Solar Bowl 50 – The Golden game, bridge, keys and the Hero King’s Triumph!

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Each year as the sun slowly sinks, dying in strength and light, into the grave of the Earth, it is seen as fully dead by the mid-winter. December 21st marks the mid-winter solstice, when the sun is recognized as having died. During the next three days, the sun rests in the womb of the earth, otherwise known as the cave, grotto, pyramid, tomb, mound, grave, etc. After those three days the Earth (female/goddess) becomes impregnated with a harvest (child) once the sun begins moving once more. At this time, the sun moves slightly north on the horizon and this starts a new cycle that climaxes with a fully strong sun during the summer-solstice. As the sun’s (male/god) strength returns, it impregnates the earth (female/goddess) giving birth to both itself as the son-savior who ‘saves’ mother Earth from the dark, dead, coldness of the winter, and the new harvest that ‘saves’ mankind

goya-satanDuring the winter-solstice, the sun-(god) is reborn on December 25th, three days after being deemed dead within the cave (tomb) of the earth (goddess) on the horizon. This sun-god symbolically saves his mother-earth from the destructive father, sometimes depicted as the Roman god Saturn eating his own children. This image of Saturn is meant to represent physical matter and, as Father Time or the Grim Reaper, also known as death, Saturn plants in material existence the seeds of our own destruction. However, Saturn is not only the destructive force in the Universe, dt the creative as well. He is known as the ‘harvester’, the Green God worshiped by pagan sects. This is why the Egyptian God Osiris, whom died and was resurrected by his wife/sister Isis, who then fashioned a golden phallus to magically impregnate herself eventually giving birth to the sun-god/savior Horus, is depicted as having green skin (no he is not an alien, at least in the actual mythology).

imagesAfter nine months, the time it takes a baby to grow in the womb, the Earth goddess gives birth to a bountiful harvest, which is celebrated with harvest festivals such as Samhain (sowen – halloween). Just as human mythologies aim to mirror and depict in stories that of natural cycles, the god of harvests and agriculture is seen as physically existing inside of harvested crops. It is then said that this ‘King’ (crops) must be killed and his body consumed. Here we have the ‘Killing of the King’ ceremony and the origins of sacrament. The concept of drinking wine as blood is not unique or strange as wine is made of grapes and grapes are fermented to become this drink. The process is one of transformation and ‘enlightenment’ even. Jesus turned water into water, representative of his ‘teachings’ being able to transform a novice or hierophant. Other mythological deities are the Roman and Greek wine gods Bacchus and Dionysus. Grapes are also said to contain the blood of fallen men in battle and those whom died prior to a grape harvest. Concepts of consuming flesh for the same purposes is also reminiscent of many tribal beliefs that by consuming the flesh of an animal or human, or by eating the liver, you can actually enlarge your soul. Others make sure the meat of a human is fully cooked so they are not possessed by the soul of this being.

Going through this transmutation is symbolized in the ‘mystery’ religions/cults by an actual reenactment of yearly solar cycles. Initiates into the ‘mysteries’ of Greece (rites of Demeter / Eleusinian Mysteries), Rome or Egypt, were to undergo certain trials culminating in their symbolic death and later rebirth, just as the sun experiences during the mid-winter. Some common examples of this ritual death and rebirth are seen in the story of Jonah and the Whale, Lazarus, the Japanese sun-goddess Amaterasu, and of course Jesus. All of the previous characters were considered dead for three days inside of a tomb, womb, grave, etc., before being released and bringing back, in the case of Jesus and Amaterasu, light to the world, saving Earth from the darkness. The stories of Jonah and Lazarus are interpretive to represent actual ceremonial, symbolic resurrections.

