Diana’s Death – Princess, Queen, or Goddess?

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Diana Frances Spencer was born at Park House on the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk on July 1st 1961, the third and youngest daughter of Viscount Althorp, later the 8th Earl Spencer, and his first wife Frances Roche. Her parents separated when she was six and divorced in 1969, and her mother married the wallpaper tycoon Peter Shand-Kidd. Diana had a younger brother, Charles, the present Earl Spencer, and two sisters, Jane and Sarah.

Charles first saw Diana when she was still in her prom. She remembered, with less than affection, being shunted over to the Queen’s residence during the holidays year after year to watch the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The choice of movie is interesting because it was written by Ian Fleming, the intelligence agent, friend of Aleister Crowley and author of the James Bond novels. The movie features a king and queen who hate children. They employ a child catcher to lure children, abduct them, and put them in a cage. They are then taken to the castle and locked in a dungeon. It is all symbolism for what is actually happening and there is no way that the Windsors played this for Diana so often by accident. Certainly Diana was already picking up the Windsor ‘vibes’ at Sandringham. She told Andrew Morton in his book, Diana: Her True Story: “The atmosphere was always very strange when we went there and I used to kick and fight anyone who tried to make us go.”

Diana’s Purpose

The Windsors wanted Diana to produce heirs with Spencer genes and that’s all.

Diana described the attitude of Charles, in Diana, Her True Story like this: “He’d found the virgin, the sacrificial Iamb, and in a way he was obsessed with me. But it was hot and cold, hot and cold. You never knew what mood it was going to be, up and down, up and down… He was in awe of his mama, intimidated by his father, and I was always the third person in the room.”

Before the wedding, Diana stayed at Clarence House, the London residence of the Queen Mother. When she had arrived no-one was there to welcome her, she said, it was like going to a hotel. Diana and Charles were married in St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29th 1981. That morning at Clarence House she said she felt calm, deathly calm: “I felt I was a lamb to the

slaughter. I knew it, and I couldn’t do anything about it”

The Windsors got what they wanted when Prince William was conceived. Diana was told that the birth had to be induced to fit in with Charles’ polo playing programme and the blond-haired, blue-eyed William was born on June 21st 1982, the summer solstice, when the Sun is at the peak of it’s power.

Prince Harry was born in September 1984 and Diana’s usefulness to the Windsors was over. “Then suddenly as Harry was born it just went bang, our marriage, the whole thing went down the drain.” Diana and Charles separated in 1992 and divorced on August 28th 1996. Almost exactly a year later she was dead.

She knew where the bodies were buried as they say, and she had shown in her famous interview with the BBC current affairs programme, Panorama, in November 1995, that she was prepared to reveal some of them.

David Icke met a man who had a call from Diana in March 1997, a few months before she died. He was amazed when she said it was the Princess of Wales and he didn’t believe her at first, especially when she said that she was calling from a ‘supermarket phone’ in England. But Diana and this man had a mutual friend, and a close confidant of Diana told me that she often rang people from public phones, particularly from a department store in Kensingston, when she wanted to be certain the conversation would not be tapped. Diana admired this man for his wisdom and knowledge. She said she had something to reveal that would shake the world and she wanted his advice on how best to do it. He will not reveal what she told him, but when I said that I knew she was aware of the Windsors’ connection to global drugs trafficking, he said: “Oh no, it was much worse than that”.

Al Fayed

We are led to believe that the Egyptian, Mohamed Al Fayed and the Queen are on different sides and oppose each other over what happened to Diana. However, Mohamed Al Fayed is subordinate to the Sultan of Brunei and the Queen of England is a friend of the Sultan of Brunei. She went to stay with him between September 16th and 20th in 1998.

