Michael Vara.

SCOTT WOLTER: While working his “day job” as a world-renowned forensic geologist and the president of the Minnesota-based American Petrographic Services, Scott Wolter began developing a new science called archaeopetrography–a scientific process used to date and understand the origins of mysterious stone artifacts and sites. The first artifact Scott studied using this new science was the Kensington Rune Stone, which he believes is an authentic, pre-Columbian land claim carved here in America by none other than the Knights Templar. The Kensington Rune Stone was the subject of a documentary special called Holy Grail in America that aired on HISTORY in 2009. Now, in America Unearthed on H2, Scott has the chance to use forensic geology and archaeopetrography to explore many other untold stories in American history, changing everything we think we know about our past.

BRAD OLSEN’s passion for writing goes far beyond his book publishing business or the online content he produces. His books have reached a wide audience across the country and have won numerous awards. His work has been reviewed in top publications and he continues to lecture nationwide on various subjects. He has appeared on dozens of television and nationally syndicated radio shows over the course of two decades. Yet for all the fanfare, Brad Olsen likes to spend time with his friends and family, while attempting to be outdoors as much as possible.


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