Junipero Serra & the Church’s Long Standing Policy of Genocide (UPDATED)

By: Ryan Gable – Host of The Secret Teachings – September 13th, 2015

Juniperro-serraOn September 23rd, 2015, Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) will canonize the Franciscan Friar Junipero Serra (PHOTO) during his trip to the United States. During his trip he will also be addressing the UN General Assembly and the US Congress. Some of the topics are to include the supposed issue of ‘Climate Change’, which has consistently been used to usher in new draconian laws and taxes under the guise of the ‘green movement’ and Sustainable Development (Agenda 21). One of these taxes is a carbon tax, a tax for breathing, paid to a world authority with world currency, bank, and religion (Catholicism actually means Universal). The Vatican has already called for this de facto World Government and World Currency. One of the only carbon exchange groups, closed in 2010, was the Chicago Climate Exchange ran by Al Gore and billionaire Maurice Strong, the man behind the biodiversity (meaning no diversity except that owned and patented by the wealthy few) treaty signed at the 1992 Earth Summit.


Strong was the director of the Chicago Climate Exchange, the largest shareholder of which is Goldman Sachs, a major funder of President Barack Obama. The CCE or CCX, the only greenhouse-gas emission registry reduction-system, was established with money from the Joyce Foundation where Obama was once a director. Al Gore’s wife is also a cousin of Michael Taylor, the notorious ‘revolving-door-man’ between the FDA and biotech giant Monsanto. His wife Christine Lewis Taylor was an employee of the FDA, too, where she was prominent in pushing Codex Alimentarius, a plan to label all herbs and natural supplements as drugs to force FDA (read Big Pharma) ‘regulation’. This is just another foundational pillar of the overall totalitarian nature of ‘Sustainable Development’ (aka Agenda 21).

Agenda 21 has been a long term plan to take away individual rights and freedoms from all nations; impose strict regulatory laws on forms of energy usage, transportation, and the purchasing of items of necessity (rations). It would condense human activity to megaregions designated across the globe in super cramped, super high-rise living facilities under 24-hour surveillance.  But of course the plan doesn’t exist, but it actually does exist, just under the guise that it is the average person’s fault for the changes in the climate, much of which is part of natural cycles and have to do more with Solar activity than with humans breathing too much. Even then, ‘climate data’ has shown to be manipulated to promote the official line that humans are solely responsible, therefore taking away independence and dehumanizing people from having any real power.

Meanwhile the mega wealthy can do whatever they please while placing ‘false’ blame on billions of people. The elites see us as inferior and see themselves as superior. It’s important to flag this for your memory bank because the current rate our species is moving, eventually humans will be replaced with machines on and off the battlefield. When the elites have accomplished using humanity to wipe humanity from earth, they will be able to use the automated technology and the few humans left as their servants.

Th data for this ‘climate change’ has been admittedly altered to fit into official stories in the same way intelligence about the Islamic State has been manipulated to show weakness, when if anything the ISIS militants, funded and armed by the West, have gained power in their regions of influence. This is identical to the famous WMD argument by the Bush administration prior to the invasion of Iraq where, along with Afghanistan, officiallyy over a million children and innocent civilians have died as a direct result. Indirect results of sanctions and para-military operations have left millions more slaughtered and left with nothing in the face of US imperialism backed by Israeli and British forces.

In 2003, after the United States invaded Iraq, Baghdad’s National Library was burnt, destroying manuscripts that were centuries old. Despite warnings from American archeologists, the Pentagon claims that they were unprepared to deal with the wide spread looting of historical artifacts. It is highly probable that private collectors in the U.S. were allowed to collect Iraqi treasures to be sold on underground markets. The loss of these artifacts and historical documents not only bring in untold amounts of money, but also contribute to the loss of culture and the destruction of an entire region of the world. This is part of the widespread systematic destruction of a people in order to replace their culture and history with that of the occupying forces.

The word Genocide was coined and defined by Raphael Lemkin who defined it as any intentional displacement, murder, sterilization, etc., of a group of people. Today ‘genocide’ has been promoted by Western Nations to be related to some third world country with a military dictatorship or warlord where civilians are murdered. But ‘genocide’ is the ‘killing’ of a people’s culture or the separation of them from their native land or their languages and not just physical death.


“…the deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.”


“…destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.”

During the canonization of Junipero in September, Native Americans will reportedly be protesting the acts with claims that Serra committed genocide against the native people in Spanish California where he established the first ‘missions’.

His personal mission was to convert and baptize as many natives as possible and any whom refused conversion to the Catholic faith were forced to convert by being whipped or beat as what the Church calls “educational tools.”