Al Fayed had become close to the Spencer family through Diana’s father, Earl

‘Johnny’ Spencer, and stepmother Raine. He helped ‘Johnny’ through financial

difficulties and said he considered the Earl to be a brother. He had given Raine, whom Diana couldn’t stand, a place on the Harrods board. – Al Fayed sponsored prestigious royal events, but he especially backed the causes and charities supported by Diana. Bob Loftus, the head of security at Harrods between 1987 and 1996, told the British Channel Four programme, Dispatches, in June 1998, that he was ordered to tell Al Fayed immediately if Diana came into the store. Al Fayed would then go to the department where she was shopping and ‘accidentally’ meet her. Every Christmas a green Harrods van would call at Diana’s home, Kensington Palace, with gifts for her and the boys from ‘Uncle Mohamed’. When you look at the evidence, he made it his business to court the friendship of the Princess of Wales in every way possible. On June 3rd 1997, he invited her to join him for a Summer holiday at his beach-side villa in San Tropez in the south of France. On June 11th he got the breakthrough he had been working so hard for: she accepted. The following day he completed the purchase of a £15 million yacht, The Jonikal, through his Bermudan company Mohafa Shipping, and it was on this boat that Dodi (Fayed) and Diana’s romance was soon to blossom.

Dodi Fayed & Diana

The 41-year-old Dodi was a‘gofer’ for his father and lived on his father’s wealth. Dodi did whatever his father told him to do. He had been engaged to Kelly Fisher for eight months and she was expecting to spend her holiday on The Jonikal. But on the evening of July 14th, Dodi took a phone call from his father who ordered him to go immediately to San Tropez to be with Diana.

Diana and Dodi had much in common. Both had been born into wealthy

families and their fathers were distant figures. Both had experienced the breakdown of their parents’ marriages as their mothers left home. They even attended finishing

schools close to each other in Switzerland. But we should not rule out the possibility of mind manipulation techniques being used on both parties… the feeling of being in love is dependent upon the brain producing phenylethylamine. This is a chemical which also diminishes the ability to discriminate effectively, hence the term ‘love is blind’. Production of this chemical is sustained by the release of endorphins, a naturally occurring chemical linked to memory, learning, pain suppression, sex drive and hormone regulation. If these chemicals could be stimulated in both parties they would fall instantly in love.

The ‘Accident’ Pt. 1

Diana and Dodi left the South of France from Olbia Airport at 1.3Opm on August 30th bound for Paris on Al Fayed’s Gulfstream jet. They apparently intended to stay one night at Dodi’s apartment, which looks out on the Arc de Triomphe, before going on to London where Diana was due to meet her sons. It was to be her last full day alive. The plane touched down at Le Bourget Airport in Paris at 3.2Opm and they were met by 20 or so celebrity photographers known as the paparazzi (from an Italian word meaning ‘buzzing insects’). A Mercedes was waiting for the party and a green Range Rover was to follow on behind. With Diana and Dodi in the Mercedes was Dodi’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, the 29-year-old former member of the elite British military regiment, the Paras or Parachute Regiment.

In the Range Rover were the driver, Henri Paul, the acting Head of Security at the Ritz, and another bodyguard, Kes Wingfield. They drove from the airport to the Villa Windsor on the Bois de Boulogne, the former home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Duke and Duchess lived there after the duke, as King Edward VIII, abdicated the British throne when the government and establishment would not accept his marriage to the America divorcee, Wallis Simpson. They then moved to Paris as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Their house is now owned by Mohamed Al Fayed… the couple had spent time at Villa Windsor discussing decor, but the bodyguard Kes Wingfield said that they only stayed there for “Around ten minutes”. From here they were driven to the Ritz Hotel where they arrived at 4.20pm.

The couple booked a table at the Chez Benoit restaurant for 8.45pm and they intended to spend the night at Dodi’s apartment. At 6.3Opm Dodi went across the Place Vendome to a jewellers, Repossi, to buy a diamond ring for Diana which was later delivered to the Ritz. A little after 7 pm, the couple were driven in the Mercedes along the Champs Elysees to Dodi’s apartment on Rue Arsene-Houssaye close to the Arc de Triomphe. – Here they unpacked and prepared for dinner. Again the back up Range Rover was there and so was another car carrying bodyguards for added protection.

