The Secret Teachings 4/16/16 & 4/17/16 – David Icke, Kevin Annett, M. Don Schorn

The Secret Teachings 4/16 & 4/17 2016 – David Icke, Kevin Annett, M. Don Schorn (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)


thIn the first hour we welcome former media personality, public Photo on 4-12-16 at 11.48 AMspeaker, and the author of several books including ‘The Biggest Secret’, ‘Children of the Matrix’, ‘Human Race Get off Your Knees’, ‘The Perception Deception’, David Icke, to discuss his newest work ‘Phantom Self (and how to find the real one)’. David will be discussing the illusion of choice, augmented-virtual reality mixed with artificial intelligence and transhumanism, the trickster, energy rituals and pedophillia, a virus that controls our five-sense reality as fear, and much more. Guest host for the first hour is Jack from the Messenger of Information – on page five of this website is many links for David Icke’s work.

In the second hour Ryan speaks with author and nobel peace prize nominee, Kevin Annett, about his two newest books, ‘Unrelenting Between Sodom and Zion’, and ‘Murder by Decree The Crime of Genocide in Canada’. Kevin will also be discussing his public notice and letter of demand issued to Ban-Ki Moon, U.N. Secretary-General. You can read Kevin’s Murder By Decree book HERE.

In hour three, Ryan welcomes the author of the ‘Journals of the Ancient Ones’, M. Don Schorn, to discuss his additional work ‘Reincarnation Stepping Stones to Life’. Don talks why we can’t remember our past lives and also addresses the nature of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and how both of these experiences help to shape our lives; they provide life experiences aimed at spiritual growth.

M Don Shorn (Left) – Kevin Annett & host Ryan Gable (Right)


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Photo on 2-28-16 at 3.30 PM #3
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