From 1769 – 1835, missionaries working within the missions established by Serra baptized nearly 90,000 Natives along the coast of California. Any Natives trying to escape after being baptized and placed into their own mission to further spread the ‘loving word of god’ through violence, were hunted down by soldiers, likely punished for their abandonment of god, and dragged back to their missions.

As for the original definition of genocide coined by Raphael Lemkin, it included the suppression of a culture and the banning of native languages where natives famously had the ‘Indian beaten out of them’. By definition, without using the word Genocide, an article from the titled ‘Vatican Denied Junipero Serra Genocide Claims: He was ‘A man of his time’, states:

“Mission officials like Serra banned traditional ways and customs, including language, foods, dress, marriage ceremonies, and, of course, religion.”

The church then denies that Serra committed genocide against the Native Americas on the West Coast even though his missions banned their language and destroyed their cultures, which identifies directly with the definition of Genocide.

imagesThe word Holocaust, “…destruction or slaughter on a mass scale,” even by today’s definition perfectly identifies the actions of Serra and his missions due to the fact thousands of natives died at multiple missions establish by Serra. The oldest surviving mission is ‘Mission Dolores’ (Mission San Francisco de Asis – PHOTO) founded by Junipero Serra in 1776. At Dolores alone almost 6,000 (5,700) Natives died and there is a trench where 363 people are now buried under the parking lot and offices of the Church.

This is a known gravesite where mass murder was committed by Church officials and it is literally covered up by the Church.

In response to Natives and other protestors targeting the actions of Pope Francis in September, the Vatican responded to historical facts about Serra by stating he was “a man of his time” and that if he is to be judged by the public it should be based on the standards of his age. Well to the general public, when has genocide and mass slaughter ever been acceptable standard? Even though the Vatican denies genocide/holocaust was committed, they simply address Serra in the same way soldiers at Nuremberg pleaded innocence, in that they where just “following orders.”

This does not excuse the crimes committed, be them in the name of god or self preservation. In the same breath as the Vatican claims Serra was a “man of his time,” literally admitting that he committed Genocide while still denying it for public perception by not using the term, they refused to officially acknowledge protestor complaints relating to; restrictors on native customs; unsafe living conditions (leading to disease and death); and imprisonment of the Natives who reused to convert.

The reports how, “defenders of Serra’s legacy also claim he prevented harsher treatment from Spanish military personnel and made enormous sacrifices to do missionary work in California.” Although this statement is in relation to ‘defenders’ of Serra, and written for a news site, I see the comments that Serra “made enormous sacrifices to do missionary work” are ideal representations of a double entendre as thousands of Natives were literally and symbolically sacrificed in the name of god.

It reminds me of how the King of Spain acquired restitution in 1493 from Pope Alexander VI to dissolve those slaughtering natives in the Americas. The document entitled the Requirement was read before native inhabitants prior to their extermination, informing them that their lands were being ‘donated’ to Spain in the name of God.

Despite the Church’s statement that Serra was “a man of his time,” Serra’s contributions to spreading his ‘faith’ are being held up under his canonization (being made a Saint) by the Church. Even if ‘spreading the faith’ or ‘doing the work of god’ means slaughtering thousands in his name. I wonder why if the church acknowledges his actions as genocidal without using the word, why the Pope would then make this man a Saint in 2015 if these same policies of genocide against those refusing to convert to the faith were not still held today? It’s similar to how Francis related current abuses of children by the clergy as being similar to a Black Mass. It’s an open form of admission of the crimes that go on within the Church!

Consider that Serra made his ‘contributions’ to his “time” in the 1700s and over 200 years later, acts of genocide were still being committed against Natives from Manifest Destiny to World War II. In fact, Natives to certain regions are not only being targeted, but most the whole of the entire human race is being targeted for extermination (see my book The Persistent Illusion – release date: late 2015 / early 2016).

In 1933, the same year the Sterilization Act was passed in Nazi Germany, the ‘Sexual Sterilization Act’ was passed in British Columbia. It gave the B.C. Eugenics Board the power to forcibly sterilize people who were living in government-run institutions, specifically natives, even without their knowledge or consent. Even prior to 1933, a ‘Sexual Sterilization Act’ was enacted in the province of Alberta to sterilize those considered ‘mentally ill’, ‘disabled’, or ‘retarded’, including those considered ‘social defects’. Both ‘acts’ were legally operating until the 1970 and 1979, when the ‘Sterilization Act’ was repealed in British Columbia.

CBC News in Canada reported in 1999 that the government of Albert had apologized for the sterilization of officially “2,800” people, although the numbers were much higher. One man, Ken Nelson, was kept at the “provincial training school for ‘mental defectives,” even though he was determined to have an average intelligence. Any every case of such grotesque government and religious dealings, money is pumped into the hands of the victims as if it is suppose to heal the damage created to hundreds of thousands of families and children.