The route they took to the apartment was out of the Place Vendome onto the Rue de Rivoli, and half way around the Place de la Concorde they turned right onto the Champs Elysees and drove straight up that famous avenue to Dodi’s apartment where they arrived at 7.15pm.

Diana and Dodi became concerned about eating at the unprotected Chez Benoit restaurant and decided to head back to the Ritz to eat. They took the same route back, down the Champs Elysees and around the Place de la Concorde. The couple, with bodyguards Wingfield and Rees-Jones, walked into the Ritz at 9.47pm.

After speaking on the phone with his father at his estate in Oxted, Surrey, Dodi Fayed announced a quite ludicrous plan. To avoid the paparazzi, the Mercedes which had been transporting them all day together with the back up Range Rover were to be taken around the front of the hotel and used as a decoy for the paparazzi. At the same time another Mercedes would be brought around to the back entrance of the hotel to whisk the couple away to the apartment on the Champs Elysees. Henri Paul, the 41-year-old acting head of security at the Ritz, was called on his mobile phone by Dodi and told to report back to the hotel. He had been missing for three hours prior… Dodi said that his father, Mohamed Al Fyed, had personally authorized that Henri Paul should drive the Mercedes (Trinity Logo). Henri Paul had neither a hire car permit or was qualified as a chauffeur.

In speaking of the reduced security, whenever Al Fayed travelled in his Mercedes there was always a back up Range Rover carrying emergency medical equipment and security staff, but now he withdrew that protection from Diana…

A new car was introduced for her, another Mercedes was sent to the rear entrance of the Ritz, supplied by a car hire company called Etoile Limousines… The new Mercedes was an S-280, lighter in weight than the 600 series they had used all day and without the dark tinted windows. Other cars were available, but this one was chosen instead. A director of Etoile, Niels Siegel, told the inquiry into Diana’s death that he delivered the car to the rear entrance of the Ritz, but the Dispatches programme showed that this is a lie. It was delivered by a driver called Frederic Lucard and he can be seen doing so on the security video. Lucard said he found it very strange that Etoile would allow Henri Paul, a man not qualified as a chauffeur, to drive one of their cars.

L. Fletcher Prouty, former colonel in the US Airforce was quoted saying the following:

“No-one has to direct an assassination it happens. The active role is played secretly by permitting it to happen. This is the greatest single clue. Who has the power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions?”

So, who had the power to reduce security? Mohamed Al Fayed.

When President Kennedy was assassinated, there were no bodyguards standing on his car while four were standing on the one immediately behind.

When Martin Luther Kingwas shot dead at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4th, 1968, theblack police officer in charge of security for King was sent home against his will hoursbefore the shooting. The only two black firemen at the station next to the motel weresent to other stations just for that day. The scapegoat for this assassination was a guycalled James Earl Ray. Not even King’s family believed he was responsible. So much so that they attended his funeral..

When Bobby Kennedy was murdered after making a speech at the Ambassadors Hotel in Los Angeles on June 4th 1968, again the security arrangements were tampered with. The plan was for Kennedy to walk off the stage and through the crowd to the exit. But immediately after the speech, Kennedy’s ‘aides’, especially Frank Mankiewicz, insisted that it was safer for him to go out through the hotel kitchen. Frank Mankiewicz, who guided Kennedy to the Kitchen, was a former public relations man for the Mossad-front, the Anti Defamation League.

The ‘Accident’ Pt. 2

The Mercedes with Henry Paul at the wheel sped off from the rear entrance of theRitz at 12.20am. Diana and Dodi were in the back seat and in the front was Trevor Rees-Jones, the former ‘Para’ with the reputation for being ‘fearless’. Rees-Jones says he disagreed with the change of plan. He was not wearing a seat belt, which is normalpractice because body guards need to be free to react quickly.

