The Secret Teachings 9/25/15 (Saturday) & 9/27/15 (Sunday)

The Secret Teachings 9/2715 – Leo Zagami & the Last Pope? / Occult Sacrifice (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

The Secret Teachings 9/26/15 – Current Events & Freelance Journalist Phillip Farruggio  (DOWNLOAD or LISTEN)

Join The Secret Teachings Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th) for NEW episodes w/ Ryan Gable and cohost Mike D.

SATURDAY: 9/26/15 (6pm – 9pm EST / 3pm – 6pm PST)

 TOPIC: Current Events & Freelance Journalist Phillip Farruggio

Ryan will dive into a stack of news on his desk with information and different perspectives on everything from Goat DNA altered by GMOs and Executive Orders allowing for ‘behavioral modification’ experiments on American citizens to Zionism and Health. Ryan will then interview freelance columnist Phillip Farruggio with a different take on both local and geopolitical matters pertaining to ‘Black Lives Matter’, Banking, and Warfare.

SUNDAY: 9/27/15 (9pm – 12am EST / 6pm – 9pm PST)

TOPIC: Leo Zagami & the Last Pope? / Occult Sacrifice

DSC_3075Ryan talks with author of Pope Francis: The Last Pope?, Leo Lyon Zagami, about the book and his research as an ‘insider’ into the ‘dark’ world of Vatican corruption and certain secret societies. Leo, however, represents the ‘lighter’ side of these organizations. He will be speaking about the Jesuit/Zionist high influence and control of global intelligence agencies along with mass pedophillia networks from the White Last Pope webHouse to the Vatican. Leo will make a startling revelation about the Clintons. He will further be discussing his recent short documentary entitled ‘Demonic Possession of the Vatican Exposed‘.

All of that and much more in the first half of the show before Ryan breaks down the occult/demoic nature of ritualistic sacrifice with its roots, as with most major religions, in an inverted form goddess worship, in that the life-giving qualities of the female are no longer regarded as sacred, but only the destructive nature of the ‘god’.

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