This constant back-and-forth between darkness and light is the core principal for the oldest on-going battle known to man – the battle of good and evil. Add a letter to evil and you get (d)evil, but remove a letter from go(o)d and you get god. In the story of Osirs, before being sealed inside of a coffin by his brother Set (Seth), he is returning from a great hunt. As such, Osiris is known as the ‘Great Hunter’, otherwise known as Orion, a highly revered constellation by ancient and modern sky-gazers. What is unique about the name Orion, as associated with the Green Man Osiris, is the name derives from the word Ourien, which means semen. This sperm is what impregnates the Earth that later gives birth to the harvest. It is the death of Osiris and the creation of a golden penis (obelisk/pyramid) that leads to the birth of the solar-savior Horus in Egyptian mythology.

The pyramid, or upward triangle, still used by modern militaries, is a sign of fire, masculinity and the male essence. It represents man reaching into the heavens to contact the gods and, in fact, alongside of the staff or sceptor, symbolizes an umbilical cord between god and man. The opposite, the downward triangle, represents water and the female essence or womb. When combined, the two symbols create the ‘Star of David’, ‘Star of Saturn’, ‘Seal of Solomon’, or a grand symbol of Alchemy, which is symbolic of a transformative process brought about by the union of male and female.

Now that we have a bit of a background on symbols, mythology, and the mysteries of the ancient world, we can now examine the essence of modern rituals that take place in the view of millions who participate without their knowing. Furthermore, during events such as the Super Bowl neither the players, coaches, nor halftime performers, likely have any idea that they are the centerpiece of a massive ritual! A ritual that creates concentrated energy to be absorbed by the Earths energy field.

Super Bowl 50 was the ‘golden game’ referred to as the ‘golden anniversary’ and Roman numerals were not used to represent the game number. This game also gathered the third largest audience on record with millions watching and listening on television, Internet, radio, and at the event itself, both inside the stadium and outside. With all of that attention drawn to one location, one must wonder what the collective consciousness is capable of as it has been proven to heal people of diseases that are deemed incurable with far less than millions of people.

Although some may call this analysis of Super Bowl 50, superstitious or unimportant, I must ask the following questions in response:

What is important about grown men throwing a ball when people are starving in the very streets you celebrate your tribal victories, and when your civil rights are being stripped from you as you pledge allegiance to a flag? (Football is not bad, nor is any other sport. It is the obsession with sport that harms our culture.)

What is the necessity of celebrating a sports victory by rioting or looting, while other far more important and justified issues deserve attention?

How is it superstitious for me to analyze brazen symbolism, but not for the Denver Broncos to petition the NFL to wear white jerseys because they lost the ‘big game’ the last time they wore a different color?

Super (Solar) Bowl 50: So the Denver Broncos chose to wear ‘white’, which thus forced the Carolina Panthers to wear ‘black’. Of course you also had a black and white quarterback. Immediately one can see the symbolism of darkness and light. The football field thus acts as a giant chessboard or freemasonic temple floor and the two goal posts can be seen as the twin pillars that comprise the entrance to Solomon’s temple. Both logos of the two teams are highly significant, too, not only because of their deeper symbolic meanings, but also because of the symbols and music chosen aside from the ‘unknown’ competitors in this final game and how well they correlated! With all of the symbolism between flowers, crosses, keys, bridges, the sun etc., it would not make as much sense if the two teams playing in this championship did not utilize a white horse and black jaguar/panther. It would not make as much sense if, per say, if even one of the teams playing besides the broncos were the bears, cowboys, packers, etc.

TemplarsealDenver of course uses the white horse (Bronco) as their logo image058and its pose is identical to the red-eyed blue horse that is located at the entrance to the Denver airport. A white horse comprises the element of fire and represents the sun. It is also associated with the moon and element water, making the white horse a symbol of male/female cfrduality. Jesus, Buddha, and even George Washington rode the white horse, while it is known as ‘A Pale Horse’ and also appears on the Seal of the Knights Templar and Council on Foreign Relations. Horses are also associated with warriors and thus the god of war, Mars. All horses also act as symbolic guides to the soul, which has always been depicted as a butterfly. Monarch butterflies in particular are furthermore a symbol of ‘fluttering’ mind control experiments such as MK Ultra. Monarch butterflys are also symbols of Project Monarch, another highly advanced program into mind control, especially in the entertainment industry.It is believed that the last dying breath of an individual is absorbed into a butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of transmutation and rebirth.