In Canada, through Residential Schools run by the Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada, thousands of Native Children were murdered or left to die of diseases inflicted on them and then buried in mass graves. Residential school staff would routinely lock healthy Native children in rooms with those infected with tuberculosis or small pox in order to infect them, which is what was done to Natives at both Serra’s Mission Dolores and others along the west coast. In these Residential schools, Native children were also beaten for speaking their own language.

Recently a government/church run campaign admitted to Genocide in Canada being conducted. It is referred to as the TRC, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was to be the official report on the slaughter of thousands of Native children in the ‘Indian Residential School’ system. But as the Church admits their deception, they then target those who have exposed their lies as being liars themselves by claiming their claims are unjust. The directors of the TRC were nominated by the Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada, the same institutions that carried out the crimes to begin with! Under international law this alone voids the official TRC findings because a body under investigation cannot investigate themselves. It must be done through an independent body.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 3.26.27 PMThe most outrages aspect of the entire TRC report might be how they admitted to ‘cultural genocide’ and then claimed that the genocide was not genocide, but ‘negligence’. Their evidence for this came from an official admittance of only ‘four of five thousand’ children who died. So they admit to the deaths and then label them as ‘negligence’ because they say this low a figure over several years means that only fifty children died in the entire school system each year, equating to around one death for every school. However, documents discovered by Kevin Annett prove that even in 1889 when the schools first opened, the death rate spanned 40-60% and this number consistently stayed the same over several years, proving that the ‘negligence’ was intentional in the sense that the ‘genocidal’ cleansing was intentional as part of an agenda.

The Former Medical Inspector for the Department of Indian Affairs in Ottawa, Dr. Bryce, discovered in 1907 a death rate of nearly 50% in Canadian Residential Schools run by the United Church and thaws documents were unveiled during research by Kevin Annett and are produced in the photo section of this book along with a copy of the Application for Admission and the letter from the Attorney General of British Columbia.

The reason the Church doesn’t directly admit to the crimes of the past, is because not only can they then be labeled as criminal bodies, which they have, and be resolved, but they would then implicate all current members including the Pope in perhaps the largest criminal conspiracy/cover-up in human history. The point being is that when people deny the Church of any wrong doing they do so based on their altered perception and the improper use of language.

10524341_767613836594185_5923809357034760306_nSo Serra was “a man of his time,” meaning he committed genocide, but the Pope will still make him a Saint because this murder of the innocent is still policy today, just as the duty of all priests to cover for child raping clergy men under the general instruction of the Secret of the Holy Office, which today is known as the highest Pontifical Secrecy. This further implicates the Church in a conspiracy to commit further crimes. This is Crimen Sollicitationis, which established a set of rules to essentially obligate priests to cover-up child abuse by other priests within the Church. Priests who do not can be excommunicated by the Church even if they did not directly participate in a crime, by which allowing those responsible to be harbored and kept from prosecution.

A statue of Junipero Serra also stands in Congress’ National Statuary Hall and protestors want it removed for obvious reasons. Again, word games are played in favor of leaving the statue. Guzmán Carriquiry, Bergoglio’s friend and a member of the pontifical commission for Latin America, says removal of the statue is misguided. He reportedly claims:

“They want to remove him from the Capitol precisely when the first Hispanic Pope is planning to canonize him. Let’s say that it would not be an extraordinary welcome from a country that claims to be an example of multicultural welcomes.”

What proponents fail to realize is the issue is not a matter of “multicultural welcomes” in relation to the Church, this is public relations stunt. What multicultural issues matter is that Natives and other ethnic groups have consistently been slaughtered throughout history in the name of god. Many have been ritually sacrificed as this is the greatest insult in the face of the miracle of child birth, which is why most sacrifices are performed in underground crypts, churches, hospitals, etc., because they represent the womb of Mother Earth. By sacrificing a child in the womb, the sacrifice is a symbolic and literally abortion and rejection of the life giving capabilities of woman, as the Church is dominated by male energy, the energy of destruction as it is missing the female energy required for balance.

Recently in the news there have been several reports and videos of Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the selling of aborted baby parts aborted from women at their clinics. Planned Parenthood is another eugenics branch going back to the 1933 Steriliztation Acts. The organization was created by Margaret Sanger, a woman who called colored people “weeds” who needed to be “exterminated.” As more facts were released destroying Planned Parenthood’s reputation, formerly the Birth Control Society, Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) announced prior to his trip to the U.S. that he will authorize all priests to forgive the “sin of abortion” in December during the “Year of Mercy.” Francis says this is a display of the “church’s mercy.” The Year of Mercy, Apparently they operate under this policy year round.

Pope Francis further said that, “The forgiveness of God cannot be denied to one who has repented,” prompting me to relate to the criminal Church and Bergoglio that they should immediately – “Repent and pray for absolution!”

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