The Secret Teachings – Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 (LIVE)

The Secret Teachings 6/18/16 – Human Slave Names / Leo Zagami’s Confessions PT 2 (12am-3am)

The Secret Teachings 6/18/16 – Name Slavery / Leo Zagami & Modern Satanism

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.14.09 PMRyan welcomes back Leo to discuss his ‘confessions’ – the ‘Confessions of an Illuminati: Volume II’ and expand on their last interview with Freemason Joseph Wages and the last pope, including current events around the world.


The Secret Teachings 6/19/16 – Cloning Humanity / John Perkins & Economic Hitmen (12am-3am)

The Secret Teachings 6/19/16 – Cloning Humanity / John Perkins & Economic Hitmen

JohnPerkinsHeadshot30976553c215697fece4596002f5660bOn this LIVE episode of The Secret Teachings, Ryan will discuss the cloning of humanity and is then joined by John Perkins, author of ‘The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman’. John will be discussing the progressive evolution of EHM and Jackels from their spawning in the 1970s to modern versions in the 21st century. Ryan and John also discuss the US-Saudi connection, Panama Papers, the life-death economies and what we can do to make a change in the world.

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The Grand Illusion-Slaves to Perception (Softcover) (Digital)
FRONT Cover Revised
False Profits & the Lovers of Children (Softcover) (Digital)
The Persistent Illusion (Softcover) (Digital)

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