2) The Grand Illusion


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The Grand Illusion addresses WHO (they) controls the world and provides information on HOW this can be done by the hands of the few; from exploring the hidden history of man through religious texts and ancient artifacts that rewrite history and science, to the nature of reality.  

The book examines powerful hidden influences, their use of symbols, and their control of food, the environment, medicine, media, education, etc., to control humanity. From extraterrestrials and paranormal phenomena to massive energy rituals such as the 2012 London Olympic ceremonies and September 11th, 2001, events that reshape the global energy grid and humanity’s vibratory frequencies.


“This book is a true tour-de-force of esoteric subjects which I find so utterly fascinating.”       
 -Brad Olsen, author of Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses and Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms
“We applaud activists like Ryan Gable…”
-Richard Gage, head of A&E for 9/11 truth

“In this book Ryan Daniel has done extraordinary work on behalf of the forces of light. I am astonished by the colossal amount of lore he has gathered from different traditions around the world as well as by his penetrating analysis, much of which is quite cutting edge. I don’t agree with all of it, but nor would I want to, because this is a book which intends to push the boundaries. It reminds me of the great baggy monsters of monsters of books that Victorian scholars used to write – except that much the fascination lies in the way he traces ancient esoteric lore in modern culture, from the grave of Diana, Princes of Wales to the complex symbolism of the opening ceremony of 2012 Olympics.”
– Mark Booth, author of The Secret History of the World, The Secret History of Dante and The Sacred History.
“In his riveting book, The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception, author Ryan Gable takes us on an eye-opening journey through time, traditions, theories and institutions by examining commonly accepted belief systems and mindfully stepping outside of the proverbial box of spoon-fed assumptions about history and life.”
 -Karen A. Dahlman, author of The Spirit of Creativity: Embodying Your Soul’s Passion and The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication

I am so glad to have a fellow health and freedom fighter like Ryan fighting the education war with me. Keep up the great work brother.”
– Dr Leonard Coldwell, author of The Only Answer to Cancer

“For anyone that has interest in the more esoteric topics of our world should find “The Grand Illusion” to be dictionary, encyclopedia, Bible and thesaurus all in one, for a one-stop-shop of all the wonders of the world, will find over 700 pages and not a single page wasted or cheapened by wordiness.”
-Chip Reichenthal, author of Even the Dead won’t tell you the Truth and host of ‘Beyond the Norm’

16 thoughts on “2) The Grand Illusion

  1. I am unable to buy your book the grand illusion on LULU it does not find it and when I use your link it won’t go into the shopping cart Please help!

  2. Man listening to you is like listening to myself. I preach this stuff everyday and the people my age .mid and early fifties think im nuts. But the young people i talk with are totally awake.So this is the hope i have for mankind.Teach the young people to make sound thought out descisions,and we will be going in the right direction. The Creator has given all of us the freedom of choice.

  3. Ryan Gable,

    How is your show still on the air? You harp on everyone for not taking the time to do their own research, yet you’ve obviously slacked off on your own. The majority of your information you spew on the airwaves is nothing more than peevish rhetoric and diarrhea of the mouth. You’re just a kid; an idealistic kid. Ten years from now you’re going to look back at the exhausting diatribes you’ve subjected your listeners to an say to yourself, “God-damn I was a fucking tool!” I’ll take the liberty of saying ‘I told you so’ ahead of time.


    • I have never laughed so hard in my life. ‘You’re just a kid’. Age does not define wisdom, wisdom defines age. Your ignorance does not mean that I am wrong. You’re closed minded-ness is not indicative of my information. I am presenting what I have read and decimated through rationale.

    • The original fall guy….talk about exhausted. Get a new profile pic.

      Ryan, hats off to you. First time I listened to your show I assumed you were early 30s at least in your maturity and eloquent speaking manner. I applaud all of your efforts good sir.

  4. Hi Ryan,..I was listening to a show you and Ira had done on open eyes,..talking about easter, and religion, and etc..latter on toward the end of the show, I heard yiu mention that Kim Kardashian was related to a UK leader,..and the most eye opener was you mentioning Obama was a cousin to Bush?…my question is where did find thst information?..I would like to show this to my father in law,..he says he didn’t see how…the only white woman was Obama’s mother..I am a huge fan of lnm, and all its shows, except a couple..but lmn, secret teachings, are the ones I have time to listen too..Could you mabey tell me where to do research on where you get yours info?..Im limited on my know how…but am awakened enough to not go back..I want to shsre more, and wake more people up, especially my inlaws, who are full blown Christians, ..I just need help to wake them up to the truth!!..thank you,..and namaste.💜.