The car was driven at speed down the Rue Cambon and turned right down the Rue de Rivoli into the Place de la Concorde where it stopped briefly at the lights. The paparazzi photographer, Romuald Rat, on the back of a motor cycle, drew up alongside them here, but he says that Henri Paul jumped the lights on red and headed onto the dual carriageway alongside the River Seine called the Cours la Reine. The car went down into one tunnel, came back to the surface, and almost immediately went down into the very short tunnel at the Pont de L’Alma. Here it went out of control and struck the 13th pillar in the centre of the tunnel, which is lined with concrete pillars unprotected by crash barriers.

Henri Paul and Dodi Fayed died immediately According to the autopsy report Diana was clinically dead within 20 minutes and this was long before she arrived at hospital. Trevor Rees-Jones survived the crash because he was wearing a seat belt and Diana and Dodi were not. Rees-Jones was not wearing a belt when they left the Ritz in accordance with normal practice for body guards, and when Romuald Rat took a photograph at the lights at the Place de la Concorde, Rees-Jones still did not have a seat belt on. But little more than a minute later when the car struck the pillar, he was wearing a seat belt.

Henri Paul

Most people agree that Diana & Dodi were being driven back to Dodi’s flat near the Arc de Triomphe when the crash happened. However, the Pont de L’Alma tunnel takes you in the opposite direction of that area.

Later, it was announced that Paul was three to four times over the French drink driving limit and that his blood contained traces of anti-depressent drugs, including Fluoxetine – active ingredient in Prozac.

Two days earlier, Paul had undergone a rigorous medical for the renewal of his pilot’s license and there was no sign of the alcohol abuse. The Hemoglobin in Henri Paul’s blood – which carries oxygen – was found to contain 20.7% carbon monoxide and this would have been at a much higher level earlier because the carbon monoxide content halves every four to five hours once exposure to it has stopped.

Exposure to Carbon Monoxide can cause very slow reaction time.

The ‘Accident’ Pt. 3

“Whenever an assassination occurs in a public place, two things happen. (1) The person named as responsible is a ‘patsy’ or ‘scapegoat’, most often these days under mind control, and (2) diversions galore are created to lead investigators away from the truth of what happened. The first method allows you to make an immediate arrest, or expose the person to blame, and no further investigations are necessary because everyone knows who was responsible.” David Icke  External Control of the car. Mind Controlled Henri Paul

The are 17 traffic cameras on the route between the Ritz and the Pont de L’Alma, including thos in the tunnel. One camera even looks down on the entrance to the tunnel. However, all of these cameras were switched off at a critical time. This system runs on an independent power supply and it is controlled by the police and French Intelligence agencies. At the time as the camera system failed all the police communication frequencies in central Paris also went off.

Diana’s Delayed Death

The doctors say that the pulmonary vein had been ruptured near the heart and this was filling her lungs with blood. Diana was lying in the tunnel bleeding to death, if that is correct. The only way her life was going to be saved with such an injury was through immediate surgery. So why was it more than an hour and a half before she arrived at the hospital?

The official explanation for the incredible delay in taking Diana to hospital is that she was trapped in the wreckage. One of the ambulance crew told the French newspaper, La Parisien, that when he arrived Diana was lying with most of her body out of the car with her legs resting on the rear seat. “She was agitated, semi knocked out, but conscious… she was groaning and struggling feebly. She murmured ‘Oh my God’ several times.” The Scotsman newspaper, in an investigation published on September 11th 1997, established that Diana was removed from the car shortly after the fire brigade arrived. So the excuse of her being ‘trapped’ does not stand up.

Another official excuse for the delay is that the emergency doctors had to give her a blood transfusion. The French emergency ambulance service teams – SAMU- do not carry blood transfusion equipment because they would not know the victim’s blood type. When the ambulance did leave the tunnel, the driver was ordered to go no faster than 25 miles an hour and some reports say it took as long as 40 minutes to cover the 3.7 miles (6km) to the La Pitie-Salpetriere. Even though four other hospitals quite capable of treating Diana were closer to the scene. All of this while the ambulance stopped twice on the way for ‘interventions’…Diana arrived at La Pitie-Salpetriere about 2.lOam, an hour and 45 minutes after the crash happened.