Panthers-Broncos-SB-Matchup-640x360_2Carolina thus uses the Panther, synonymous with the Jaguar. In terms of duality, the Bronco’s horse is naturally white and Carolina’s Panther is naturally black. Jaguars/Panthers are also associated with the nighttime and thus are granted second site, the ability to see into the spirit worlds. This ‘bridge’ between worlds is highly important during the harvest festivals and is the origins of costumes. Participants would dress in ‘scary’ outfits during the Samhain/Halloween celebration to ward off evil or nefarious spirits. The bridge makes not only a symbolic appearance in this manner at the ‘golden anniversary’ Super Bowl, but also as a literal bridge in San Francisco – the Golden Gate Bridge. Jaguars/Panthers are said to have four eyes, thus, two for seeing in our world and two for seeing in the supernatural realm. During a Solar or Lunar Eclipse, it is believed a great cosmic Jaguar consumes the planets. The same is thought to occur during the end of the world when this great cosmic beast would swallow mankind. The attribute of having two sets of eyes can also, in more than one way relating to this Super Bowl, be tied to the two-headed Roman god Janus.

As symbols act as subconscious stimuli, creating thought patterns through influences that you are not consciously aware of, it is interesting that just as millions tune in to the Super Bowl, there is a good chance not everyone focuses on the Halftime show as intensely. Perhaps you leave the television on or mute it if you are at a party. Either way, the significance of this is vital because, in terms of symbols, the halftime shows of recent years seem to get stranger and stranger, although to the untrained eye. Do you remember Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl performance? Do you know anything about Tarot cards? Let me refresh your mind quickly.

madonna2Madonna, dressed in black and gold, just as Beyonce’ at Super Bowl 50, and is pulled onto stage by two lion-sphinxes. She also sits on her gold throne with wings stretched wide just as the Egyptian goddess Isis and Sumerian goddess Ishtar, who is depicted as stepping on a lion. On the tarot card isisknown as ‘The Chariot’ a person is carried forward by two lion-sphinxes, which are the guardians to secret knowledge. They carry the chariot and the ‘victorious ruler’ throughout the universe. On the front of the Chariot you can also see the winged sun-disc, a symbol of the Sun god and eternity, as well as communication between man and god. No wonder the 2012 Super Bowl show ended with a giant winged-disc. Madonna’s horned headdress can be seen to represent Baphomet, the androgynous goat-head many associate with the devil. However Baphomet is actually a symbol of male/female dualism – darkness and light. The horns of the goat are vital here because Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.26.37 PMthe goat is the astrological sign of Saturn, the destructive god often used to depict the Devil who will no doubt have horns himself. Perhaps he has a pitchfork, which is that of the powerful Triton, god of the sea. The goddess, however, seeing that we have much Egyptian symbolism in particular here, is also dipected with horns on her head. These horns represent the perecptioal viewing of the planet Venus as it appears as both an evening and morning star in the heavens. Venus traces a pattern in these heavens every eight years, rising in the western hemisphere for four years as the evening star and then rising in the eastern hemisphere for four years as the morning star. This pattern is symbolic of horns when viewed from the Earth, especially by our very astute ancient ancestors. This eight-year pattern traced out over forty years also creates an image of the five-pointed star, the pentagram, which is so often met with terror in the public. It is actually a sign of man and nature, the four elements and the human element. Venus has always been a planet seen as feminine as both Venus and Aphrodite, the Roman and Greek goddesses of love.



