FACTS: Jewish Domination & Holocaust Denial(?)

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In mainline history there seems to be a complete and purposeful ignoring of vital criteria that otherwise might change even the modern world’s view on pre and post-war Germany. Due to its location, Germany/Prussia has been open to massive immigrant waves from the East before, during and after the First World War. Many of these migrants were of Jewish origin, but one fact that seems to have slipped by our academia today is of their refusal to assimilate to the native culture. This refusal to assimilate in any culture might as well be called invasion and this lead to the strong opposition to Jews in the German State.

In 1871, Wilhelm I of Prussia, a territory of the German empire, was made German Emperor. Prior to Germany’s unification in 1871, the empire had been split into multiple states with a main capital in Berlin. It is true that the small number of Jews in this region, compared with what happens later, were treated foul and denied legal rights, plus the ability to participate in different forms of society. An edict changed this on March 11, 1812, giving Jews full citizenship and rights in Prussia. Later, the King of Prussia on July 3, 1869, extended the legal rights of Jews. In less than a perfect description, the Jews were now seen as slightly more welcome and accepted, but as we shall see paid back Germany with utter greed and vice.

Jewish immigrants into the German empire after the first World War saw themselves as a completely foreign body in their newly adopted State and in large numbers refused to assimilate to the dominant culture – again redefining migration to invasion. These Jewish people not only refused to assimilate, but down right took control through business and economics of much of the country. According to a pre-war Census and a post-war Census, Jews preferably migrated to larger cities and the capital Berlin, which by 1939, even under Nazi authority, was 60% Jewish owned, although Jews at the time made up roughly 3.8% of the entire population. These censuses showed how 7/10 Jews preferred large cities as opposed to 3/10 whom moved to small towns or the country. Parallel to this, 7/10 Germans lived in small towns or the country while only 3/10 lived in large cities.

Jews would come to dominate nearly all facets of German life and culture with exception to manual and agriculture. According to a June 16, 1925 (post-war) Vocational Census the following numbers are given for the German State – keep in mind Jews made up only a few percent of the entire population:

Economics (Hotels, Restaurants, Shops etc.):

58.8% Jews / 17.11% General Populace

Law Offices & Practices, Public Domain, Religious Service, etc:

5.94% Jews / 4.85% General Populace

Mining, Building, Trade:

25.85% Jews / 40.95% General Populace

Cinema, Radio, Education:

2.6% Jews / 0.4% General Populace

Doctors: 47.9% Jews

Dentists: 37.5% Jews

Chemists: 32.3% Jews

Lawyers: 50.2% Jews

Production Managers for Theatre: 14.2% Jews

Editors: 8.5% Jews

Actors: 12.3% Jews

Directorate or Committees in the Stock Exchange:

80% Jews

“In the year 1928, fifteen Jews held 718 posts on directorates, so that each of them had 50 on average, while these same fifteen persons only held 211 such posts in 1913. The holder of the largest number of such directorial appointments was naturally a Jew, namely the banker Jacob Goldschmidt who occupied 108 posts,” according to the pamphlet Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany.

By 1931, the statistical number of un-assimilating Jews was grossly overwhelming compared with the rest of the population. For example, the next census in 1931 showed over 234 Theatre Managers 118 were Jews or rather 50.4%. The numbers in Berlin were higher in most cases including that of a 54% hold on positions of law by Jews. Jews also headed German Colleges, again dominating mostly in Berlin. Jewish teachers accounted for 50% in the medical faculty and roughly 25% of philosophy. In Berlin hospitals, medical directors were comprised of 45% Jews while 44% of principal doctors were Jewish. What we find historically is the systematic seizure of important posts within a society and culture. This seizure was headed by an alien group of migrants, mostly, whom refused to even acquire citizenship in the country they were reaping massive profits from and this later lead to major cases of fraud and absolute domination of principal offices such as the supreme representative body of lawyers, the Reichsrechtsanwaltskammer, which included three posts: a chairman, business manager and secretary, all of which were Jewish. In Berlin, the Anwaltskammer, the supreme representative body of lawyers was composed of 66% Jews. Of the Berlin medical body of Health, 40% of the 20 officials were Jewish.

Some prominent Jews such as Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld and his ‘Institute for Sexual Science’ degraded German culture, family, and marriage, with literature and pornography ranging from homosexuality and eroticism to hardcore pornography for the time. Sexual science was turned into a business. As written in the pamphlet ‘Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany’, “The internal Jewish press, that was often very frank in indicating the final aims of the Jewish endeavors to secure power, was nothing compared to the gigantic political, economic and cultural press, by means of which Jewry wished to dominate the spirit of the German people.”

It was his domination of the German people, many of which set idle, why their culture was turned degenerate and their society dominated by an invading force. Regardless of arguably harsh penalties for ‘innocent-Jews’, armed with the previous information, and much more to come, is it any wonder the Germans enacted a stance of staunch defense in the face of this alien entity? While German soldiers died on the front lines of battle during the First World War, Jewish profiteers made massive profits off of the fighting while running companies preparing products for warfare. For example, twelve of fourteen members of the supervisory board of the War Metal Company were Jewish.

