The Secret Teachings 3/5/16 – Dead Baby Rituals PT 1 & 3/6/16 – Dead Baby Rituals & the Theft of Human Souls

The Secret Teachings 3/5/16 – Augmented-Virutal Reality and Cannibalism       (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

The Secret Teachings 3/6/16 – Forced Cannabalism-Communion & the Theft of Human Souls (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

Ryan will explain the artificial environment created to encapsulate all of mankind in a world where the future is mapped and humans consume children in part of a massive ritual. From GMO to geoengineering and from smart technology to various forms of pollution, our world has become an experiment and a testing ground for corporations and elitists.

Included is the discussion on the special hearing on bioethics and fetal tissue and the trafficking of children and baby parts  (special article), along with an assortment of current events from augmented or artificial reality to increased surveillance and ‘smart’ technology, to more sexual abuse cover ups within the Catholic Church.

We will be taking calls @ 1 208 650 4160


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THE GOAL: THANKS TO YOU SUPPORTERS, The Secret Teachings has raised roughly 3/4 of our goal for our fundraiser and now only $335  remains. We need this support before the end of March or we will be unable to book the appropriate accommodations – we are already close to missing this window. If we do not raise enough money by the conference, we will extend the fundraiser and attend ‘Contact in the Desert’ June 3-6th 2016.


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The Grand Illusion-Slaves to Perception (Softcover) (Digital)
FRONT Cover Revised
False Profits & the Lovers of Children (Softcover) (Digital)
The Persistent Illusion (Softcover) (Digital)

5 thoughts on “The Secret Teachings 3/5/16 – Dead Baby Rituals PT 1 & 3/6/16 – Dead Baby Rituals & the Theft of Human Souls

  1. The aborted fetal cells are not in Pepsi. Pepsi was using a company that used the fetal cells somehow in the flavor testing. I know that is a bad thing but you need to get your facts straight to better inform your audience.

  2. Any rebuttal to the above link sir? If so, please supply a link that without a doubt substantiates your assertion. Not trying to pick on you, just trying to get the facts to the people. I love your show & listen every week.

    • Hey, sorry it takes me long to get back sometime. As for the pepsi, that website you linked has snopes and wikipedia, neither of which are credible..I don’t trust either. This is the same situation where Pepsi denied ever using the ‘flavor enhancers’ and then finally got caught and then worked to assure people that they were using them, but not in the pepsi. They only claim the ‘enhancers’ are not in then final product, but they are used to test flavor. Whatever ‘flavors’ they are testing with the cells, I don’t see how people can trust they are not in the product. I don’t need pepsi telling me after they already lied, that there are none in the final product, they already lost their credibility like slopes and wikipedia, as I see. Thanks for being respectful.

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