So let’s now take a look at the 2016 Golden-Bowl 50. The first-act musicians to take the stage is Coldplay singing ‘Viva La Vida’. Now it is important to understand that I do not believe or purposely imply, nor do I actually believe, there is a grand ‘conspiracy’ of good or evil at play here. I am only intellectually analyzing what many would simply find to be interesting props or coincidences. Even the lyrics of ‘Viva La Vida’ are not part of a conspiracy, but when coupled along with the other symbolism of Super Bowl 50 one wonders if it is more than a coincidence that of the thousands of famous artists, Coldplay, with a specifically symbolic song, even in terms of certain phrases or words, which at their core are symbols, was chosen to stand aside the symbolic stage.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.11.17 PMTo begin, the stage was assembled in the form of a giant cross with fans in all four quadrants to create a solar zodiac wheel. In the background is the logo of Denver, the White Solar Bronco. The stage was fitted with video screens that changed as the lyrics and performance went on. We can immediately see a Flower of Life, the ancient symbol of human and material existence comprising the birthing Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.27.26 PMprocess on a cellular level and the five platonic solids. At first, there is only an egg that is fertilized with a sperm and this is symbolized by the sun symbol of the circle with a dot in the cente. This is symbol is also known as the Monad, or the source, male energy – god. Separation and splitting of this source into two parts is considered reproductive or female and is both the embodiment of ignorance and wisdom. Ignorance because it has separated itself from oneness and wisdom because ignorance is the first stage before beginning a path to obtain wisdom. Next, the cell splits into two forming a vesica piscis, then the egg of life, seed of life, and finally one of the most ancient symbols that adorns temples across the globe, the flower of life. The five platonic solids create the beautiful geometric symbol known as Metatron’s cube, which can be extracted the elements.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.07.55 PM.png

Zodiac wheel

Coldplay’s album of course utilizes this symbol along with the planet Saturn with a title ‘A Head Full of Dreams’. Of course we can immediately refer back to the butterfly symbolism and the soul, the horse as a guide to souls, and the bridge between two worlds, physical and spiritual, along with the ‘second-site’ of the Panther/Jaguar. In fact, before we analyze the first song ‘Viva La Vida’, taking a quick glance at the lyrics of their second song ‘Paradise’ along with the changing video stage, we hear and see butterflies fluttering around. The butterfly, as a symbol of rebirth, represents death and resurrection once more.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.55.26 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.03.48 PM

But let’s examine the lyrics to ‘Viva La Vida’ and how, even though I am not suggesting or implying a ‘conspiracy’ as some scream in discrediting this analysis, it is highly statistically unlikely to have all of these ‘coincidences’ that so strongly link with important ancient mythologies and traditions that were held so sacred by our ancestors. I have bolded the important lyrics:

I used to rule the world

Seas would rise when I gave the word

Now in the morning I sleep alone

Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice

Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes

Listened as the crowd would sing

Now the old king is dead long live the king

One minute I held the key

Next the walls were closed on me

And I discovered that my castles stand

Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing

Roman cavalry choirs are singing

Be my mirror, my sword and shield

My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can’t explain

Once you’d gone there was never

Never an honest word

And that was when I ruled the world

It was a wicked and wild wind

Blew down the doors to let me in

Shattered windows and the sound of drums

People couldn’t believe what I’d become

Revolutionaries wait

For my head on a silver plate

Just a puppet on a lonely string

Oh who would ever want to be king?

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing

Roman cavalry choirs are singing

Be my mirror, my sword and shield

My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can’t explain

I know St Peter won’t call my name

Never an honest word

But that was when I ruled the world

Oh oh oh oh ohh oh [x5]

Hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing

Roman cavalry choirs are singing

Be my mirror, my sword and shield

My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can’t explain

I know St Peter won’t call my name

Never an honest word

But that was when I ruled the world

  1. Seas would rise when I gave the word

Here we have reference to the power of god and perhaps the power of Triton and his trident that controls storms and the ocean. This control of the water is highly symbolic of the goddess and thus the moon.

  1. Now the old king is dead long live the king

This is directly word-for-word related to the ‘Killing of the King’ ceremony as mentioned before. It is likely the very foundation of not only the ancient mysteries, but the core for most major ‘savior’ religions and their modern interpretations.