The Jews Hugo Haase, an independent socialist; Karl Liebknecht, a lawyer; and Rosa Luxemburg, combined efforts to create the Spartakus League, which was secretly married to the Soviet Party of Russia. In many instances Liebknecht and other members incited the German workers to violent revolutions. The Under Secretary of State in the German Ministry of Justice, the highest Judicial official was a Jew named Dr. Oskar Cohn, who was also a legal advisor to the Russian embassy in Berlin! This communist influence spread rapidly with Bolshevik-Jewish influence that had been financed in part by wealthy Jewish bankers in the U.S. to incite the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.

In the Neukölln district of Berlin a ‘Karl-Marx School’ was founded in part by Jewish Dr. Fritz Karsen and directed by Jewish School Assessor Kurt Löwenstein. Kurt established six children camps known as ‘Republics’ where children were completely removed from their family and placed under the control of the communist “collective” for indoctrination purposes.

Even after the National Socialists (Nazis) took power with Adolf Hitler, the Jews continued to gain strength in Germany, wrecking the economy for selfish gains and even declaring war on Germany in 1933! In a March 23, 1933, edition of the Daily Express, less than two months after Hitler takes office, the following is written:

“The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare ware against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.”


This boycott included that of German goods and lasted from 1933 until the entry of the US into WWII. In response to the initial Jewish boycott the Germans held a single day of boycott for Jewish goods on April 1, 1933, yet images from this day have been used to declare Germany guilty of anti-Semitism once more. But in light of this harsh historical reality, the Germans did not immediately act to throw all Jews in concentration camps as is implied in mainline schooling. The first camp, a brainchild of Hitler’s right-hand man Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (SS), was established in Dachau to round up political prisoners – not Jews! 1842Although some political prisoners used for slave labor were likely to be Jewish, the camps were established for political prisoners, special laborers, prisoners of war (Auschwitz was a POW camp for Polish soldiers), and later some camps were used to facilitate the deportation of Jews to the Far East. An interesting note is that some settlement camps such as Thereisenstadt strangely issued banknotes to prisoners so they may buy extra rations from shops. Let us also not forget the Russian concentration camps, which largely were run by Jews.

With all that was transpiring thanks to this alien class of society, the Germans put up with more than most people would, and in 1933 as the Jews declared war on Germany, the Germans responded with National Socialism. Nuremberg laws were enacted in Germany restricting Jews from economics, Culture and other areas. These laws were seen as anti-Semitic, but were actually formulated with assistance from the German Council of Jews. Still, by 1939, prior to September 1st, the 700,000 Jews in Germany were worth $8 billion Marks as opposed to $200 billion Marks that represented the wealth of nearly 80,000,000 Germans! As mentioned, Jews also owned nearly 60% of Berlin. Remember to keep in mind that although population numbers changed, the Jews still only represented less than 4% of the entire population. They had exploited the German people and the Germans had enough.

KrystallNachtTo support the mainline historical status quo, I recall being taught of the Kristallnacht, or Crystal Night (Night of Broken Glass), where Jewish shops in Germany were vandalized in the fashion of a hate crime on November 9-10, 1938. However, few know the event was simply retaliation for the assassination of Ernst Vom Rath, a German diplomat, murdered by Polish Jew Herschel Grynszpan. The outrage was even stopped by order of Reich Minster of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

Amongst the tension and various sides of history, these types of actions were only part of Germany’s response to primarily alien control of their country.


For those unfamiliar with history, only six concentration camps were eventually set up as ‘extermination camps’ and they include: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibór, Belzec, Madjanek (Lublin), and Chelmno. All of the camps besides Chelmno are in Poland and few realize that the story of gas chambers is strongly lacking pertinent evidence. I do not mean to claim there were no gassings, in fact, there are ‘gas chambers’, but these were mostly constructions by the Soviets after the war. Many of these “Gas Chambers” have been confused with “Gas Ovens,” which were crematoriums that used gas as fuel to burn bodies of the dead. Many camps that had crematoriums did not have specified ‘gas chambers’.

Having only 6 available camps would further reduce the reality that 6 million Jews were targeted and killed during WWII from just 1942-1944, a fact that is not a fact, except in the reality that it has been retracted.

In 2006, the Auschwitz camp museum even admitted that the gas chambers there were built by Polish Communists in 1948. In fact, if you look at a photo of the Auschwitz I ‘gas chamber’ in 1945 after the German defeat and then the one shown to tourists, you can clearly see a difference… a completely new chimney! So what about Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, known as Auschwitz 2, which was originally set up as a Russian POW camp? It is claimed that this camp was built strictly for killing. However, the original German architectural building plans that are on display at the camp museum show no plan for gas chambers!

If you look at a photo of the Auschwitz I ‘gas chamber’ in 1945 after the German defeat and then the one shown to tourists today, you can clearly see a difference… a completely new chimney!

There were mass shower facilities throughout many of the camps as overseers attempted to keep the spreading of disease down, which would limit the supply of able workers for projects being constructed by the Reich, some of which rival architectural structures of today.

One of the common conditions of inmates was Typhus, which was spread by lice, typically found in clothing. One of the gases used in delousing installations was the famous Zyklon-B. Of the photos shown of concentration camp victims as skin-and-bones, it is likely they suffered from Typhus and were not starved to death among fighting the elements. If they were expendable they would have been killed immediately and not left around to take up resources. Some photos taken by the Soviets at Auschwitz-Birkenau during the camps liberation in 1945 show well taken care of inmates and dozens of women and children!

