The Secret Teachings 6/13/16 – Nation of the Goddess w/ Janet Wolter & Alan Butler (Joined by Scott Wolter)

7146267The Secret Teachings 3/13/16 – Nation of the Goddess w_Janet & Scott Wolter and Alan Butler              (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

Join host Ryan Gable for a show solely focused on the influence of the Goddess in America and around the world. Ryan will welcome Janet Wolter and Alan Butler to discuss their book ‘America: Nation of the Goddess‘, which screen-shot-2016-03-03-at-11-18-36-amexamines the history of the United States involving a little-known organization called the ‘Grange’ and their rites mirroring that of certain mystery schools or secret societies. The Goddess has remained central to certain groups of people ‘who would screen-shot-2016-03-03-at-11-18-40-amnever abandon many thousands of years of adoration and devotion’. Some of these people are known as the ‘Venus’ families and their influence on the founding of America is covert yet utterly blatant to anyone who knows where and what to look for. This show will hopefully allow ‘a recognition that the history of humanity and our world was far from what orthodox historians could ever or would ever admit’. Janet’s husband, Scott Wolter, a reoccurring guest, will also be joining the broadcast at some point.

We will be taking calls at 1 208 650 4160

Photo on 3-10-16 at 12.16 PM #2

Previous interviews with Scott: 6/28/14 . 1/1/15 . 1/18/15

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THE GOAL: THANKS to our supporters, The Secret Teachings has raised roughly 3/4 of our goal for our fundraiser and now only $300  remains. We are looking to raise enough money for ‘Contact in the Desert‘, as the deadline has passed for ‘Free Your Mind’, and will extend the fundraiser until the end of May for the conference dates of June 3-6th 2016.

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The Grand Illusion-Slaves to Perception (Softcover) (Digital)
FRONT Cover Revised
False Profits & the Lovers of Children (Softcover) (Digital)
The Persistent Illusion (Softcover) (Digital)




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