  1. Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

The two pillars of Solomon’s Temple or the pillars of which Enoch inscribed all the knowledge of mankind provided to him by the ‘Watcher’ gods.

  1. bells a-ringing

Bells are symbolic of portals to other worlds, symbolic of the second-site of the Jaguar/Panther and the ability of the butterfly. Bell is also synonymous with the Canaanite god Baal or the Akkadian god Bel. Both are associated with male energy and fire.

  1. I held the key

Hold this thought… 

  1. For my head on a silver plate

John the Baptist was decapitated and his head was placed on a silver plate. John the Baptists’ head was also thought to be symbolized by the head of Baphomet and it may be that the Templars were in possession of his head as well, prior to being hunted by the Roman Church on Friday 13th, 1307.

  1. I know St Peter won’t call my name

Recall ‘I held the Key’…

hatfield-south-st-peterNot feeling worthy to be crucified in the same manner as ‘Christ’, St. Peter was crucified upside down, which gave way to the use of inverted crosses by both the Church and those whom oppose the Church. In depictions of St. Peter, he holds two keys (recall ‘I held the key’ and the ‘pillars of salt and pillars of sand’, both of which the key and pillars represent hidden knowledge – recall enoch). Symbolically keys provide access to hidden information (recall Madonna’s chariot and the tarot). Other deities with keys also represent this ‘need’ to keep something hidden, or it could interpret as information that is being ‘unlocked’. Jewish midwives would even give keys to birthing mothers in hopes of ‘unlocking’ the womb for the newborn baby (recall the birth of the sun after the winter solstice, rising out of the earth/womb).

two_black_keys_wipp_dorf_coat_of_arms_clip_art_7262The two keys, when crossed to form an X represent divine authority and as an emblem of ‘time’ and ‘keepers of doorways’ by gods such as the Mithraic Zurvan and the Roman Janus, a two faced god (recall the four eyes of the panther, two seeing in the natural and two in the supernatural worlds – recall the butterfly, horse guide of souls and the bridge and bells). It is no doubt a coincidence (sarcasm) that in legend, St. Peter, one of the twelve zodiacal apostles of Christ, is the keeper of the pearly gates of heaven (recall the ‘golden anniversary’ and the San Francisco ‘Golden Gate Bridge’). The two keys also represent the powers given by Christ – the secret teachings of Jesus. One key is gold, the sun/male energy, and the other is silver, the moon/feminine energy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.01.18 PM.pngSo how is it a mere coincidence that on this fact alone, Coldplay is singing of St. Peter on a giant cross while a giant sun explodes from a swirling vortex on stage…oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that St. Peter, like Jesus and all solar representatives are depicted with a golden glory/halo indicative of the zodiac wheel and the sun’s yearly journey (recall the cross stage and the four quadrants filled with screaming fans). Chris Martins’ arms are also extended outward as he stands in the center of the sun, in the middle of a large cross. This is symbolic of both the physical and spiritual crucifixion of Jesus – the truth and light. As a side note, the colors seen in many photographs of the stadium audience show the colors red (fire), white (air), blue (water), green (earth) and gold, which in this case can be the emblem of creation, the divine breath or thought of the creator, and thus, mankind. All of these colors surround a giant golden stage-cross!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.45.55 PM.pngSo far I am sure we have a good idea of death and resurrection in relation to fertility/harvest festivals and the sun. Of course the Green Man comes to mind as the agricultural god and thus, perhaps, Ishtar, or Eostre, the goddess name for Easter and the rebirth of Earth in the spring. What is more symbolic of spring than a beautiful blooming flower? Not only does Coldplay’s official music video for ‘Viva La Vida’ begin with a blooming red Rose, an even more symbolic flower of the goddess and rosy-red blood cross of the Templars, but the entire zodiac cross stage is surrounded by flowers! February 7th, the date of Super Bowl 50 was also ‘Rose Day’ (recall flowers near stage and the rose in Coldplay’s video) and the beginning of February is always marked on the ‘Occult Calendar’ as Imbolc (Candlemas), which is festival celebrating the birth of a new year. A week later on the 14th is Valentines day, otherwise known as the Roman Lupercalia, another spring/fertility festival of cleansing.