Photographs take by the Soviets in 1945 when they freed the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Notice the women and children alive, and the warmly dressed, fed prisoners. This is not universally the case, but another interesting note.

The same types of healthy inmates can be seen in photos from Dachau when the camp was liberated.

Photographs take by the Americans upon the liberation of Dachau. Notice the sate of the prisoners and how they are not malnourished. These photos are of course contrary to the photos of inmates with Typhus, who were basically skin and bones.

Captain Rudolf Höss initially transformed Auschwitz 1 into a prison camp, which was used as a labor hub for IG Farben. The camp was equipped with a crematorium to hygienically dispose of the dead. It was constructed in from an old munitions bunker, which was used for ‘experimental gassings’ from 1941 until 1943 when the gassings were supposedly moved to a secondary camp called Birkenau.

As mentioned above, the original German architectural plans for Auschwitz 1 show no “gas chambers,” but do list Leichenkellers, or mortuaries. These Leichenkellers were underground and comprised of a single door and an elevator to the surface where the ovens were. This elevator supposedly connected the ovens to the “gas chambers” – really the mortuaries – on the surface, but there is a bit of a logical problem with this. For thousands of people to be gassed at a time, barring all of the additional time-constraints and hassle of dragging thousands of dead bodies through a single door, the elevator only carried two at a time!

The Birkenau camp, known as Auschwitz 2, was later then claimed to be the location of ‘mass gassings’. It, too, was constructed was original built to house Russian POWS that would work as a labor force in the Auschwitz-Monowitz complex where the IG Farben factory was located.

Understandably the story gets confusing having seen only surgical bits of information presented as post-war Soviet propaganda and Allied stories, along with testimonies of Germans who were pushed into admitting ‘extermination program’ where non existed, only to recant their statements before there soon after deaths.

Auschwitz did contain a “gas chamber,” but the ironic quality about this story is that these chambers were used as delousing stations for the eradication of lice. These buildings, such as Kanada 1, the delousing station in Auschwitz used steam and Zyklon-B for killing lice, which spread the disease known as Typhus. This disease caused extreme weight loss and lead to later photos from camps such as Bergen-Belsen being used to justify the ‘mass extermination’ claims.

Manufactured history tells us that ‘gas chambers’ were disguised as showers to trick inmates into a sense of security before being gassed. However, the fact remains that many of these facilities were showers! This is perhaps why so many people claim they were taken to the gas chambers and survived. Many of these facilities such as the ‘gas chambers’ at Dachau have drainage systems that connect to the entire building; meaning that if any poisonous gas was to be released it would have spread and killed anyone in the building. Furthermore, a sign that hangs on the door of the supposed ‘gas chamber’ at the Kanada 1 building – the delousing station – reads “Toxic gases! LIFE THREATENING DANGER on entering this room.” So the question then becomes, why would buildings be disguised as showering facilities, when in fact they were, but then there would be signs placed warning everyone that there was toxic gasses being used. The reason is simple, these ‘gas chambers’ were not for conducting mass killings, but for preventing them by killing off lice that could have spread disease and thus weakened the available work force for the Germans.

In 1988, the American Fred Leuchter conducted a study of several samples taken from the ruins of the supposed ‘gas chambers’. The laboratories found no residue of hydrogen cyanide except in one facility, which was used to delouse inmate clothing. A German chemist employed by the Max Planck Institute for Solid State research in Stuttgart, Germany, Germar Rudolf, conducted a forensic examination of the ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitiz 2. His conclusions were titled The Rudolf Report and state the following:

“In the walls of the supposed ‘gas chambers’ the concentrations of cyanide remnants are no higher than in any other building taken at random. On physicalchemical grounds, the mass gassings with hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) in the supposed ‘gas chambers’ of Auschwitz claimed by witnesses did not take place.”

 Another camp, Auschwitz 3, also contained a large number of factories including the Buna rubber plant and an IG Farben factory. The camp inmates were used for industrial labor. The fact that inmates were tattooed makes less sense if they were just simply be executed. Why spend time and resources tattooing someone if you were to gas them and then bury them, then exhume the body and burn it to ashes. It makes more sense if inmates were identified by numbers that gave them a unique ID

As the Soviets advanced west, they forced the Germans to close down Auschwitz and move all able-bodied workers with them. Again, why would those allocated for extermination and exportation to the east be carried back into the Reich? Those left at the camps overrun by the Soviets were those whom were sick or unable to travel. Of course what resulted was that photographs were taken depicting the few left behind who were unable to work and were sick, which was then presented as the majority population of the camp. Thus, what resulted was the assumption of conditions allowed by the Germans.


Aktion ‘Operation’ Reinhard was named after Fritz Reinhard, the Secretary of the German Finance Ministry.

Operation Reinhard was a name given to the camps of Belzec, Sobibör and Treblinka. These camps were used for forced labor and as transit centers for resettlement.

It is claimed that in these and other camps, Carbon Monoxide and Zyklon B were primarily used to kill inmates.

