The Secret Teachings – ReWriting History & Financial Slavery / The 4th of Ju-Lie

The Secret Teachings 7/2/16 – ReWriting History

SecretTeachngsCardsHost Ryan Gable will explore the world of anomalous ancient history dubbed by mainstream communities to be filled with forgeries and fakes; the massive repositories of ancient scrolls, texts, and artifacts, lost at the hands of numerous empires; the anti-gravity properties of monatomic gold, and more.

The Secret Teachings 7/3/16 – The 4th of Ju-Lie & Financial Slavery

Untitled-17Host Ryan Gable explores the world of finances from fiat currency and the Khazar Empire to a history of money lending and the not so Christian roots of the United States mixed with little known information about the signing and writing of the Declaration of Independence.

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