It is also important to note that previous to Valentines day on the 14th, February 10th, exactly 3 days after the Super (Solar) Bowl, marks the beginning of lent with Ash Wednesday. Lent is the beginning of the 40-day lead up to Jesus’ death (for three days – recall the winter solstice) and Resurrection, celebrated as Easter, otherwise known as Ostara and the Spring Equinox! Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday by placing a cross of ashes on their foreheads (recall the cross-stage and the zodiac wheel).

As a side-note to this tradition, when Moses left Egypt he came upon and was introduced to the Midianite (Kenites) tribe’s god of storms and war (recall Mars & horses). Their god’s symbol was a crucifix-like symbol worn on their foreheads, what later became known as the ‘Yahweh Mark’. Yahweh was not a pleasant deity and was not even celebrated as the chief god of the jews for many years and acts of genocide later.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.14.29 PM.png

To take it a step further, the concepts here of flowers blooming obviously represent new birth (recall the new sun’s birth) during the mid-winter. This December 21st-25th time frame during mid-winter is the Winter Solstice. It is absolutely, then, no way a coincidence that the two keys in most symbol books literally are interpreted as being able to ‘unlock gates of the solstices’!

RWS_Tarot_21_WorldKeys are also symbolically given to child when they reach the age of 21, the numerical date of the winter solstice, as it is said the ‘keys to the world’ are given. The ‘World’ is also the 21st Tarot card. Examining the card will depict what is likely a woman holding two wands (think magic such as ‘open sesame’ as a key and recall the dual keys of St. Peter with the dual wands here). The actual description of the card is of ‘victory’ and ‘rebirth’. The woman is emerging from a visca psices, the female vaginal opening in sacred geometry (recall the flower of life), and further recall the birthing of the sun from the earthly womb. This symbol is described in most symbol books as a magical door (keys open doors – recall bridges and bells) into the physical world from the spirit world (recall the Jaguar/Panther and their ‘second-site’ as well as the two-headed god Janus)(recall the ‘bell’s a ringing’). Remember that butterflies can also symbolically communicate between different worlds and the Blackfoot Native Americans believe that butterflies bring dreams (recall butterflies on stage with Coldplay and their album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’). How fitting it is the Blackfoot place stylize butterflies onto their children’s beds to invoke dreams, and they do this by depicting the creatures as Maltese crosses (recall, once more, the Super Bowl 50 stage)!

Now of course Coldplay has to have an idea of what some of these symbols and lyrics mean, although some musicians are oblivious to what they may be being used for – ‘it’s just all fun and games’. But, again, I am not implying any conspiracy, especially some sinister one of the ‘illuminati’, in fact, far from it. These symbols might align with Coldplay and their music and symbols, but what about Bruno Mars and Beyonce’ who took the stage next?

