The Secret Teachings NEW – Sunday 10/25/15 (Black Magicians / Kay Simon & Aura Reading) – Saturday 10/24/15 (Blast from the past 8/23/15 – Jim Marrs)

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SATURDAY: 10/24/15 (6pm – 9pm EST / 3pm – 6pm PST)

TOPIC: Blast from the Past – 8/23/15 – Jim Marrs & Population Control 

In this episode from August 23rd, 2015, Ryan Gable discusses Jim PR Foto0001
Agenda 21 and the globalization of the world economic/social system. Ryan also welcomes author and researcher Jim Marrs to the program to discuss his book ‘Population Control’.

SUNDAY: 10/24/15 (9pm – 12am EST / 6pm – 9pm PST)

The Secret Teachings 10/24/15 – Black Magicians / Simon Kay & Auras                  (LISTEN or DOWNLOAD)

TOPIC: Black Magicians / Kay Simon & Aura Reading

tumblr_m9t1pjcj1F1r9zsdzo1_1280Join us for a NEW episode as Ryan Gable, and cohost
Mike D.,discuss the ‘secret teachings’ of natural
symbolism in insects, birds, and animals. Ryan and Mike will dive into the world of the occult to explain the nature of the serpent in relation to good and evil, and how modern scholars have been duped by the idea that Jehovah/Yaweah is somehow the  ‘good’ guy. In fact, he is the false prophet and deceiver – the trickster; the Serpent set mankind free from the bondage of God. WeScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.12.24 PM will expand on these topics in the following weeks as we address necromancy, summoning, conjuring, black magic and much more – referencing The Secret Teaching of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall. Ryan and Mike D. will also be welcoming Simon Kay, who specializes in photography of people’s Auras. 

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Show Airtimes:

Saturday 3pm PST / 6pm EST

Sunday 9pm EST / 6pm PST


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