The Secret Teachings 8/30/15 – Brad Olsen & Morgellons Disease

The Secret Teachings 8/30/15 – Brad Olsen & Morgellons Disease                               (Click HERE to LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

Join The Secret Teachings Sunday (30th) at 9pm EST / 6pm PST (LISTEN HERE), on LNM RADIO, K98 Talk and Planet Paranormal, for a NEW episode as Ryan Gable welcomes

10690085_10153023648242922_3330987147526885075_nback author Brad Olsen to discuss his possible breakthrough on a cure for Morgellons disease. Known as an ‘unexplained’ skin conditions that includes sores and a crawling sensation on and under the skin, Morgellons has been labeled as a delusional parasiosis – a mental illness where one believes they are being attacked by parasites. Brad breaks down the Morgellons connection to chemtrails and how to rid yourself of the disease using magnets due to the fact that these ‘parasites’ are a very advanced form of nano technology.


In the final hour of the show, Ryan will go into current events including Buckingham Palace abuse of young teens, NASA & Subway child porn, Planned Parenthood on the downfall and Falun Gong or Falun Dafa organ harvesting in China.



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