The Secret Teachings (Saturday 12am EST – 6/11/16) (Sunday 9pm EST – 6/12/16)

The Secret Teachings 6/11/16 LIVE

On this LIVE edition of the show, host Ryan reports on the Contact in the Desert conference, including information about who should or shouldn’t be trusted in this field of research and how the ‘alternative’ has become a cult. Ryan will be joined by Karen Dahlman to talk about their shared experience at CITD and Ryan’s first official Ouija session, along with an analysis of connected consciousness.


The Secret Teachings 6/12/16 LIVE

On this LIVE edition of The Secret Teachings, host Ryan will be examining the strange ritual in Switzerland at the opening of a large tunnel, and its possible connection with CERN. Ryan will also analyze modern culture and our favorite or iconic stories, myths, fairy tales, movies, books, etc., that conceal ancient secret teachings passed through the linear perceptions of time to preserve certain messages, including Alice in Wonderland.

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The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception

False Profits & the Lovers of children

The Persistent Illusion: The Secret Teachings


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