Major problems were raised with the claims that Carbon Monoxide was used to exterminate prisoners when Walter Lüftl, President of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Engineers, issued a paper called Holocaust: Beliefs and Facts. Claims state that diesel engines were used to gas prisoners in large numbers, but Walter explained that, “What the Holocaust writer have obviously overlooked is the fact that diesel motors are particularly unsuited for the efficient production of carbon monoxide.” He concluded that, “…nobody can be gassed with diesel exhaust. Instead, victims would more readily suffocate from using up the oxygen in the ‘gas tight’ chambers. In fact, if diesel exhaust gas is introduced into the chamber, the people inside would actually receive more oxygen than they would from breathing the air in the closed chamber after it passed twice through their lungs!… This means that the diesel engine is not suited for quick killing, assuming this could be done at all.” Even assuming the previous was true, that diesel engines could be used, it seems illogical that the supremely ahead-of-their-time German engineers would have chosen such a slow method of death, especially noting that upwards of tens of thousands were supposedly killed in each camp each day. These numbers of course inflate the ‘Six Million’ claim to double or triple that amount.

Of all the post-war claims of ‘gas chambers’, stemming from eyewitnesses, it is not coincidence that SS-Hauptscharfüher, Lorenz Hackenholt, the alleged designer of the Belzec ‘gas chambers’, simply vanished, unable to refute the claims for usage of diesel fumes. Belzec was set up in the 1940s as a work camp to supply labor for defenses along the Soviet boarder.

Along with Belzec, other Rienhard camps were Sobibör and Treblinka. As mentioned before SS Chief Heinrich Himmler referred to Sobibör as a ‘transit camp’ and not an extermination camp. Archeological digs were preformed at Sobibör in 2001 by a team lead by Andrzej Kola, which found was claimed to be an “undressing room.” Another dig was performed in 2007 and resulted in the conclusion that, “It is obvious that the location of the gas chambers is a complex issue that has to be solved, an important objective for future archaeological research at Sobibör.”

At the Treblinka camp, obvious exaggerations have been made as nearly 850,000 were said to have been killed. The problem results when you realize Treblinka was only open for fifteen months. This means, that if the camp ran a murder squad for 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, nearly 2,000 would have had to have been killed each day and nearly completely disposed of – half were said to have been burned. For this massive number, even if possible, then becomes difficult to explain because Treblinka had no crematoria and the bodies were supposedly first buried all within the walls of the camp, which is incredible seeing that the burying of so many bodies would likely have taken more space than the ground of the camp allowed.

In 1999, an Australian research team headed by an electronics engineer, Richard Krege, examined the grounds using a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). What were his team’s conclusions?

“Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated towards the end of the Treblinka camp’s use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed.”

A second forensic analysis of Treblinka was undertaken in 2010, which even prompted the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper to report in a later 2014 article that the “absence of physical evidence allowed Holocaust deniers to maintain that Treblinka II was a transit, not death, camp.”

For manufactured evidence that Jews were killed in mass at Treblinka, the Smithsonian Channel teamed up with forensic archaeologist, Dr. Carline Sturdy Colls from Staffordshire University, to make a film in 2014 called Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine. The evidence for a death camp was not found, but evidence was presented anyway with the discovery of a tile with a supposed ‘Star of David’. However, this logo was not mean to act as a sign of safety to imprisoned Jews as some claim, but was in reality the brand mark of the Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland!


The Majdanek camp was built in 1941 as, yet again, a POW camp for the Waffen-SS in Lublin to hold Russian soldiers captured during the invasion of the Soviet Union that began a few months prior to the camp’s completion.

When the Soviets later took the camp over, they built wooden structure around the crematorium after the war and claimed the Germans used it for gassings. Inside Majdanek is another infamous building known as ‘Hut 41’, which was also claimed to be the location of thousands of gassings. The problem, once again, is that gassings did take place here, but they were part of a delousing process to kill lice, not Jews. The German plans for the camp had absolutely no location for any ‘gas chambers’, but did have plans for an Entlausung (delousing) section.

Furthermore, ‘Hut 41’ is located on the very opposite side of the camp! Thus for thousands of bodies to be burned, they would have had to be transported across the entire campsite. The crematorium is also located on the very outskirt of the camp line, essentially next door to homes in the city of Lublin! It doesn’t seem like an ideal location, for several reasons, for a mass extermination project.

Just as we saw contradictory signs at Kanada 1 at Auschwitz, Majdanek also has these signs. One on ‘Hut 41’, the supposed ‘gas chamber’ says Bad und Desinfektion or Bath and Disinfection, which further proves that this site in particular was a delousing station for contaminated clothing. Far from coincidence is that the building houses a room with functional showerheads and two baths towards the entrance. There are several rooms in ‘Hut 41’, but the one described as a ‘gas chamber’ has no Prussian blue wall stains, indicative of Zyklon-B, which was used in the delousing process.

The story gets even stranger when one considers what else is told and shown to current visitors. The largest delousing room with blue stains is presented as the ‘gas chamber’, but there are no induction holes in this room for the chemical to be dispersed. The gas bottles used in other chambers were supposedly to disperse Carbon Monoxide gases into the room. However, the canisters are labeled as ‘CO2’, or Carbon Dioxide. The sign itself describing the bottles says that Carbon Oxide was used.

Majdanek also lead to ‘evidence’ of mass extermination due to the fact it was a gathering point for all items seized from deportation to the three previously discussed Reinhard camps. The camp also had a facility where shoes were sent from the Eastern front for repair. Thus the claims of mass collections of clothing and shoes form the dead, supposedly assumed throughout all of the camps.


