The Secret Teachings 5/23/15 PT1 & 5/24/15 PT2 & 5/30/15 PT3 – UFO Cylinders, Extraterrestrials, Hollow Moon, Hollow Earth, and Venus

The Secret Teachings 5/23/15 – UFO Cylinders, Extraterrestrials, Hollow Moon, Hollow Earth, and Venus PT 1 (Click HERE to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

The Secret Teachings 5/24/15 – UFO Cylinders, Extraterrestrials, Hollow Moon, Hollow Earth, and Venus PT 2 (Click HERE to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

The Secret Teachings 5/30/15 – UFO Cylinders, Extraterrestrials, Hollow Moon, Hollow Earth, and Venus PT 3 (Click HERE to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

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Join The Secret Teachings Saturday for a two part series on (May 23rd), Sunday (May 24th), and Saturday (May 30th), at 9pm EST / 6pm PST (LISTEN HERE), on LNM RADIO, K98 Talk and Planet Paranormal, for a NEW episode as Ryan Gable, along with guest host Mike D., breaks down official NASA / Soviet photographs of Rod UFOs on Earth’s Moon, Mars and Mars’ Moons, the Sun, and Saturn. We will be discussing the concept of ‘UFOs’, ‘Aliens’, and ‘Extraterrestrials’, their true meanings and not what we assume because of conditioning through popular culture. We will also examine Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.58.46 PMwhether the desensitization of the populace to believe in ‘Aliens’ is about preparing them for a ‘false-flag-alien’ invasion or to prepare them for ‘true’ eventual contact. Ryan’s theory of the ‘sailing stones’ will also be revisited and Mike D. will bring about new info on the planet Venus.

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Ryan will also discuss the concepts and facts behind a Hollow Moon and present the theory that the Earth is also hollow based on similar auditory evidence on Earth that has been gathered when the Moon gets close to the Earth and a loud creaking sound is heard. This noise that is heard all-over Earth is like that of a ship creaking; and perhaps if intelligences much greater than our own have the know-how to build ships (UFO Rods) the size of planets, they also have the technological and engineering know-how to construct artificial planets such as the Moon and Earth. Ryan will also discuss with Mike D. and Ira Robinson (PT3) anomalies about the Sun and Moon; and Moon rocks including evidence that the Moon is much older than the Solar System. In part three Ryan will dive into UFOs and ‘Project BlueBeam’. Throughout the show Ryan, with guest host Mike D., will refer to a PDF file he constructed with official photographs and links to information online that is the subject of these episodes of The Secret Teachings.

Download the file HERE for FREE – Never A Straight Answer


2 thoughts on “The Secret Teachings 5/23/15 PT1 & 5/24/15 PT2 & 5/30/15 PT3 – UFO Cylinders, Extraterrestrials, Hollow Moon, Hollow Earth, and Venus

  1. Hello Ryan, I have just finished listening to both your podcasts of the hollow moon and the presence of objects in our own solar system. I considered what you had to say extremely valid and so wish you could have talked much much more on the subjects you brought up, the amount of data in the “legitamized” and “sanctioned” arena is out there if we spend the large amount of time needed to search for it. For example, ESA (the European Space Agency) web site has a great deal of photographs showing clear blue skies and vegetation on Mars, which I found after about an hour on their archives. I even found undoctored versions of photographs that NASA show only the doctored versions of on their archives. The subject that you presented us probably has more real evidence than any other because of the source of that data. Astronomers traditionally do not talk about ufo’s and such but they do share data and that data is there for all to see. I could have listened to ten consecutive shows one after he other, to me it seems that the topic of the moon, objects near the sun, mercury and the outer solar system are avoided by other commentators in any real detail and is a sad state of the ‘Alernative’ talk radio circuit. When have you ever heard Venus discussed by the alternative media, or for that matter, NASA or the astranomical media? I was taught to see things by looking at what people do not say as well as what they do say. I find the lack of talk on the subject of Venus conspicuous by its absence.
    I am sorry to say that I do have a little gripe concerning the two show, was Mike D unwell or distracted at the time because I felt quite disappointed over his lack of input or enthusiasm for the subject. I assumed he was just having a bad day. I am now looking forward to Ira’s input in the third show if it goes ahead, his comments, like yours, are always well thought out, relevent and elequently put.
    All the best to you Ryan and all you listeners, as through your show and the information you arm us with, we can continue to inform and educate the people around us the truth of the deception that surrounds and manipulates us all. Thank you Ryan.

  2. hope you settled in OK… I pretty much have LNM streaming and haven’t been “here” to stream directly. Good luck with all.

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