Waiting at the hospital were a surgical team headed by Professor Bruno Riou, the duty surgeon. Waiting with him when Diana arrived were Professor Pierre Coriat, the head of anesthetics, Professor Alain Pavie, a chest and heart specialist, and Professor Pierre Benazet, another experienced surgeon….

Supposedly, they opened Diana’s chest cavity, repaired the vein, and ‘battled to save her’ for an hour and a half before admitting defeat. I find this remarkable, also, because the autopsy report apparently shows that Diana was clinically dead at 12.45am while still lying in the tunnel. She would therefore have been clinically dead for an hour and 25 minutes before she even arrived at the hospital and for three hours before the professors walked out of the operating theatre to announce that she had died.

Diana’s death was a Ritual

It has been suggested that Diana was killed because of her campaign against landmines. But the landmine manufacturers make far more money from clearing mines than they do making them. A mine costs about £30 to produce, but at least £3,000 to clear.

Diana represented the female energy known as Britannia, Isis, Barati, Artemis, Aphrodite ect. She also represented Di-Anu, the Goddess Anu – or – even the entity, Ninkharsag.

Diana was a Moon goddess; She was worshipped by the Sicambrian Franks who can be traced from Troy, through Asia Minor, now Turkey (Underground Cities), the Caucasus Mountains (White Race), and into Europe..

It is from these Sicambrian Franks that we get the name France. At the time of King Meroveus, who was named Guardian of the Franks in 448, this people became known as the Merovingians and Princess Diana, through the Stuart bloodline, was related to them…

The city of Paris was established by the Sicambrian Franks in the 6th century after they became known as the Merovingians. It was named after Prince Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. And it was the relationship between Prince Paris and Helen of Sparta, which supposedly caused the Trojan War.

Francio, the founder of the Franks, claimed to be a descendant of Noah and his ancestors once resided in ancient Troy. The French city of Troyes, where the Templars were officially formed, was named by the Sicambrian Franks after their former home.

During this time period was Paris was confined to an island in the River Seine which is now known as the Ile de la Cite or Isle of the City. The Notre Dame Cathedral, built by the Templars on a site of former Diana worship, stands on the Ile de la Cite today and this is where the Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was burned to death.

Pont de L’Alma

Outside the original Paris – and now very much inside the modern city – the Merovingians established an underground chamber for the worship of the goddess Diana and for the blood rituals and human sacrifices to her. This site dates back at least to 500-750 AD and it was here that kings in dispute over property would settle the issue in combat. According to legend, anyone killed there goes straight to Heaven and sits at the right hand of God.

The location today, of this underground sacrificial site for the goddess Diana, is the Pont de L’Alma tunnel. The word pont relates to Pontifex, a Roman high priest, and it means passage or bridge. Alma comes from Al-Mah, a Middle Eastern name for the Moon goddess. So the Pont de L’Alma translates as ‘Bridge of the Moon Goddess’ and the adjoining Place de L’Alma is the ‘Place of the Moon Goddess’.

Diana’s death took place shortly after midnight, the strength of the moon, in the month of August 31st, ruled in Roman legend by Juno Augusta. The day was the 31st, Hecate’s Day in the Satanic calendar is August 13th, but under the Satanic law of reverse symbolism and reverse numbers, Hecate’s day of sacrifice is August 31st.

Another name for the goddess Diana is Hecate and one of these ancient triads is Diana (earth), Luna (heaven) and Hecate (hell).

It is also important to note that after her JFK’s death, Jackie Kennedy travelled to the Greek island of Delos in the south west Aegean Sea, the legendary birthplace of Diana and Apollo and the considered domain of Hecate, the goddess of the ‘infernal arts’. Hecate is also portrayed as a virgin and a whore…

This is a crossroads and they are symbolic of the vortex points created where ley lines cross.