The first prisoner camp established in Germany was Dachau, used to round up political prisoners. It was located north of Munich. Claims are of course made that this camp housed ‘gas chambers’, but these claims have been seriously refuted. Stephen F. Pinter, lawyer for the United States War Department for six years after the war. He spent that time in Germany and Austria and made the following statement about Dachau, where he stayed for over a year:

“I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a U.S. War Department Attorney, and can state that there was no gas chamber at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was a crematory. Nor was there a gas chamber in any of the other concentration camps in Germany.”

 What has likely happened in some cases is a misidentification of ‘gas chambers’ with ‘gas ovens’. A gas oven did use gas as a fuel to burn a body, which is seriously different from a ‘gas chamber’. More contradictory signs reside in Dachau, as presented to visitors in 2010. The Crematorium area sign states that a “gas chamber was however never used for mass killing.” Yet the sign in the supposed ‘gas chamber’ simply claims: “This was the center for potential mass murder.” The interior of the chamber included a drain that, as mentioned before, leads throughout the rest of the building. Therefore, any gas released in the ‘chamber’ would have killed anyone else in the building. It is claimed that Zyklon-B was introduced in the room from a hole in the wall, but at the Nuremberg Trial it was described that the chemical was introduced through brass fixtures in the ceiling.

Again, the only ‘gas chambers’ at Dachau were delousing stations meant to kill lice, not Jews. The number of official deaths has also been reduced from around 238,000 to roughly 20,000, another substantial reduction. The remaining 20,000 plus primarily died from Typhus and starvation towards the end of the war due to Allied bombing raids.

Many stories of Nazi horrors were spread by the Soviets who themselves were guilty of mass murders like the Katyn massacre. Additional proof of ‘gas chambers’ was supposedly held by the Soviets when they occupied Sachsenhausen outside of Berlin, but for some ‘odd’ reason, they bulldozed the structure in 1952 and rebuilt it!


Photos used by historians and schools to prove the ‘holocaust’ are extremely isolated in their origin and do not, other than through ignorant assumptions, display the true nature of all the concentration camps. The facts are not absolute. It is not that no one died or that certain groups were targeted, but a large portion of the story has been rewritten, created out of imagination and exploited for financial gains in what Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein calls the ‘Holocaust Industry’.

In the book Die Gestapo Lässt Bitten (The Gestapo Invites You), author Charlotte Bormann, a communist political prisoner at the women’s concentration camp, Ravensbrück, claims how much of the rumors of ‘gas chambers’ were invented by communist prisoners. Margarete Buber, author of Under Two Dictators, described her experience in both Soviet and Ravensbrück concentration camps. Her notes include how the German camps were clean, civilized and well overseen, as opposed to the squalor and disorder, including starvation, of the Russian camps.

At the POW camp known as Bergen-Belsen, an exchange center was established to trade Jews for German POWS held by the Allies. When the British liberated the camp in 1945 they found a scene of thousands of dead bodies that through photographs were used to depict the very essence of the German extermination process. However, the truth is much simpler. Nearly 35,000 inmates died in the camp from January to April 1945, and when the British arrived nearly 13,000 bodies were unburied, littering the site. These mass piles of bodies were used to symbolically represent the entire ‘Holocaust’, and therefore, imply that they were killed by ‘gas chambers’.

These bodies, mostly skin and bone, were not killed due to gassings and Zyklon-B, but ironically due to lack of Zyklon-B. How could this be true? Well, nearly 55,000 inmates were saved from death after German doctors, under Allied supervision, washed and deloused them. This was prior to the entire camp being burned down due to the fast spreading disease of Typhus, which had spread rapidly resulting in the mounds of unburied or unburned bodies.


Signs warned of the dangers of Typhus at camps such as Bergen-Belsen, which was later burned to the ground by the British.

The disease was held in check through extremely sanitary conditions, which were created by constant prisoner cleaning and clothing delousing using Zyklon-B. As a result of allied bombing, disease spread even faster as German supply lines were cut off resulting in the gruesome images now displayed as a sole German crime against humanity.


(above) Photograph of Lizzie Van Zyl, a child inmate of the British-built Bloemfontein, South African concentration camp during the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). Lizzie suffered from typhus.

One of the most famous ‘victims’ of Bergen-Belsen, who also died of Typhus and not a ‘gas chamber’, was Anne Frank. Her diary was published in 1947. A photograph published in Life magazine on August 15, 1958, showed a Anne and a sample of her handwriting, which is completely different when compared with the elaborate cursive of a supposed diary page republished on the wall of the Anne Frank School in Amsterdam.

The fact is, Anne’s story has been exploited to the furthest extent and her father, Otto Frank, who later admitted the handwriting in large part of her diary was actually his. Again, the fact is not that Anne did or did not have a diary, but if the one published was even written by her. Otto Frank had published a novel called The Annex: Diary Notes 14 June 1942 – 1 August 1944, but he never called it the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’, which was a name given to the work translated into English.


A letter written by SS chief Heinrich Himmler, dated July 5, 1943, directed that the Sobibór camp be transformed into a concentration camp. The letter orders for the “Sobibór transit camp in the Lublin District to be transformed into a concentration camp. A center for dismantling captured ammunition is to be established in the concentration camp.” In response, on July 15, 1943, SS camp head, Oswald Pohl, wrote back that the camp could remain a “transit camp with a special section for dismantling ammunition.” If these were extermination camps, why would they be referred to as “transit camps” outside the fact that most of them, although used as labor centers for German industry, were part of the ‘Final Solution’. That is to say, the camps were used as part of a plan to deport alien Jews from Germany and occupied Europe.