image2Immediately, the name Mars is related to the white horse symbolism of the warrior and the planet/god Mars. Now how about that ‘Beyonce’? She performed a new song called ‘formation’, which symbolically through letters can be tied into the sacred geometry on stage of the micro-cosm of a fetus ‘forming’ geometrically in the womb. The song, however, drew attention of those critical of her critical lyrics of the police. Others I am sure are dwelling on the first line of the song, ‘Ya’ll haters corny with maj02that Illuminati mess…’ Let us, however, examine something else. As soon as the cameras pan to Beyonce’ she is standing straight in-between the goal posts (recall the two pillars) with a black outfit on and a golden cross strapped on her chess with flaming torches behind her. The golden cross, like the golden horse, or white horse, is symbolic of the sun and zodiac. Roman criminals were crucified not on a T cross, but on an X cross, as were the mystery school initiates, symbolically. It thus relates to the crucifixion of the sun in the central point of the zodiac wheel astronomically (recall the zodiac cross stage and the large sun in the center). Beyonce’, like Bruno Mars’, are not only a shade of brown, what most call black, themselves, but are wearing black in strict contrast to Coldplay’s (Chris Martin) white shirt. In the music video for ‘Formation’ Beyonce’ actually makes the same X cross on her chest with her arms as golden one she wore during the halftime performance. Here we can recall not only the golden crossed keys, but the tarot once more. On the tarot known as the ‘High Priestess’ the powerful female resides between two pillars of wisdom, just as Jesus was crucified between two thieves or contradiction. On the chest of the priestess is also a cross while she holds a scroll containing secret information (recall enoch and Solomon’s pillars). These ‘secrets’ are not only hidden beneath the ‘X’ that ‘marks the spot’, but between the two sphinxes, pillars, owls, or guardians of those who conceal the secret knowledge represented by flames or torches. As such, flames represent illumination to the dark or ignorance, and thus, the flames provide for the truth that shall ‘set you free’. The cross-keys provide access to these ‘secrets’ the priestess holds on the sacred scroll.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.21.20 PM

kingtutG1610_468x489.jpgThese crossed arms or the X symbol is highly related to Egypt as it is the arm gesture created by Pharaohs in their tombs and on the sarcophagi. It represents monotheistic dualism, the union of the male and female, the pyramid and inverted pyramid. The Egyptian pharaoh holds the crook and flail when making this gesture and these are both zodiacal in relation. The crook herds the sheep or the Aries ram and the flail herds the bull or the Taurus bull. This transition from ram to bull preceded the precession into the age of the two fish, Pisces, the age of Jesus Christ and his teachings. Prior ages such as the Ram and the Bull are seen in the Bible, too, the Jewish ram’s horn and the golden Bull Apis. Therefore, this transition represented by the X is a signal of union and the creation of birth or rebirth in terms of constant natural cycles.

White savior between to black theives.pngAs the performances of halftime came to a close, Bruno Mars and Beyonce’, both dressed in black, took the stage next to Chris Martin on both sides. Here we have two pillars of darkness next to a central pillar of white. It is highly symbolic of Jesus’ crucifixion between two thieves, and even more symbolic that this took place on a giant gold stage shaped as a cross that depicted a giant sun in the center! The entire halftime show, and the Super Bowl game itself, was entirely symbolic of death and rebirth of a new sun/son/King. But what does any of this have to do with football?


No one will debate, especially those of English literature backgrounds that there are certain few story types and archetypal characters that play along with the same sorts of stories over-and-over. There are thought to be roughly seven. The most common you may recognize are specifically the ‘Slaying of a Beast’, and ‘Rebirth’ or the ‘Heroes Journey’. Here I refer to you keep in mind the Coldplay line ‘Now the old king is dead long live the king’. Although in the yearly slaying of the king (Killing of the King) during the harvest, the King is killed, he is also reborn to live on. As this song has one meaning to the crowd, it has a completely different energetic meaning, especially relating to the blooming flowers (Green Man of Agriculture) and the stage in the form of a zodiac cross with the quadrants filled with followers.

Throughout the NFL season, the quarterback of the Denver Broncos was benched due to injury. However, Payton Manning, in what was billed to be possibly his last professional season as one of the greatest football players of all times (the King), made a come-back to lead his team into the Super Bowl and achieve victory over the black panthers to obtain the fairy tail ending. He ‘killed the beast’ and was reborn within a ‘heroes journey’ to achieve the ultimate football prize with millions watching.