  5. Ryan Do you think you can convince Kevin to talk to me or will he run and scurry like he has for the last 10-12 years for what reason I don’t know. He must be afraid of his shadow or else someone has a picture of him abusing a pet or something and he feels too guilty to surface. Don’t defend that he is doing God’s work and is being persecuted because of it. Initially I thought he was busy until it became obvious he was avoiding not only me but most of the native elders that he used to get authority and then absconded on. Certainly your filiation with him will cause you many problems soon in the future when the fallacies he is operating become public. I would gladly debate and assist if possible in furtherance of anything which truly will help people but there is no answer in man’s law (there is a way which seems rights unto a man but the end thereof is death). I would invite you to correspond to me as I too have done my homework and to sharpen the word of the living Father one must use the word of the living Father as nothing else can work the right cutting to the dividing asunder the man’s law from the Father’s law. All things not built on the Rock will not make it no matter how noble- unless you think that there is/has been a successful society built by man. One only has to study the cycles of the sun to realize where mankind’s imprint is contained and it always ensures that the society will cycle. There is no answer in written law as there is only one law which is to obey the weighing if you will of the image in you mind and the delivery from the Spirit of the living Father to the mind when then tries to remove you from that Jure by introducing the Jury (which is the substandard ed-u-cat-ion) that then tries to dictate the reasons (usually 12) why you don’t have to obey the Father and the jury dictates (justification) with arguments defeating the Spirit’s direction. Obeying the Spirit is the Law which cannot be reduced to writing for that very reason-reduction! Founding your empire on a Republic may well seem right to a man….. If Kevin should grow some apparatus to discuss things I would be happy to help or at least learn from the experience.

  6. Ryan: I recently discovered your program, I find value in the subjects you discuss. I am a member of “Caravan to Midnight” and “Red Ice Creations.com”. I fully intend to support you somehow, I’ll let you know how by e-mail.
    thanks for your very interesting program.

  7. Ryan Gable, you peaked while working at Target. The amateurish strained “air voice,” the popping Ps, the terrible mic technique, and the mispronunciation is surpassed only by the convoluted drivel that pours out of your mouth. Even if your tortuous rhetoric had any valid points buried deep within your relentless blather, it would be rendered moot by your ineptitude as a broadcaster. It is little wonder you are not paid for your ridiculous vanity project of a radio show. Give up this lame little hobby before you publicly embarrass yourself further.

    Do yourself a solid and make up with your old manager at Target. If you promise not to mouth off to the customers, I’m sure they’ll take you back and let you achieve your true destiny. Straightening the shelves and cleaning the floor is what you where born to do. Don’t fight the inevitable.

    • Thanks Johnny for your support. I love hearing back from listeners. Those popping “p”s are called speaking, which apparently I do so well, you find it important to waste more of your life writing to me on my website. Of course, if you didn’t think I was worth anything you would just ignore me, unless, of course, I had some valid points you feel you needed to address, which you didn’t, but instead used your forum to attack in the typical ad hominem attitude. As for not being able to pronounce words, Jawn-ie, it’s fascinating how you once again focus on a character attack rather than the subject matter I discuss. Let’s take a multiple choice test; YOU are either A) in a family member’s basement with no life B) old and set in your conservative/liberal/religious ways C) an asshole who attacks people on character because you lack the incredibly small brain power to formulate an opposing argument D) a combination of all the above….my money is on D. Thanks for listening, my fellow carbon-based life-form 🙂

  8. Dude, I dunno if that’s how a 60 yr old should address his kid or one who is his kids age. Or are they using “bruh?” I heard you on the phone with Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero. Wow, refreshing dialog, got some bits and pieces. Now I’m playing catch up, been on your podcast. May 23, 3 part series. Yeah your’re on it. Can’t download the pdf. Never a straight answer, Too bad, looks like it’s worth it. I had to a search engine to find it. Maybe get everything better tied in as I didn’t see a link from the main site. I am sending links to friends and family, however. The shows are pretty damn good.

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