The Secret Teachings 1/18/15 – Astrologer Chris Flisher & the Age of Aquarius / Royal Sex Crimes

The Secret Teachings 1/18/15 – Chris Flisher & The Age of Aquarius / Royal ‘Sex Slaves’   (Click here to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Join The Secret Teachings Saturday January 17th at 10PM EST/7pm pst on Dark Matter Radio (LISTEN HERE) and Sunday January 18th at 9pm EST (LISTEN HERE) as host Ryan Gable welcomes astrologer Chris Flisher back to the program to discuss a rare astronomical alignment in the heavens occurring in March ofthis year (2015) involving Pluto and Uranus. Also on the show, Mike D. returns to discuss ‘Royal Sex Crimes’ of the Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.33.22 PMpowerful elite. Ryan will also put up a shield at those ignorantly attacking The Secret Teachings.

(Douglas Dietrich was scheduled to air on this program, but through the previous actions of Jimmy Church on September 24th, 2014, on Dark Matter, Douglas has decided to boycott all Dark Matter guest appearances)

Chris’ website: Click HERE

Chris Flisher’s Bio: 

Chris Flisher is a nationally recognized astrologer, and is an accomplished artist, teacher, speaker, writer, and radio host. In an effort to fuse his skills together, Chris also draws on his deep knowledge of astrology to create individual soul maps as well as healing mandalas. Astrology provides direct insight into the characteristics of the person, while the spiritual art of the mandala reflects the tangible experience of the healing soul. Using these time-tested tools Chris is able to guide people towards fulfilling their true purpose. Here are some recentTestimonials from clients.

Chris sees astrology and the mandala as complementary tools, which together bring about greater understanding of the Self and provide guidance and optimism for challenging and changing times. His desire to share this unique approach led him to launch “Turning of the Wheel” in September of 2007, an online radio show discussing art, astrology and spiritual adventure. Chris is a long-standing member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and contributes a weekly astrology column for several news publications and produces weekly astrology videos that are also available each week via YouTube. Chris has been a weekly contributing radio host of Turning Of The Wheel which is celebrating its seventh year of continuous broadcasting. He is always available for private astrology consultations.


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