The Secret Teachings (Saturday) How to read Labels PT 2 / Guns & Genocide – (Sunday) 5-Year Show Anniversary & Magician Bryan Ashen

The Secret Teachings 10/11/15 – 5-Year Anniversary / Bryan Ashen                (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

The Secret Teachings 10/1015 – How to Read Labels PT 2 / Guns & Genocide (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

SATURDAY: 10/10/15 (6pm – 9pm EST / 3pm – 6pm PST)

 TOPIC: How to read Lables PT 2 / Guns & Genocide

In the first half of the program, Ryan will discuss the genocidal nature of governments that take away citizens ‘rights’ to defend themselves. He will also be discussing the Oregon shooting and the American attack on a Dr.’s without Boarders hospital by the Obama administration who then calls on Americans to turn in guns. Numerology and Big-Pharma pills will be shown to be major untouched issues in these shootings. When we are told more will die if we do not ban guns, it is not a warning it is a threat.

In the second half of the program, Ryan will help you decipher tricky labels on products at the supermarket, from Organic David_Dees_shopping_for_GM,_MSG,_aspartame_foodsand Non GMO and from Vegan to Fat Free, and will show you how and why this matters in the continuing fight for human liberty. Ryan will also explore food colorings and other ingredients that are added to food. Many ingredients are not meant to be consumed, such as plastics or lighter fluid, and several cause neurological disorders like Aspartame or MSG.

SUNDAY: 10/1/15 (9pm – 12am EST / 6pm – 9pm PST)

TOPIC: 5-Year Anniversary / Bryan Ashen

Ryan and cohost Mike D. will be talking with Dj Wired and reviewing five years of radio indexsince before the show was ever called ‘The Secret Teachings’ and was known as The D Show with its host Dimitri Crane. Ryan will play old sound clips of what the show use to sound like and the discussion will include funny stories throughout the history of the show being booted and banned from radio stations across FL and the US, from the beginning.

In the second half of the  program, Ryan and Mike will be speaking with Occultist / Magician, and author of ‘Gateways through Stone and Circle‘, (Bryan) Ashen Chassan, about magic, summoning, and all other forms of the occult.

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Show Airtimes:

Saturday 3pm PST / 6pm EST

Sunday 9pm EST / 6pm PST


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