The Secret Teachings 2/22/15 – Genocide in Canada / Media Censorship

The Secret Teachings 2/22/15 – Genocide in Canada / Media Censorship – (Click HERE to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Join The Secret Teachings this Sunday February 22nd at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST (LISTEN
HERE), K98 Talk and Planet Paranormal, as host Ryan Gable exposes, without malice, the inner workings of alternative/independent/paranormal radio and IMG_1598the removal of The Secret Teachings for refusing to censor the show and remove all topics such as child trafficking and child pedophillia on the Dark Matter radio. Ryan will release dozens of emails between the head of the network and The Secret Teachings asking for the topics to be halted and for the show to be censored, up until our release, which included the recommendation from Art Bell himself. Although Dark Matter did not work out in-the-long-run, we hold no malice towards the network as they still offered us a slot if we would just cut out the child trafficking topic. Ryan will then welcome back Kevin Annett to the program to discuss his defrocking from the United Church in Canada for exposing the abuse and sacrifice of aboriginal children for genocidal and economic purposes, and Kevin’s continued work with common law courts and tribunals working with the International Criminal Courts in bringing convictions and justice to those responsible for the abuse, rape, murder, and sacrifice and destruction of our children around the globe in massive networks that include some of the largest and most well known institutions and people from the political stage to the religious institutions such as the Vatican – all of this and more the weekend of the Roman pagan festival of Feralia associated with child sacrifice. Kevin will also reveal the new co-host of his program, Radio Free Kanata 




One thought on “The Secret Teachings 2/22/15 – Genocide in Canada / Media Censorship

  1. Really looking forward to this show. I hope to have a podcast or radio type show in the near future and am beyond curious about these types of communications and negotiations. This is knowledge one usually only gets through actual experience.

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