At the Pont de L’Alma, right at the spot where Diana died, the road that goes through the tunnel is crossed on the surface by another road, which leads onto the Pont de L’Alma Bridge.

Diana, named after the ancient Moon goddess, was driven from the Ritz and through the Place de la Concorde where she passed the 3,200 year-old Egyptian obelisk brought to Paris from Luxor with it’s tip or pyramid coloured bright gold symbolizing the penis of Osiris. It was at this very point, a minute from where Diana died, that Queen Marie Antoinette was beheaded at the guillotine during the Brotherhood-engineered French Revolution…

Diana was then driven at speed to the Pont de L’Alma tunnel, the Bridge or Place of the Moon Goddess, where the car struck the 13th pillar…

Now she was left to die on the very site of an ancient underground sacrificial chamber to the goddess Diana and bled to death according to Satanic ritual…

She also died at a crossroads with one road under the ground, the other above, and the crossroads is the sacred place for the Satanic deity, Hecate, another aspect of the ‘Diana’ energy. And it all happened on Hecate’s day for sacrifice, August 31st.

Satanism & Energies

David Berkowitz – the Son of Sam, wrote of the Satanic network: “…Satanists (genuine ones) are peculiar people. They aren’t ignorant peasants or semi-literate natives. Rather, their ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and basically highly responsible citizens… They are not a careless group who are apt to make mistakes. But they are secretive and bonded together by a common need and desire to mete out havoc on society. It was Aleister Crowley who said: ‘I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad’.”

 The challenge we all face is to balance male and female energies and so enjoy the best aspects of them and not the extremes. The Satanists, however, seek to express only the extremes, thus creating disharmony and conflict.

 All energies are the same, they are simply expressed in different ways. The Egyptians portrayed Isis in white in her positive mode and in black to symbolize her negative aspect.  Dodi’s death also symbolizes the death of energy. It symbolized the death of the male and female energies which came together to create a third – because – Diana was pregnant. Dodi represented Osiris and Diana represented Isis. The unborn foeus symbolized Horus, the Sun King. In order for the new age (Unborn Foetus) to begin, the old age (Dodi) must be destroyed.

The operation that was performed on Diana – after her death – was to remove the foetus, which is either be used for cloning or was consumed in some fashion.

A lighted torch, like the one in Dealey plaza, was placed on a black pentagram on the Pont de L’Alma tunnel.


When Prince Charles and Diana’s sisters went to Paris to escort her body back to London, the coffin was draped in the royal standard, the flag of the Windsors which is covered with the Sun symbol, the lion.

Another was placed on her gravesite, also just like Kennedy.

Diana’s borther, Charles, Earl Spencer, then 33 years old announced that Diana

would be buried on a man-made island in the centre of a lake on the Althorp Estate. The lake is called The Oval and when looked at from above, the island looks like a dot within a circle, a symbol of the Sun. There is also the pre-mentioned burning torch, just like the flame in a circle is again on Kennedy’s grave… the goddess Diana was supposed have been born on the Island of Delos in the Aegean Sea.

The grave was placed among trees on the island just as the ancients would worship the goddess Diana. They worshipped her in tree groves and this was said to be her most sacred place.

What did Diana know

Christine Fitzgerald, a brilliant was gifted healer, who was a close friend and confidant of Diana for nine years. Because of Christine’s understanding of the esoteric, Diana was able to talk to her about matters she would not dare to share with anyone else for fear of being dubbed crazy. It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. There is a very good reason for Diana using this description of the Windsors.