In can thus be explained this way:

Payton Manning, a hero and king to so many, was injured and ruled out of playing (he was dead). He worked to get back in the game and lead his team (white broncos) to the Super Bowl, which just happened to be the ‘golden-white anniversary’ standard with symbols of keys, bridges, secretes, rebirth and of course a giant solar cross. Manning therefore, as the ‘dead king’ was reborn, and wearing his white uniform of purity and the sun, defeated the darkness of the panthers in a grand chess match to complete the hero’s journey. His victorious return deemed him a savior to his team and their fans, as well as many fans of this iconic football player. He was injured (dead) and then reborn a hero King in the midst of music that actually related to the dead king and the Coldplay lyrics ‘long live the king’. Even if Lady Gaga (RA – male, fire & MA – female, water) was singing, although she makes her one-eyed salute in videos such as ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Bad Romance’, the song’s lyrics would not have the same meaning to this Super Bowl and halftime show. This ‘dead king’ in mythology provided for a harvest that then lead to a dead planet that was ‘saved’ by the sun-god that impregnated the earth to give birth once again to greenery and flowers, such as the ones on the field at halftime. The four elements were represented in the colors of the crowd and sacred geometry of the Flower of Life was present on stage.

The increased attention paid to the Super Bowl is paralleled with the loss of civil liberties in America in the same way as Roman gladiator sports increased in popularity as the empire fell apart. The NFL has also gotten interested in strictly breast cancer, although they provide only a small percentage of any money acquired through the selling of pink products to actual research. The NFL enjoys bringing in the TSA for security and promoting gun control. Stadiums for all sorts of sports are being built and rebuilt in cities with massive homelessness. This is not, and never was, an attack on football fans. It is not an attack on any sports fans and, in fact, I am a huge fan of the artistic sport of hockey. I’m not debating that football and other sports, ‘bring families together’, that is not the point! Churches can bring together family and donate millions of untaxed dollars to charity, but doesn’t mean there are huge percentages of pgedohpiles within the global institutions all the way up through the Vatican. The Mafia gives to charity, too, but that doesn’t mean you should support them. Again, I am not even suggesting to not watch football. I am showing you without a doubt that there is something more to these massive events than just chips and dip, and some funny commercials.

(see my books for an analysis of the 2012 London Olympics – The Grand IllusionFalse ProfitsThe Persistent Illusion)

image1.PNGPeople tend to be okay with subconscious sexual advertising and messaging, but to see Janet Jackson’s breast at a previous super bowl caused a congressional inquiry into the morals of a country rotting with corruption, violence and perverted sex. People also have cable boxes to forward through commercials except on Super Bowl-Weekend where they watch them as much as they pay attention to the actual game. The 2016 set of commercials, televised all-seeing_eye.pngon CBS, Columbia Broadcasting (recall that Columbia is the goddess) featured the CBS logo (eyeball) in different locations from your bed to the street – the all-seeing eye. Another commercial that was produced by the NFL showed a choir of different colors, the red, blue, green, white, and gold, (recall the elements) singing under two pillars and an archway with golden ‘glory’ rays shining in, reminiscent of the eye of providence. This culture of violence and sexual themes, along with the emotions present with Super Bowl fans, provide for a roller coaster of trauma-based mind control. Subjects are in a perpetual state of trauma and relief, stress and relief, that culminates in a grand finale.
The mind shuts down and splits personality. It breaks your ‘will’ and any form of common sense, in exchange for violent emotional responses and the misplacement of priorities. It goes beyond mere subliminal advertisements or product placements.



So you can either be open to my analysis of Super Bowl 50, believe it or accept it I do not expect nor care, or you can sum up my entire analysis with no cognitive process and simply say: it’s just a fun time. You can call me superstitious, but remember it was the Bronco team that petitioned the NFL to wear a different color jersey on grounds they lost their last Super Bowl in another color.

Whatever you believe, it is an un-debatable fact, the imagery and performances overwhelm your senses and places you into a perpetual state of arrested development. At this point your mind becomes accessible and you are highly open to suggestibility. The question is; are you to ignore these facts now that they have been brought to your conscious attention, or are you to utilize this information to break the spell of the Solar Bowl.

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