No honest written order has ever been produced to prove of Hitler’s supposed plan to specifically target Jews and round up and kill 6 million of them. But the story gets even more interesting. German records show that at the height of the Reich, 4.5 million Jews were under its control.

At the famous Wannsee Conference in January 1942, where the supposed ‘Final Solution’ was concocted, the Germans submitted numbers to show of all the Jews in Europe, 11 million, 6,755,800 were not under their control, while roughly 4.5 million were. The meeting was a discussion at the Wannsee villa near Berlin in 1942 was a discussion of anything except Genocide, gas chambers, mass shootings, etc. The meeting entailed a plan on how Jews should be deported with the usage of transit-camps. However, not all Jews were to be taken as useful Jews were put to work. Other exceptions were Jewish-German WWI vets, all Jews over 65, and industry Jews working towards the German war effort during WWII. The ‘Final Solution’, provided for by the American company IBM, was nothing more than a plan to catalogue and deport unwanted Jews across the Reich and push them back into the East. This was aside from the 1933 Haavara agreement to send them to Palestine.

Despite all of the historical lies and misleading(s), by 1987, 4,384,138 Jews applied for holocaust compensation against German government. The German Federal Ministry of Finance said, “During the period from 1 October 1953 to 31 December 1987, 4,384,138 applications for compensation were submitted pursuant to the additional Federal Compensation Act of 18 September 1953 (Federal Law Gazett I p. 559)

So how are there so many applications for Jewish reparations if the original number of 6 million surpassed even the German government’s own numbers of how many Jews were under their control and furthermore how could dead Jews claim reparations? Firstly, the number of 6 million has been greatly reduced several times although to no historical revisions. Secondly, Israel’s official memorial for Jewish Holocaust victims, Yad Vashem, allows all applicants for compensation to fill out a short and vague form as a ‘page of testimony’. The best part is you can fill it out as many times as you want and from anywhere in the world!

Most of the stories of 6 million were manufactured and confessions were gathered as brokered deals with high-level Nazi leaders for their own life. This also doesn’t account for the brutal Soviet and Allied interrogations that included ripping off fingernails, starvation and even crushing a man’s gentiles. Under these conditions any confession guaranteeing a reduced sentence at Nuremberg would have been given.

One of the world’s leading Holocaust researchers, until his death in 2007, was Raul Hilberg. In his massive work The Destruction of the European Jews he only accounted for 2.8 million Jews being killed.

Further numbers have been reduced including a Daily Telegraph article from July 17, 1990, entitled ‘Auschwitz Deaths Reduced to a Million’. Another article from the same year and day from The Washington Times reported ‘Poland reduces Auschwitz Death Toll Estimate to 1 million’. Even the plaques commemorating the deaths at Auschwitz was changed in 1989.


The original plaque read:

“Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers between the years 1040 and 1945.”

Just one little typo I suppose caused the plaque to be changed out and from 1990 on it read:

“For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and half million men, women, and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940-1945”

So, I’m not sure if you caught the ‘typo’, but apparently one had been made at the historical expense of nearly 2.5 million deaths!

To further support the notion that there were no extermination orders for Jews, in the book Hitler’s Table Talk, which is a collection of round-table discussions with Hitler published after war, he is quoted as saying, “From the rostrum of the Reichstag, I prophesied to Jewry that, in the event of war’s proving inevitable, the Jew would disappear from Europe. That race of criminals has on its conscience the two million dead of the First World War, and now already hundreds and thousands more. Let nobody tell me that all the same we can’t park them in the marshy parts of Russia! Who’s worrying about our troops? It’s not a bad idea, by the way, that public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews. Terror is a salutary thing.”

Hitler’s right-hand man Heinrich Himmler also made a speech Posen in Poland in 1943 where he used the word austrotten, meant to convey murder or destruction. However, his hand-written notes show that he had written Judenevakuierung, or ‘Jewish evacuation’, further putting the true intentions of the Nazis in scope.

It’s important to realize that I am not down-playing wartime atrocities of the Nazis, but neither the Soviets or the Americans and the allies either, whom kept Germans in slave camps after taking Berlin. The idea of bombing civilians was even Winston Churchill’s decision. There were also young hot-shots and older brass of the military whom I am sure wanted to exterminate all Jews regardless of any orders to the contrary. But the Germans have been blamed for this shit long enough and I am tired of it, especially being part German myself. I am standing up against the same type of Nazi-like tactics being used in the current United States today as I would have if I was living in Germany at the time of Hitler’s coming to power. Yet, facts need to be heard.

One of the most massacres blamed on the Germans was the Katyn forest Massacre near the town of Smolensk. Here, 22,000 proles were killed under a literal and personally signed, on-location, order of Joseph Stalin. Once the Germans occupied the region in 1943 they found the mass graves. When the Soviets retook Smolensk, they blamed the Germans for the murders and even destroyed the Red Cross-built built cemetery.