It is said that at Clarence House, the Queen Mother’s home near to Buckingham Palace, in which Diana was shown who the Windsors really are. It took place in the first seven days of July 1981, just before Diana and Charles were married on the 29th. This period is the last seven days of the cycle of the Oak Tree, according to esoteric law, and the ritual was called The Awakening of the Bride. This is a ritual for all females of the 13 bloodlines who are going to be in publicly high positions and marry reptilians to produce the new generation of rulers. Arizona says that the Queen Mother, the Queen, Prince Philip, Lady Fermoy, Diana’s father Earl Spencer, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were all present when Diana was brought into the room. She was wearing a white gownand a drug had been administered by Lady Fermoy.

Diana was told that she should consider her union with Prince Charles as only a means to produce heirs and nothing else. Camilla Parker-Bowles was his consort, not her. Arizona says that Prince Philip and the Queen Mother then shape-shifted into reptiles to show Diana who they really were. ‘Diana was terrified, but quiet’, she said. Diana was told that if she ever revealed the truth about them, she would be killed.

Christine had many conversations with Diana and she opened her heart to her. Christine said of the Royal Family and Diana, the following:

“The Queen Mother… now that’s a serious piece of wizardry. The Queen Mother is a lot older than people think. To be honest, the Royal Family hasn’t died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It’s sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit. Because it’s lizard, because it’s cold-blooded, it’s much easier for them to do Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret, they’ve got the secret of the micro-currents, it’s so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies. These are the energies I work with when I’m healing. They know the vibration of life and because they are cold-blooded, they are reptiles, they have no wish to make the Earth the perfect harmony it could be, or to heal the Earth from the damage that’s been done. The Earth’s been attacked for zeons by different extraterrestrials. It’s been like a football for so long. This place was a bus stop for many different aliens. All these aliens, they could cope with everything, including the noxious gases. They’re landing all the time and coming up from the bowels of the Earth. They looked like reptiles originally, but they look like us when they get out now through the electrical vibration, that life key I talked about. They can manifest how they want to. All the real knowledge has been taken out and shredded and put back in another way. The Queen Mother is “Chief Toad” of this part of Europe and they have people like her in each continent. Most people, the hangers on, don’t know, you know, about the reptiles. They are just in awe of these people because they are so powerful. “Bal moral is a very, very nasty place. That’s somewhere they want to dig underground. They will find reptile fossils, it goes back that far. Don’t think of people like the Queen Mother and Queen Victoria, as different people. Think of them as the same person which after a while has had to replace their coat. When the flesh dies, that energy, while it’s dying, will be immediately up someone else’s jacksy (backside). It’s very vampire, worse than vampire. They are not going to come to you with hooked teeth and suck you’re blood. Fear is their food, they can actually take fear and manifest it into a tangible thing. The key is the vibrational current. At that vibrational current, they can manifest anything from anything. Its like a holographic image. We are all minerals and water vibrating. This is all an illusion we are living in. That’s the secret. You know when the monarchy’s fallen, it’s not the end of it. They will manifest in another form. The reptiles have never been defeated and this is the closest they have come to it. The reason they are so threatened today is because the Earth is in such trouble and the mental power of people is returning. This is their most frightening time, but this is not going to kill them. There are long centuries before it’s over yet. The difference this time is that it’ll be more difficult for them and they are going to have to settle for less and the Earth people are going to get more. But even though these reptilian ones are fuckers, they are sad, pathetic beasts really, while

humanity is galloping towards light. They’re just pathetic lumps of nastiness who aren’t going to win. I can’t talk about this everywhere because they would just go ‘Christine, get a white coat, put it on backwards, get out’. But I want an end to the bullshit.”

The deaths of both Princess Diana and JFK are symbolic murders, which influence the energetic nature of the earth and all human beings. As we saw the connections between JFK and Abraham Lincoln – there are also striking similarities between Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe – both of which were also probably murdered because of what they knew. They were both born on the first of the month and died at the age of 36 in August. They both married on the 29th of the month to men twelve years older. Marilyn called herself the Queen of Diamonds and Diana the Queen of Hearts. And both were the subject of the Elton John song, Candle In The Wind, which he sang at Diana’s funeral.

UPDATE 8/14/13: Diana was Murdered

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