This work is not focused solely on this information, but it is necessary to continue down the rabbit-hole. A lawyer by the name of Slyvia Stolze, the defense for Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel, was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison and banned from practicing law for 5 years for simply making the following statement, and thus shows you the brutality of totalitarians and the ways in which the truth is covered up with force or by simply making the truth illegal while omitting pertinent facts to support a mainline narrative. Remember this is also not Holocaust Denial, it is only a revealing of Holocaust deceptions: The “Holocaust was biggest lie in world history.” – Slyvia Stolze

This is echoed by SS-Gruppenführer, Otto Ohlendorf, after two and a half years at Nuremberg:

“Human beings who under normal conditions were decent citizens of their country were deprived of their basic conception of law, custom, and morals by the power of the victors.”


There has been a controlled opposition to fictional history that goes by the name ‘Holocaust Denial’. This branding is thrown at anyone not agreeing with the official death toll or other claims made by ‘witnesses’ of concentration camps. The label is used as freely as ‘Anti-Semite’ to discredit anyone, including Jews, looking for a revised version of factual history.

The facts speak for themselves and likely much of the story of ‘gas chambers’ and mass killings were exaggerated. Evidence was fabricated on whims of imagination and assumptions. Convictions were acquired by relying on forced admittances of guilt by members of the Nazi party, along with ‘eyewitness’ accounts that paralleled the official lines of mass killings held up by the Soviets, whom were guilty of their own actual mass killings like Katyn.

Many camps were unseen by the West until after the fall of the Iron Curtain and therefore were unopened to investigation until the 1990s or early 21st century. This allowed for any claims by the Russians of German atrocities that were not disputed, as the Germans were the ‘losers’ of the war – even though Germany lost, Nazism did not.

The fact is, the Germans saw the Jews as an alien force and blamed them for much of the spread of communism and excessive capitalism. The German policy was to remove these primarily illegal aliens from the country and any occupied territory in Europe, but the onset of WWII prevented the completion of this plan. The Germans then set to deport the Jews to the far east where camps were established as ‘transit’ centers and later used for labor facilities for German industry. Allied bombings would towards the end of the war cut off supply lines leading to outbreaks of starvation and diseases like Typhus spreading. The resulting effects produced images of horror left behind by the Germans as they retreated. These images were used as images of Nazi terror and mass displayed to the world. No mention was made of the nearly 1 million Germans whom died in the following years of the war through expulsion out of Poland and Eastern Europe. All attention was focused on the Jews and there suffering, minus the literally millions of Christians killed in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

At the very least, the story needs to be visited and revised with current information that is void of bias both politically and religiously. It should not be a crime to question an event, especially one where there are serious questions and scientific evidence that disputes the official story.

This ‘Holocaust’, which means destruction on a mass scale primarily produced by fire, is now identified as only Jewish in nature. It now justifies the Zionist expansion of Israel throughout the land of Palestine.


It can be said that without Hitler’s Reich there would not even be a State of Israel to criticize today and therefore attract the prominent anti-Semitic commentary that associates one with Hitler’s Reich.

In August 1933, The Jewish Agency for Palestine, the German Zionist Federation, and the German Economics Ministry, created the basis for the modern State of Israel, which was later established in 1948 after the war. This agreement known as a ‘transfer’ or Haavara Agreement allowed Jews bound for Palestine to deposit money in special German bank accounts connected with the Anglo-Palestine Bank. The money was used to purchased German made building materials, agricultural tools, pumps, etc., that were then exported to Palestine both helping support the German economy and the new state of Israel. Once these items arrived in Palestine they were sold by the Jewish Haavara company in Tel-Aviv and Jewish immigrants would receive, equal to their original deposit, money in return. Haavara was able to help move 60,000 German Jews to Palestine between 1933-1939. It also allowed for the transfer of Palestinian oranges for German timber and other goods.

11Published in Der Angriff, a Nazi paper published by Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, SS office Leopold von Mildenstein authored several articles titled ‘A Nazi Travels to Palestine’ describing his trip with Zionist Federation official Kurt Tuchler. The articles praised the establishment of a Jewish State and Der Angriff even issued a special medal commemorating the joint SS-Zionist visit with a Swastika on one side and Star of David on the other.

Other transfer agreements were set up including the International Trade & Investment Agency, Intria, established by the Reich Economics Ministry. Under this agreement, foreign Jews could help German Jews migrate to Palestine. The program took in over $900,000.

Similar programs were set up in Poland in 1937 as well as in Romania, Hungary, Italy and Czechoslovakia.


In the midst of this joint German-Nazi/Zionist transfer, the British refused to acknowledge the end results concerned with the consequences for existing Arab Palestinians in the region. In response the Zionist powers launched direct acts of terror against Britain and Palestine to drive them from the region. One of the most famous is the Deir Yassin massacre on April 9, 1948, when Zionist fighters from Lehi and Irgun terror networks slaughtered hundreds of people in a Palestinian Arab village near Jerusalem.

The Lehi group, known as the ‘Stern Gang’, conducted many assaults such as Deir Yassin, along with help of the Irgun group including the assassination of Lord Moyne, the British Minister Resident in the Middle East.

With the Zionist assumption that the destruction of Britain was a prime goal, they offered through Lehi to support operations of terror in the Middle East to advance the German agenda of a Jewish migration so long as Germany recognized an Individual Jewish State, which would be open without restriction to all Jews. This agreement was partially uncovered by a letter written on the 11th, January 1941, by German Vice Admiral Ralf von der Marwitz in a report called the Ankara document. The report explained an offer by Lehi to “actively take part in the war on Germany’s side” as long as Germany supported “the establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, bound by a treaty with the German Reich.” 


As the State of Israel was established in the late 1940s after World War II, the German-Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty armed the terrorist groups that bombed the country into existence in front of the international community. This campaign of terror forced 800,000 Palestinians to leave the land of their birth. Bulldozers were literally brought in the middle of the night to demolish homes and this continues to this day. Under International law, as negotiations of peace take place there are supposed to be no more settlements built, but Israel denies these guidelines and continues to expand. This is no different than when the Israelites stormed onto the same land under the guidance of Yahweh and committed another form of mass genocide.

Currently the United Nations classifies the roughly 4.5 million Palestinians who have lost their homes as ‘refugees’, while Israel holds the property to four million plus under International Law until a ‘peace’ settlement is reached. But no ‘peace’ settlement is ever to be agreed on. Israel then began selling off the land for more Israeli settlements. If you dare comment about the situations with anything but support, you are somehow compared to the Nazis and labeled an anti-Semite, but as we have seen this is a faux argument.

In 2013 the Chairman of the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine paid for a $40,000 dollar ad to be put up in Boston depicting the loss of Palestinian land since 1946. The ad showed the loss of territory by the Palestinians since the 1940s and grossly outraged people as they screamed ‘anti-Semite’. For those of you whom are Jewish and you choose to criticize the State of Israel, they have a special word for you – ‘Self-Hating-Jews’.

During the initial establishment of Israel, members of the Irgun terrorist group, led by then future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and another Israeli terrorist operation, the Stern Gang, led by another future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, massacred between 100 & 200, up 600, men in the village of Deir Yassin. They literally murdered woman and children while they slept in April 1948. The rest were told on loud speakers that they would be slaughtered as well if they didn’t leave. This is why over 800,000 Palestinians fled their homeland in the middle of the night.

Since the 1967 occupation of Palestinian East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinian children are arrested by the Israeli military. They are blindfolded, handcuffed, interrogated, and abused in adult prisons where they are subjected to sexual abuse. You may think how come you have never heard of this and the reason is because those whom control the history books and media are the very ones committing these crimes. Be them the Rothschilds or Rockefellers, or any of the other 287 families that control the world through corporations, drugs, weapons, etc. This is the idea of there being a ‘Jewish Conspiracy’. The problem is there are heavy numbers of Jews in media, Hollywood, and especially banks, but these are many of the fake converts Jews who hide behind the real Jews for their own advantage – we can call them Zionists and you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. The numbers in the modern United States very well mirror pre-war Germany in the 1930s.

They allow the real Jews to suffer the hatred for their actions. It is also important to remember that you cannot view this situation as if you were making the decisions. These people are psychopaths and don’t care about life. They don’t care about those Palestinian children; they see them as inferior to their image of Jews as the ‘chosen people’ in the name of God.



3 thoughts on “FACTS: Jewish Domination & Holocaust Denial(?)

  1. The majority of those you call psychopaths aka, Zionists don’t consider themselves religious in any sense so the statement about chosen people in the name of G-d doesn’t fit at all. Opportunists who use religion….they’re all over the place. History comes down to the haves and the have-nots from any number of cultures. The forces of evil reside in the ego of mankind. We can use our cultures and religions to create healthy egos but sorting through history only proves that egos in power lie as much as they need to in order to remain in power. The story you reported is also not 100% correct and I don’t think you’ve traveled enough and interviewed enough people to be an accurate reporter. We’ll never know the entire story of our histories and I doubt that pouring over it will help mankind.

    • I am not trying to be a reporter, I am a researcher putting together pieces of information. Of course there are lies to maintain power, but you are wrong about history. history is vital and pouring over it is not what i am doing. I am presenting bits of information contrary to the official version of events so others don’t have to pour through history. Not sure if you are disagreeing with me in terms of zionsim, but i agree, of course zionists don’t see themselves as religious. They are oppressors and agenda pushers, just as the born against trash that litters America in the form of christianity. Muslims are completely fake in their radical form as well. These religions are used by the state to promote political policies. I also never called zionists psychopaths. This is not a story, either, and I just started laughing. I appreciate your civil response, but you didn’t even listen or comprehend what this is. It research that is contrary to official history. I am not a reporter. Traveling would be fantastic, but that doesn’t reduce researchable facts, that are suppressed. Again, history is critical, or we will absolutely face it again if we do not do everything we can to prevent a repeating of patterns.

    • “The story you reported is also not 100% correct and I don’t think you’ve traveled enough and interviewed enough people to be an accurate reporter.”

      Would you care to elaborate what’s incorrect Jane, and be specific?

      Your criteria seems to hinge solely on the author not traveling enough and interviewing enough people during those travels.

      In many parts of Europe it is illegal to even question the “holy” alleged “holocaust”. People have been fined and imprisoned just for questioning the alleged “holocaust”. Gemar Rudolf, mentioned in the article, is one of those people that were fined and imprisoned and CENSORED because of his scientific findings of the alleged gas chambers.

      Why would the Jews have forced laws onto to the books of European governments to make it illegal to even question the alleged “holocaust”.
      Truth does not needs laws to protect the truth, however, a deception/lie would require laws to guard against the discovery of actual historical truths.

      The Jews have benefited politically and financially from this alleged “holocaust” and this alleged event is used as a political tool to manipulate the rest of world with the hyperbolic victimhood of Jews during WW2 and as a political weapon for those that oppose the manipulations and lies of the Jews today.

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